Become Magnetic to the Love of your Life & The Life of Your Dreams!

You are meant to manifest love. 

You are meant to be wildly successful. 

You are meant to experience deep bliss, joy & satisfaction every single day of your life! 

And HOW you do that is hidden deep within your soul. 

Using my signature manifestation process, you'll learn how to hear your own inner guidance & unlock the codes of abundance, love & fulfillment in all areas of your life. 

What's Included?

> up to 3, 45 Minute Zoom Calls per month 

 > Ongoing Voxer support

 > Lifetime access to all programs, masterclass and courses

> Personalized Gift Box (okay, it's usually more than one!) surprised delivered throughout the course of your coaching program designed to keep your vibration high and support you on your journey 

 > The secrets and knowledge designed to help you manifest the life of your dreams! 



3 Month Pay in Full - $7k 

6 Month Pay in Full - $14k 

12 Month Pay in Full - $25k 

Click the link below to apply! 

Want to Start With Something Smaller?

Book a Breakthrough Manifesting Intensive!

Breakthrough Manifesting Intensives are a powerful way to break through any one specific challenge in a very short amount of time.

This session is focused on your individual needs:

- Manifesting Love (and getting over past pain)

- Creating Lasting Financial Abundance in Your Life (and moving through short-term lack, debt and bills)

- Career Changes

- Business Strategy

- Mindset & Self Confidence Blocks

Several different healing modalities combined with practical subconscious reprograming tools are implemented in just one session.

60 Minutes: $555

Includes 7 days of follow-up Voxer (voice message coaching) support.