Last chance to get me 

as your love coach on speed dial!

you don't get what you want. you get who you are.

Your work then, my dear, is to become the type of woman who is ready for partnership, today. 

(Not once you meet the man of your dreams.)

Once you master + embody what you learn within these programs, 

you will then attract your forever partner into your life. 

(And not one moment sooner.) 

Are you ready to become her? 

Imagine with me, if you will...

It's only 6 months in the future... and you've not only met him but.. 

You've become her.

You've become the one you've been searching for. 

You've become the one who’s deeply in love with herself, her life and the perfect partner for her. 

You've become the one who trusts herself, trusts the Universe & completely trusts her partner to show up for her in her life.

 You've become the one who’s incredibly successful & satisfied in her career. 

You've become the one who feels purposeful in her life completely aligned to her soul's calling. 

You've become the one who has everything she desires

All because you chose to EMBODY her today.




You're done bouncing around from relationship to relationship 
You're over eff boys, men who won't commit and those who play mind games 
You're so over online dating and want to meet your person in real life 
In fact, you're done with dating in general
You are ready for lifelong love and you have a burning desire to have that relationship manifest in the next 6 months (if not sooner!) 


You're just getting out of a long term relationship (such as a 20 year marriage)
And you're terrified (or extremely apprehensive) to start dating again at this stage in life 
It's been so long since you've done life on your own & you aren't even sure what you desire to have in partnership (let alone life!) 
But you still have a desire to call in a relationship that is aligned to this new stage in life and you want to find out what you want and learn how to create it in the next 6 months (if not sooner!) 


You feel it deep inside of your heart. You are ready to commit and share your amazing life with an equally amazing human being. 

You are ready to experience a deep & profound love with another that you'll share together for the rest of your lives. 

And although you have tried so many ways to meet your match, for some reason nothing has worked and you're left scratching your head wondering why you're still single, right? 


In fact, the biggest obstacle for amazing single, successful women (like you) that are looking for love is NOT because there is a shortage of high-caliber single men on the market... 

(even though it might seem like there is)!

It's actually something that you have control over

(And this is a good thing!) 

It's not what you learn, where you go, or what you even do that matters in regards to manifesting lifelong love... 



E  M  B  O  D  I  E  D 



E M B O D I E D 

♡ SELF LOVE - no more negative self talk. No more telling yourself why you're not good enough or pretty enough or that what you want doesn't exist and you'll be alone forever. No more 'I'll just focus on my career." Instead, you'll become the confident woman who knows she can have the partner of her dreams and that he's on his way to her now!

♡ HIGH LEVEL COMMUNICATION - no more games, blaming or drama. Instead, you'll speak your needs and desires in a way that is understood so that all conflicts are resolved with love and you never have to worry about a fight or disagreement leading to a blow-up or break-up! 

♡ ESTABLISHING HEALTHY BOUNDARIES - It's not all about him & what he wants. That is NOT the way to win his heart. Instead, you'll understand what you truly needs & set loving boundaries that bring the two of you closer together (and ensure lasting intimacy!)

♡ FEMININE & MASCULINE ENERGETICS - get out of your wounded masculine energy (the woman who has to do it all by herself & doesn't really trust men to step up to the plate) and into the healthy receptive feminine energy who allows the right types of men to step up and serve her. (This also ensures lasting passion in the bedroom!) 

♡ FLIRTING - get ready to have men chasing you down on the street to ask for your number once you become a mistress at opening your heart and engaging life (and men) with a playful, receptive energy.

DATING - how (and where) to meet & date high caliber men who are ready to commit and how to be that irresistible woman on a date to ensure the next one is in the books!

♡INTUITION - how to hear your intuition, discern which men are right for you (and telling the truth), and never doubt yourself again! (No more asking everyone else for their opinions because you know what is right for you!) 

♡ SPIRITUAL CONNECTION - how to let go of control and instead trust the Universe to provide the perfect partner for you in divine timing (no more worry, anxiety or micro-managing) 

♡ MANIFESTATION - how to master conscious creation (ie manifestation) in regards to love, career, finances, the dream home... anything you desire... for the rest of your life!




So what's included? 

YOU'LL GET instant 


Over 30 courses, programs + trainings that give you all the knowledge you need to EMBODY the woman ready for lifelong love!

And PLEASE don't feel overwhelmed at everything you get access to at once. One of your bonuses is a private call with me to customize your journey through EMBODIED to ensure you are digging into the content that will best support you in manifesting love quickly!

(over $10,000 in value)

Weekly group Voxer coaching to offer you the community you crave while also giving you the accountability to actually do the work & get the results you paid for! 

What's Voxer? It's voice/text coaching over the phone/computer designed to support you in between calls.

Bad date? Share about it & ask me your questions in Voxer!

Great date? Share about it in Voxer so we can celebrate you!

No dates on the horizon and feeling frustrated? Jump into the Voxer group and I'll offer you the tools you need to shift your dating reality!

(P.S. This is a HUGE new addition to the group. FYI: My private clients pay over $20k to get Voxer access to me as part of their coaching package and YOU get it as part of EMBODIED for a fraction of the price!)

Monthly group coaching calls to support you in embodying what you learn & moving through challenges as they come up!

(Plus access to the library of all past group calls so that NONE of your questions would ever go unanswered!)

Private Facebook community to form relationships with your soul sisters and create lifelong friends 

Library consisting of over 50 guided meditations & hypnosis to support you in rewiring your brain to attract healthy love into your life

Three Bonuses!

You'll start your journey to manifesting love with access to my incredible course - APPRECIATE. The key to successfully manifesting the partner you desire to be with is: gratitude & appreciation! 

Appreciate is only for the ladies of EMBODIED where you'll be given the energetic + practical tools to ensure the next 6 months are the happiest months of your life... regardless of when + how your manifestations show up. 

Here's the secret to successfully manifesting love: when you learn to truly appreciate the journey, you become magnetic to your dream guy. 

Valued at $222!

Your second bonus is my signature manifestation process called ENVISION.

Within ENVISION you'll get clarity on your ideal life and how your ideal relationship fits into that life... plus the courage to execute the plan, trust in the process and accountability to keep going until the relationship manifests!

It doesn't matter where you are, all that matter is the vision of where you are going and that you have the tools to get there! 

ENVISION unlocks the path vision & EMBODIED gives you the tools to create it. 

Valued at $222!

I know there is a LOT include within EMBODIED. Which is why when you enroll, you'll also receive a private 30 minute ROADMAP coaching call with me! 

No one knows my programs better than me. Together, we'll dig into your dreams and desires (along with your fears + challenges) and create your customized roadmap through EMBODIED to ensure you are prepared with all the tools necessary to manifest the relationship you desire in the next 6 months! 

Valued at $222!


In 2019, I manifested the man of my dreams and thought can it get any better???


I manifested the dream home, our perfect wedding and finally our baby girl...

All because of Emyrald and her amazing guidance!

Update: Tory + Rob have welcomed their second baby into their family and still love living in the exact dream home she cut out of a magazine!


I started Emyrald's course hopeless and broken with only one goal, manifest my soulmate.

I finished it loving myself the way I never did before, believing that we can manifest it all & with my beautiful partner full of plans to travel together this year!

Update: Mi + Javi got married at the end of the following year and are happily living together in Florida.


I met the man I’d always dreamed of. He was EVERYTHING on my list, and more.

We just got married and are pregnant with our baby girl!

Emyrald’s teachings are about loving and embracing the magic that is YOU.

When you love yourself you can finally accept the love that you have always deserved.

If you want a result you’ve never gotten before, you have to do something you’ve never done before!


After a satisfying work week you are looking forward to the weekend because you have dates lined up with men that excite you! 

They take the lead. They plan the dates. They are actively pursuing you and you know where they stand and what they want. (A relationship with you!) 

And you... you are shining in your feminine radiance. You are confident. You feel attractive. You are magnetic.

You lean back with men, completely trusting. You've let go of the need to control. You no longer feel anxious around men, dating and your future. 

You know exactly what you want in life + love and you feel 100% confident that it's going to show up for you... and soon

You know that you have your pick of sexy, available, driven & successful men...and you meet them everywhere you go! 

In fact, you have to start saying NO to dates because your social calendar was already too full with men you're interested in! 

You've embodied the woman who IS the prize & men notice you wherever you go. 

You've embodied the woman who trusts herself, her inner guidance system & the Universe.

You've embodied the woman who believes she can have whatever she desires, confidently takes action every day towards her dreams, and happily watches them manifest before her very eyes as if by magic

It's your time to  

E M B O D Y  

the woman ready for partnership... 

ready for lifelong love! 





Instant access to all programs 

($10k value)

Weekly group Voxer coaching for 6 months

($20k value)

 Monthly group mentorship calls 

Access to past group mentorship calls

 Private FB community 

 Library of over 50 guided meditations & hypnosis

Bonus 1 - Appreciate ($222 value)

Bonus 2 - Envision ($222 value)

Bonus 3 - Roadmap ($222 value)

Most importantly: everything you need in order to become the woman ready to attract & keep a healthy relationship for the rest of her life!!


Embodied gives you instant access to all programs until your time commitment is up. If you do decide to cancel, you will be responsible for paying the full price of the programs that you already took. No exceptions. Upon purchase you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

I get it. That might feel scary. But the truth is this: if you cannot commit to yourself + your desires for a period of 6 months, how can you expect a partner to commit to YOU for the rest of your life?

You go first. You become the committable woman. As a result, the partner shows up who is ready to commit to you!

More Client Love Stories:

"After working with Emyrald, I had the courage to leave the relationship that wasn't right for me and 

6 weeks later met my guy!"

- Lauren

"My life was good... but romantically speaking things were not good and it was getting worse over the years. 

A month before the end of the program I met my  husband! Today we are living the life we always dreamed of!"

- Mileidi

"I was dating men that were well beneath me... within 2 months of working with Emyrald, I met the man of my dreams!"

- Jennifer

"I had the courage to end a situationship and met the man who checked every box.

We even looked at rings together this week!

The best is yet to come, and I am so excited about the adventures in our future. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it! 

- Patricia

“I made it through week 2 and I must say so far this experience is worth every penny! I’m in awe of how many people have approached me just to have a conversation and most importantly how much I have been feeling myself!!!

I’m beginning to see what a difference it makes when I love myself even harder and treat me the way I deserve to be treated.

It’s so funny my girlfriend said “Wow! I see everyone is coming up to talk to you.” 

My vibrations are aligned with the universe and I can feel the communication.”

- Ebunny

I made my list of what I wanted in a partner with 50 things on it. I learned how to let my shit go and embrace the feminine core nature that had been blocked for years.

Within a month I found a dream condo with a gorgeous view in the part of town I wanted to be in, was gifted a Lexus, and met the man I’d always dreamed of. He was EVERYTHING on my list, and more.

I feel sad for the years I spent not believing that I deserved everything I wanted; believing that life and love had to be a compromise. I found the guy, but that’s not what this course is truly about. Even if you find the guy if you haven’t done the work it will end up just like all the rest. 

This course and Emyrald’s teachings are about loving and embracing the magic that is YOU. When you love yourself you can finally accept the love that you have always deserved.

- Lauren


What if I can't make the live mentorship calls? 

That's okay! That's why you have the private facebook group + weekly Voxer coaching to support you whenever you need it! You'll also have access to past mentorship calls to get even more support to common questions & concerns. Plus you'll have 6 months to access the replays and programs so you can go back at any time!

When does EMBODIED start? 

Right when you join! Embodied is a 6 month commitment from the moment you sign up. If you join April 1st, 2023 for 6 months, you'll have INSTANT access to all past programs, past mentorship calls, and everything added into the program, plus monthly mentorship calls until September 30th, 2023.

Who is this for? 

This is for the woman who is ready to DO THE WORK necessary to BECOME the body ready for lifelong love. Relationships are NOT the Disney movie Rom-Com fantasy we've been sold. They take work, commitment and the mastery of certain skills such as boundaries, communication and self love. A healthy relationship consists of two human beings coming together who have done the work to understand themselves, move through some of their shit and decide they WANT to be in partnership. (Versus NEEDING a partner.) 

Embodied is for the woman who wants an exceptional relationship and understands that she has to become that woman. And the only way to become her is to roll up her sleeves, dig in, and excitedly do the work necessary to release past pain, trauma and baggage and then open up her heart to love by letting down her guard, being vulnerable & open and living from her heart.  

What if I decide I want to wait & join later?

Awesome! You can join whenever it feels right for you. 

But I have two things I want to say first: 

1. Why wait? How does it serve you to wait when you say you are READY to dedicate the next 6 months to becoming the woman ready for lasting love? What's the delay? Why put off your dreams of love? 

2. This price is the intro price + a crazy good deal. There are NO guarantees that it will be at this price when you decide to join later. 

What if something happens and I want to cancel? 

THERE IS A STRICT NO REFUND POLICY! No matter which plan you choose, you are committing to 6 months or 12 months! NO EXCEPTIONS! Ensure this feels right for you before you commit. If you do decide to cancel, you will be responsible for paying the full price of the programs that you already took. No exceptions. Upon purchase you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Is 1:1 coaching included?

Nope. Not at this time. If you want to upgrade to private coaching or add on additional 1:1 sessions with Emyrald, reach out to 

What programs are included? I've already bought some courses from Emyrald in the past. 

There are currently over 30 courses and programs included: 

Activate Your Intuition to Manifest Your Soulmate
Unlock the Desires of Your Soul
Connect - Trust Yourself, Trust the Universe
Activate - Your Intuition is Whispering, Learn How to Listen
Manifest - Create Your Dream Life 
It’s Law - Master the Law of Attraction
Manifesting Magic Masterclass
Attract Massive Wealth
Transform Your Money Story
Elevate Your Wealth Vibe
Tapping Series for Self-Love, Savings, Debt & Wealth Attraction

Flirt Like A Goddess 
Irresistible 101
Unlock Your Feminine Magnetism
Boundaries - Teach Others How to Treat You
Confidence - Turn Heads When You Walk Into The Room
Attract (and Keep) A Conscious Relationship
Online Dating Mastery

Love - Turn the Search Inward

Attract the One
Formula For Love
Love. Embodied
Manifest Your Man - 2 Week Intensive
The Break Up
The Last First Date
Marriage Material

The Secret (to getting everything you want) 

Become Her

The Path to Enlightenment

Plus, new programs will be added monthly. And you get monthly group coaching calls which is an exceptional way to get private access to Emyrald outside of private coaching. 

What if I want to upgrade to private coaching or add in 1:1 sessions with Emyrald?

Reach out to and we'll let you know what options are available for private mentorship. 

Other questions?  Email

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