It's never someone else's fault how they treat you because you are the only who is allowing it!

Set Your Standards High... and The World Will Respond Accordingly!

Do you:

  • Have a hard time speaking up? 
  • Feel like a doormat at times? 
  • Constantly put others' feelings before your own? 
  • Feel taken advantage of at times? 
  • Have a hard time standing up for yourself? 
  • Default to unhealthy tendencies like passive aggressive behavior, complaining and playing the victim? 

Imagine instead if you could:

  • Feel confident in yourself + feel comfortable speaking up
  • Create healthy boundaries in every single one of your relationships 
  • Have loads of energy every single day 
  • Feel supported + have a healthy balance in all of your relationships

Does this interest you?!




Part 1: Making Space for YOU in your life (as your #1 priority!) 

Part 2: Energetic Vampires (and how to protect yourself from them) 

Part 3: Teach Others How to Treat You (healthy communication skills)

    • We'll specifically dig into speaking up to your Mother + also setting sexual boundaries with them and role play these conversations!

I got a ton of nuggets out of it! I took over 10 pages of notes. I figured out what was holding me back from speaking up... I know understand that  a lot of my hardship with setting boundaries is trying to please other people... but I realize I hurt them more later on by not setting those boundaries up front... 

I loved all the practical exercises and tools to release energetic vampires from my life... 

This was such wonderful info and great practical tools! Thank you so much! 


Investment: $111

I'm ready!


Hello Beauty.

I'm so happy you are here.

It's my passion to help women to connect to the truth of who they really are. You are so much more than simply a body and I'm here to remind you of your power.

You can manifest the love of your life + the life of your dreams... and I believe you WILL do just that... when you learn how to put yourself first and set healthy boundaries!

Setting healthy boundaries is the foundation of self love. <3

And if you truly want to live the life of your dreams, it is time that you put yourself first, sweetheart.

You are worthy just because you were born and you deserve to have everything your heart desires.

Set Your Standards High... and The World Will Respond Accordingly!

I'm ready!