For the woman who desires to have it all... 

The fairy tale romance


The financial freedom to live life on her terms! 

I've put together something I have NEVER offered before! 

This is for the woman who: 

  • is stuck financially
  • is fumbling in love
  • is ready for massive change
  • would love to invest in herself but money is holding her back 

I made you something...

It's a brand new bundle that combines BOTH my top trainings of Love Attraction and also my top trainings to Manifest Money.

Within this powerful bundle of over 25 videos, guided meditations and hypnosis and enough content to keep you occupied for the rest of the month... you'll have the tools you need to start the important process of transforming yourself from the inside out to make yourself a match to not only The Love Life Your Crave... but also the Financial Freedom You Desire! 

Here's What's Inside This Powerful Bundle: 


  • Attract (and Keep) a Conscious Relationship- a five-part masterclass designed to show you the tools to attract in your match... but also the communication skills necessary to KEEP that relationship healthy and happy ($197 Value) 
  • Daily Intention Setting Process for Love - the exact process that I do (and did) on a daily basis to manifest every single one of my partners (I manifest my men on purpose... not on accident!) ($47 Value) 
  • Tapping Series for Self-Love, Savings, Debt & Wealth Attraction - includes four tap-a-long videos in order to reprogram your mind (and release negative emotions) that have to do with self-worth! ($197 value)
  • Attract the One in 7 Steps - the ultimate 'quick-start' to attracting in the love of your life! ($97 value)
  • Library of Guided Meditations - access to my library of guided mediations and hypnosis designed to reprogram your subconscious mind, release past relationships and get you in the vibration of love, baby!  ($197 value)


  • Attract Massive Wealth - a 5 video bundle designed to help you become magnetic to massive wealth ($197 Value) 
  • Transform Your Money Story - a 5 video bundle designed to help you change your belief systems around money so that you tell a new story and step into the empowered version of yourself who already is wealthy! ($197 value) 
  • "I am a Money Magnet" Guided Meditation  ($47 value) 
  • "Money Forgiveness" Healing Meditation ($47 value) 
  • "Stepping Into Wealth" Guided Hypnosis ($97 value) 

Total Value: $1,123

Grab it today for only $147

There is no better investment than investing in yourself.

I'm Ready For Love & Money!
Wendy Wendy

Everything has fallen into place here… my relationship, my job, my love life… all of your tips and tricks and hacks worked like a charm. It’s amazing. The only thing I had to do the last couple of days was accepting that everything I wanted is coming my way!

My guy is doing his work now and he even booked a surprise weekend trip for me this weekend!

I wanted to thank you.. since May my whole life has taken a whole new level of happiness and love of myself. I’m a happy girl in Belgium and I’m glad I found you online and I did the things you suggested and they all made sense and they all connected me back to myself!

Big hug and big kiss!

Megan Megan

I received an unexpected $15,000 check in the mail! I love Emyrald's enthusiasm. It is contagious. She genuinely seems excited to teach and share what she knows and has experienced in her own life.

I now use the tools I've learned daily. When I feel myself falling into negativity I can more easily identify what is happening and redirect my thoughts.

There are some really valuable tools I learned and it was so helpful in shining a light on the money story I have been telling myself...which ultimately made me realize I am soooo ready to change that story!"

Jessie Jessie

Yesterday I got a refund for $1400! 

This manifesting money stuff is real!

Zoe Zoe

Something really magical happened for me... I met someone. He was about 80% of what I had written down on the manifestation worksheets that Emyrald had provided us within the course. It’s the first time I’ve ever had an emotionally available and heart-felt relationship with somebody with no expectations of the future! "

Marije Marije

He gives me shivers... So totally not what I expected because I went in there with no expectations.

And then suddenly, there’s this ‘someone’ who turns out to be…well… nice and good-looking and saying a lot of the right things and wanting everything that I want in a partner, too. Like the exact same stuff that I wrote down the night before!

Mileidi Mileidi

I started Emyald’s course hopeless and broken with only one goal: Manifest my Soulmate. I finished it loving myself the way I never did before, believing that we can manifest all and with my beautiful boyfriend full of plans to travel together this year.

It's YOUR TURN to manifest the Love & the Money!

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