You have been lied to, babe.

You've been told that you can't have it all. 

That you have to pick and choose between a successful career and happy relationship... or a successful career and a loving family... or a healthy body and the time to enjoy your life. 

You've been fed a paradigm of lies that are based on lack.

You've been told that you need to settle. 

You've been told to not ask for too much. 

You've been told to shut up, get in line and follow orders. 

You've been told to be a good little girl. 

You were never told about the power that lives inside of you. 

You were never told that you are a conscious creator. 

You were never told that you were placed on this planet for ONE REASON ALONE... 

To manifest every single one of the desires of your heart. 

Yes, you read that correctly - EVERY. SINGLE. DESIRE. OF. YOUR HEART. 

You have been given a story about what is predictable for your life... 

And, yes, I was fed the same story, too. 

And so I grew up thinking I couldn't have it all.

That I would have to sell my soul (and health & free time) for money... doing a job I hated, so that I could retire and then enjoy my life. 

That I couldn't have a deep passionate and loving relationship... and instead would have to settle for whatever man I dated in high school. 

That I couldn't travel the world and live a life of freedom doing what I wanted, where I wanted, and when I wanted.

I was told to be practical. Reasonable. To not ask for too much. 

I was fed the expectation that I should grow up, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids and... 

You get the point. You were fed that story, too. 

But the thing was... that was never MY dream. That was just a societal projection and expectation of me. 

It wasn't until I learned of my God-given Power that things started to change! 

✨ I've crafted a life of freedom with the ability to travel around the world wherever and whenever I desire... 

✨ I run a successful business that I built from the ground up filled with soulmate clients that I adore working with... 

✨ I enjoy a soul tribe of friends who are deep, loving, supportive and changing the world with their work... 

✨ I have manifested deep, connected soulmate love... 

✨ I'm connected deeply to myself, my passions and my truth... 

✨ I trust the Universe, I trust in source, and I know I'm infinitely supported! 

✨ There is nothing that I cannot be, do or have. 

I know this to be true to the depths of my soul! 

Are you ready to have it all?

Are you ready to put aside your fears and learn the secrets of the Universe in order to manifest EVERYTHING your heart desires?!

Dream career & a job you are absolutely passionate about showing up to? 

Loving + trusting partnership that fills your heart with joy? 

Financial freedom & never having to say ‘no’ because of money?

Trusting the universe & understanding how to co-create and manifest your desires?


Then it shall ALL be yours! 

Girlfriend, I’m beyond excited to share with you EVERYTHING I have learned about dating, masculine & feminine energy, attraction, flirting, manifestation, communication, love, money and so much more in this year long mentorship where you get to create a new story based on truth... 

The story that is in alignment with you having the life of your dreams!!

How does a woman manifest everything she desires?

She believes in herself & loves herself first and more than anyone else. 

She works through her fears & pains and decides to leave them in the past. 

She learns how to trust in the Universe & listen to her intuition. 

She takes massive inspired action & gets excited about what’s to come.

And she receives everything she thought to ask for and more. 

Everything goes beyond what you are going to learn but
who you are going to become
in the process!


Having complete trust in yourself and your desires… 

Having 100% faith in the Universe to help you manifest your dream life…

Knowing what actions to take and trusting your intuition completely… 

And allowing yourself to receive what you deserve & desire. 

Repeat after me:
I am a woman who desires Everything!

An EVERYTHING woman believes she can have it all. 

She doesn’t believe in settling or having to choose between various options. 

Instead, she believes in herself, believes in her heart-felt desires, believes in the magic of the Universe, and as a result, takes massive inspired action that leads her to the life of her dreams.

She listens to herself & trusts her inner guidance system.

She looks for the signs & follows the path laid out for her by the Universe.

She confidently takes massive action in alignment with her inner knowing.

She is a woman who knows what she wants, trusts in those desires and takes action towards her dreams….

And as a result, she manifests everything she thinks to ask for and more!

What does everything include?

Access to every single training launched live during the next year (18 trainings are currently scheduled with surprise trainings expected to be released as well) plus live Q/A calls to get all of your questions answered!

Access to a Treasure Chest of my most popular past trainings to dig into immediately & to supplement the time in between live trainings so that you are never left without support or content to dig into!

1 month private coaching call every month (12 in total) to receive additional support from Emyrald 

Lifetime access to content so you don’t have to worry about falling behind!

Everything you need to know in order to manifest the love of your life & the life of your dreams!

January - Manifest 

Learn how to create your dream life by understanding how to apply the natural laws of the Universe, including the Law of Attraction.  

Become a mistress of manifestation (by mastering my signature 5 step manifestation process) and learn how to consciously create anything you desire... not just some of the time but ALL of the time! 

Break through the challenges and paradoxes of manifestation and learn how to become a vibrational match for what you desire and attract it to you! 

As 2020 comes to a close I wanted to share all the things I manifested because of Emyrald and her amazing guidance! In 2019 I manifested the man of my dreams and thought can it get any better??? Yes! I manifested a house, our perfect wedding, a trip to meet someone very special 😉, and finally my baby girl!

- Tory Lillquist

February - Love 

Turn the search inward... if you are looking to manifest a healthy partnership (and even if you are currently in partnership) it all starts with the relationship you have with yourself! 

Learn powerful self-love practices that ripple out into every single area of your life because the first part of the manifestation equation is self-love... whatever you believe you can have, you shall! 

Heal the grip of past lovers, heal past pain & disappointments, and finally learn to give yourself the love you have been craving for all these years. 

I started her course in September. On December 24, I met a very special man.  I knew immediately that it was all coming together. He even drove 2 hours to be with me at midnight on New Years Eve. It had been years since I had a kiss at midnight ........! 

He feels like home to me. I was ready for him and recognized him for all he is. I feel confident in my ability to see this relationship to its highest potential. 

I had set an intention to be open to love, but for years, it wasn't happening. Emyrald guided me to truly open my heart, raise my vibration and live that intention.

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- Sherry 

I would recommend this course to every single one of my girlfriends because every woman I know struggles with some of the issues that we went over and discussed in the course!

Every single woman I know needs to be more empowered, especially when it comes to the decisions they make with men and love.  I think this course would show them their real value and they might realize that they are settling for relationships that are not good for them. 

 I literally can never go back to the way I was!  I am much more positive about my body and the trajectory of my love life.  

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- Jodie 

March - Activate

Learn how to utilize the 'brain' of the heart and connect into that deep source of love/creation/wisdom within you

Understand how to discern the differences between the desires of the heart and the desires of the ego. 

Understand the difference between the mind and the heart... and if its your ego speaking or your higher self. 

“The moment I met Emyrald, I knew she was incredibly special. She's wise, intuitive, honest and 100% genuine. She helped me shape a new view -- I was thinking the same thing / acting the same way, and getting the same results. Emyrald helped me break that pattern. She is so generous with her knowledge and her resources. The videos, the books, the journal prompts. It all gels.

I continue to hear Emyrald’s words in my mind and will be applying them to every part of my life. I’m blessed to know her and that our paths crossed.”

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- Sherrie 

"I have seen a difference in me and my thoughts, the way I react and look at things. 

And to be honest I thought I loved myself before despite everything that has happened but today I realized I truly love myself deeply and unconditionally because I am amazing and worthy of love.

I trust myself. I listen to my heart daily. And I trust the Universe!"  

- Alex 

April - Connect 

Learn how to become a fully embodied female who listens to and trusts her intuition above the opinions of others.

Let go of fear, doubt and the need to control. Instead, learn how to deepen your faith + trust in the Universe!             

Learn powerful practices to move beyond your ego and 3D reality... and tap into the infinite potential of the Universe and 5D! 

May - Flirt 

Become an attractive woman who naturally pulls to her what she desires by tapping into your natural feminine essence & energy. 

Understand the differences between masculine & feminine energy & learn how to talk to men in a powerful way that nurtures you both. 

Become the woman who can flirt with ease and has her pick of high-quality masculine men because she has learned how to embrace her natural feminine energy! 

I did a quick check of the exercises before a black tie work event I was going to last night. I bought a nice dress which I thought was nice but as soon as I put it on, it was like magic! I felt like I was on cloud 9, beaming and super confident.

A friend of mine who is a photographer said I was literally glowing and looking radiant and beautiful and he wants to do a photoshoot with me and the dress!

Not only that but I met someone else who is ticking all those boxes and we are going for coffee next week!

Today I've been using all that confidence and "magic" during my day and it has been amazing!" 

- Alexandra 

"OMG! This is pure gold! 

I have been watching your videos and I really wanted to say THANK YOU. 

I was a bit weary at first because a lot of these trainings give very basic info and don't delve into the nitty gritty of changing beliefs, etc. 

But this is amazing! 

You are overdelivering and I thank you!"

- Katherine

“Within a few days my mindset completely shifted, I did the guided meditation to let GO of past relationships (5) I had been holding onto for about 10 years. I wasn’t even aware I was still holding on until I did the meditation and literally felt the difference.

Last week I started to feel drawn to a man who has always respected me and has expressed interest in me, who before I kept ruling out. He is intelligent, attractive, fit and most important to me has a heart of gold and we have similar life goals and outlooks.

I can’t say yet if he is the ONE but how amazing it feels to finally be attracted toward a man of his caliber and integrity feels SO good!”

- Christine

June, July, August - Magnetize 

Heal the past, let go of your ex and doubts when it comes to relationships, exponentially raise your dating and relationship standards plus... 

Learn how to ask for more than you ever have before when it comes to a conscious relationship... 

Embody those characteristics and become the partner that you are searching for so that you manifest your person into your life! 

I met Emyrald and joined Single to Soulmate.  I made my list of what I wanted in a partner with 50 things on it. I learned how to let my shit go and embrace the feminine core nature that had been blocked for years.  

Within a month I found a dream condo with a gorgeous view in the part of town I wanted to be in, was gifted a Lexus, and met the man I’d always dreamed of.  He was EVERYTHING on my list, and more.  

We’ve been together close to a year now.  We want the same things, I’ve never doubted when he stands and we truly just love and support each other.  

Just a few months ago he bought us our dream house & we just got engaged! We are excited to start our family next summer!

I feel sad for the years I spent not believing that I deserved everything I wanted; believing that life and love had to be a compromise.  I found the guy, but that’s not what this course is truly about.  Even if you find the guy if you haven’t done the work it will end up just like all the rest.  

This course and Emyrald’s teachings are about loving and embracing the magic that is YOU. When you love yourself you can finally accept the love that you have always deserved.  If you want a result you’ve never gotten before, you have to do something you’ve never done before. 

Emyrald changed my whole damn life, I will never be able to thank her enough.

- L.B.

"What I love most about this program was how practical it is. I like to "do" things and Emyrald gives you practical, real things to do to help you integrate the learning and to keep you moving forward. I really like that.

Emyrald is one of the most generous (maybe the most generous) coaches I have ever worked with. She is 1000% committed to your success and she is by your side all the way. She is caring, authentic, gentle and super insightful. She tells you what you need to hear but does so in a wonderful, caring way that motivates you. 

I highly recommend this program. I think finding love is the icing on the cake really. The true benefit is learning how awesome you are, improving your self esteem, and getting clarity about what you deserve and how to get it." 

- Patricia

Emyrald’s Note: Patricia DID manifest an amazing, loving and supportive partnership shortly after the completion of Single to Soulmate. But I love how she identifies that ‘finding love is the icing on the cake.’ Because it is. It’s about you having the clarity about what you deserve and the tools in order to manifest it! 

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Before working with Emyrald, I had been single for 5 years and was so sick of the online dating scene.  I never felt like I was going to meet “my man” that way.  Add to this a gallon of issues around self-worth, not being good enough and not deserving a man because of a health condition I was diagnosed with at age 12.

I had some major break down moments in S2S, worked through the modules diligently and did the confidence work DAILY… suddenly things started to shift.  A man I worked with who I thought was super attractive finally started noticing me.  We didn’t start dating until a year later (which I know seems like forever when you want your man NOW), but that gave me a whole year to learn all about him and vet him before we even went on a date. 

We’ve been officially dating for 4 months.  He loves everything about me, deals with my craziness like a champ, and is seriously the most amazing man on the planet.  I was referring to him as my “future husband” months before we started dating.  

There is no way I would have been able to attract in someone so special and who is such a good fit for me without the work I did with Emyrald in S2S.  I would absolutely recommend the program to anyone looking for the love of their life. 

- Lacey 

September - Communicate 

The break-down of most relationships stem from a breakdown of communication... and just because you have attracted love into your life it doesn't mean you will keep it unless... 

You learn how to communicate (and fight) with love using a predictable communication formula that creates ease and harmony within every relationship (not just with your romantic partner!) 

Dive deep into love languages, core desired needs and how every human being needs to be treated in order to feel heard, understood and loved. 

My husband and I are pretty awful at communicating. One part is we speak 2 languages in the house, not only in love but also we speak Spanish and English, so sometimes things get lost in translation, literally.

It took a bit of convincing to get him to start the first lesson. I watched the video and than explained in Spanish (just to make sure there was no misunderstanding), what a love language is. We talked about how his is a physical love, while mine is very highly based on service. We actually signed a contract promising each other that we will try our best to show love in the others love language!

This morning I got up a little late, and the house had been swept and cleaned up, the dishes were done, and coffee was made. This is completely abnormal.

Just wanted to thank you for your amazing course and I can not wait to watch more videos! I have a feeling this is going to improve our relationship a ton! You are awesome!

- Sarah 

I am ever so grateful I found Emyrald and this course because she’s truly given me the keys to communication that I always wanted but could never quite figure out on my own.

Learning about masculine and feminine energy and the amigo talk were my favorite parts because I am getting my needs met as well as meetings those of my partner. It’s no longer a huge mystery to either one of us, we are actually making traction and moving forward instead of being stuck in the same arguments all the time about each person not being heard or seen.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their communication skills with their partner; therefore, dramatically improving their intimacy and connection. 

Thank you so much Emyrald!

- Nichole 

One of the most helpful things that I got from this is having the framework for the Amigo Talk with my wife.  

I also think