Over the course of only a couple of years, Emyrald's 1:1 private coaching program #ManifestHim has helped countless women to manifest healthy, loving & spiritual relationships with their Soulmate!

Emyrald Sinclaire's

Unique Coaching Style

combines a lifetime of knowledge, degrees and certifications to offer you a blend of practical knowhow with the spiritual in order to get you the results you crave within not only your love life but your career, your finances, your friendships and more!

She combines her knowledge of manifestation, Law of Attraction, meditation, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, NLP and more to help you become a Manifestation Mistress who easily commands everything you desire to you!

She has spent more than 15 years studying various subjects such as: quantum physics, nutrition, self-healing, the subconscious mind, rewriting limiting belief systems, and a deep-dive into spirituality to give you the most well-rounded type of coaching and transformation available to you!

Emyrald's coaching is a blend of using her own intuition paired with practical tools & exercises she's learned over the years from her teachers in order to give you the ultimate playbook to achieve your dreams and goals. 

It's spiritual meets practical. It's masculine energy plus the Divine feminine. It's sound advice and coaching plus helping you to find your own answers within. 

After working with Emyrald, you'll have all the tools you need in order to attract in the love of your life and the life of your dreams! 

1:1 Coaching is RIGHT for you if:

💗 You want more out of life than just the guy or the money or the success. You truly want to manifest every single one of your desires. 

💗 You are ready to invest in yourself and play a much bigger game that you have before. 

💗 You are 100% ready to take responsibility for every single aspect of your life and never willing to make (or accept) excuses.

💗 You have your investment ready to go at the time of the call!

💗 You are coachable and ready to dig in and do the work and are excited for this transformational life-changing journey! 

1:1 Coaching is NOT RIGHT for you if:

💗 You want someone to hold your hand and tell you what to do. 

💗 You are looking for a quick-fix without putting in the effort and inner work that this journey entails. 

💗 You blame your parents/ex/society/etc for your failures. 

💗 You don't have your investment ready to go at the time of the call.

💗 You are not coachable and willing to take Emyrald's advice and guidance with life or death seriousness. Because after all, we are talking about CHANGING your life completely! 

What's Included?

💗 24, 45 minute calls with Emyrald focused on your Love + Life Goals over a 6 month period 

💗 Unlimited Voxer/Email support between sessions

💗 A special gift delivered to you at some point during your journey of working together

💗 The secrets and knowledge designed to help you manifest a lifelong partnership with a man who completes you on every level! 

“He gives me shivers... So totally not what I expected because I went in there with no expectations.

And then suddenly, there’s this ‘someone’ who turns out to be…well… nice and good-looking and saying a lot of the right things and wanting everything that I want in a partner, too. Like the exact same stuff that I wrote down the night before!

Marije Marije

My heart was very sad. The love of my life dumped me but he was still texting me, romantic meaningless messages, that kept me attached to him for 7 months after the break up. My intention was very clear: I wanted to find a man that could make me happy.⁠

One month before the end of the program I met Javier online, since he lives in Europe I couldn’t physically meet him right away, but conversation was getting deeper and deeper, and after 3 weeks of talking he had his tickets to come to NY to meet me. ⁠

I started Emyrald's course hopeless and broken with only one goal, manifest my soulmate. I finished it loving myself the way I never did before, believing that we can manifest it all & with my beautiful boyfriend full of plans to travel together this year!

2019 Update: Mileide & Javier are married!

Mileide Mileide

"Something really magical happened for me... I met someone. He was about 80% of what I had written down on the manifestation worksheets that Emyrald had provided us within the course. It’s the first time I’ve ever had an emotionally available and heart-felt relationship with somebody with no expectations of the future! "

Zoe Zoe

I’m now engaged to the absolute love of my life and undoubtedly my soulmate! I tell all my friends about you and greatly appreciate your worksheets and meditation!!!

Tory Tory

"My relationship with my partner has blossomed in the most beautiful way since working with Emyrald!

We are best friends, and I’m noticing that we are really seeing each other better than we ever did before.

We are in a place now where when one of us expresses a need we are able to meet each other so much sooner and turn the tables from arguing or being moody with each other to being loving, understanding and supportive.

We are also having a great time planning a wedding together, and he is going to buy me an engagement ring which I didn’t expect to happen!"

Bailey Bailey

Sorry I’ve been out of contact Emyrald. I’ve been in a love bubble since our chat. I’ve got a new man! He meets almost all of my HUGE list of non-negotiables. He just keeps blowing my mind the more I get to know him. It’s just amazing how fast manifesting has worked for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Angeliza Angeliza

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