Yes! I'm so excited to work with you!

Emyrald's 1:1 private coaching program #ManifestItAll is for women who are ready to have it all!

An amazing soulmate level partnership with the man of her dreams, the amount of money in her bank account that she craves, and the time and freedom to enjoy both!

1 - Please take the time to fill out this form thoroughly or there's a good chance your application will not be approved. Emyrald only takes clients who are highly committed which shows when you put thought and heart into your application answers.

2 - Then, once your application is reviewed, we'll let you know if your application has been approved and you're moving forward with a call with Emyrald. 

3 - Important: Emyrald only accepts clients who are ready to invest once filling out this application. Emyrald's private coaching program costs $10,000 (or 4 monthly payments of $3,000).

If you need support with this, email us at Remember - it's ok if you're scared right now. Change is scary!

You wouldn't feel the fear if you didn't truly want to do it and your desires are meant to happen!!

I can't wait to talk to you!

xo, Emyrald

"Something really magical happened for me... I met someone. He was about 80% of what I had written down on the manifestation worksheets that Emyrald had provided us within the course. It’s the first time I’ve ever had an emotionally available and heart-felt relationship with somebody with no expectations of the future! "

Zoe Zoe

“He gives me shivers... So totally not what I expected because I went in there with no expectations.

And then suddenly, there’s this ‘someone’ who turns out to be…well… nice and good-looking and saying a lot of the right things and wanting everything that I want in a partner, too. Like the exact same stuff that I wrote down the night before!

Marije Marije

“I have started dating a really nice, quality man that meets a lot of things on my list. He has mentioned how feminine and strong I am, which he loves. I am excited whenever I am with him or talk to him. We are inhaling each moment and taking our time. I'm definitely hopeful and ready to see where it goes!”


"OMG, it's him! That list you had me make of my ideal man, it's by my bedside, and it's him!"


“Omg, this is going so well. Pinch me!…

We just spend 5+ hours together, he stayed way later than his normal bedtime, he didn't try to bed me, etc. I think he likes me and is just going slowly. I like him too. And he has the BEST sense of style ever. He smells amazing. He is so smart and funny.

OMG! I'm so smitten.

He has everything on my non-negotiable list, 11 out of 12 on my heart's desire list, and 4 out of 5 on my Icing list. Thanks for all your support and encouragement. I'm learning so much!”

Tracy Tracy

Sorry I’ve been out of contact Emyrald. I’ve been in a love bubble since our chat. I’ve got a new man! He meets almost all of my HUGE list of non-negotiables. He just keeps blowing my mind the more I get to know him. It’s just amazing how fast manifesting has worked for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Angeliza Angeliza

I started your program on Sunday and was asked out on a date by that night. I was then asked out by another man the next day and another last night!

I have a date tonight, Thursday and Friday! Wow!

Just last week I was thinking to myself in frustration that I should be going on at least three dates every week with many men asking me out. Then here I am this week and it's happening. This is SO fun!!