I’m your fairy godmother put here to help you manifest the love of your dreams and the Happily Ever After you deserve! 

I fully believe that we are all destined for an amazing, fulfilling experience with a partner who is also your best friend, your lover, your signifiant other and there for you through thick and thin.

Love truly is the substance, the inspiration, the reason behind all that we do. 

When you experience soulmate level love in your life, everything changes!

🌟 Your happiness and confidence levels soar, pushing you beyond previously imagined boundaries into a whole new life filled with miracles, coincidences and joy!

🌟 You experience a deep satisfaction with your career because you are now filled up with source-love, you are aligned with that which makes your feminine heart sing!

🌟 You experience extreme financial abundance in your life (bet you weren’t expecting this one!) because as your self-love and self-worth grows, so does your bank account to match!

Ready to Manifest your love? 

 I’m glad you found your way to me.

You’re here because you believe in the fairy-tale romance.

If you’re single and looking for your personal Prince Charming or you're already in a relationship and yearn for a deeper connection with your partner…

This is your golden opportunity!

I work with intelligent, beautiful women (yes, you!) to help you learn how to attract to you the fairy-tale romance that you’ve believed in since you were young.

The fairy-tale romance is NOT just a fairy-tale.

It's the happy ending available to us all!

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After 4 weeks, I met someone! He was about 80% of what I had written down on the manifestation worksheets that Emyrald had provided me. It’s the first time I’ve ever had an emotionally available and heart-felt relationship with somebody with no expectations of the future!

It’s so powerful when we put our focus on the attention of our desires. I allowed myself to believe in the magic of my abilities to manifest what I want out of a guy and out of a relationship!