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And what if there was an easier way to help you meet great men NOW without going on a million dates and having to swipe online?

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"There is no way I would have been able to attract someone so special and who is such a good fit for me without the work I did with Emyrald."

I did the confidence work DAILY… and suddenly things started to shift. 

 A man I worked with who I thought was super attractive finally started noticing me. We didn’t start dating until a year later (which I know seems like forever when you want your man NOW), but that gave me a whole year to learn all about him and vet him before we even went on a date.

He loves everything about me, deals with my craziness like a champ, and is seriously the most amazing man on the planet. I was referring to him as my “future husband” months before we even started dating.


"I met a beautiful person. We've been inseparable ever since."

I started embodying your lessons and practiced what you were saying. Out of nowhere, I met a beautiful man. He is from England & recently moved to this area. We have been inseparable ever since. He's my person. We are headed to Mexico for vacation in a few weeks and I am so excited for what's next.

THANK YOU, there are no accidents and I know that you and your coaching came in to my life when it was needed most AND your methodology works! I know just by just tuning into new ideas about love and attraction and getting super clear on what I want, I manifested my dreamy man.

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"No doubt he is my Prince"

I'm so entirely happy with Edmond! I'm truly myself. We really connect, are both intensely grateful that we met each other, have lots of fun together and we're making a 1,000 plans of things to see, do, places to travel to and more!

On Jan 1st, he told me that I'm his winning lottery ticket from last year! No doubt he is my Prince!

We just got back from 6 days in the south of France. Lots of rain, nevertheless, we loved being there together.


"I received an unexpected $15k check in the mail!"

I received an unexpected $15,000 check in the mail! I love Emyrald's enthusiasm. It is contagious. She genuinely seems excited to teach and share what she knows and has experienced in her own life.

I now use the tools I've learned daily. When I feel myself falling into negativity I can more easily identify what is happening and redirect my thoughts.

There are some really valuable tools I learned and it was so helpful in shining a light on the money story I have been telling myself...which ultimately made me realize I am soooo ready to change that story!"


"I manifested the guy, the wedding, the dream home and we just had a baby girl... all using Emyrald's processes!"

"I manifested the guy, the wedding, the dream home and we just had a baby girl... all using Emyrald's processes!"


"I got a refund for $1400!" 

"Yesterday I got a refund for $1400!

This manifesting money stuff is real!"


Why listen to me?

Hi, I'm Emyrald Sinclaire. 

I'm an author, speaker, world traveler, yogini, Love Coach and woman obsessed with helping YOU to manifest the love of your life & life of your dreams! 

After 20 years of self-study, in addition to getting certified in a variety of healing modalities, I am proud to offer my clients a unique combination of no-BS coaching, loving heart-centered intuitive guidance and practical subconscious reprogramming tools in order to give you the results you desire… in the shortest amount of time!

My processes have worked for over 10,000 women and counting...

When you follow my steps of conscious creation (aka manifestation), it's not a matter of if what you desire will manifest... it's only a matter of when!

And trust me, it'll happen fast when you show up committed to the work!


Attract (and Keep) a Conscious Relationship - Stop meeting unavailable men ... and learn what it takes to keep the relationship of your dreams! ($197 Value)
Daily Intention Setting Process for Love - The exact process my clients do to manifest their partners on purpose! ($47 Value)
The Formula for Love Master the simple formula to call in lasting love ($222 value)
Tapping Series for Self-Love, Savings, Debt & Wealth AttractionUse EFT to reprogram your mind & release negative emotions that prevent you from having what you want! ($197 value)
Attract the One in 7 Steps - The ultimate 'quick-start' to attracting in the love of your life! ($97 value)
Library of Guided Meditations - Reprogram your subconscious mind, release past relationships and get you in the vibration of love, baby! ($197 value)
Attract Massive Wealth - Learn how to attract money on demand! ($197 value)
Transform Your Money Story Change your belief systems around money and become the wealthy woman! ($197 value)
"I am a Money Magnet" Guided Meditation ($47 value)
"Money Forgiveness" Healing Meditation ($47 value)
"Stepping Into Wealth" Guided Hypnosis ($97 value)

Total Value: $1,345

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A Love Note From Me To You...

I believe in your ability to have whatever it is that you desire.

And if a dream was placed in your heart,
you are meant & made to manifest it.

And I'm meant to show you how to get what you want.

It's time for you to have it all. 

All of the work you've already done has prepared you for this moment. 

If you're reading this,
you are ready. 

And the time is now for you to receive everything you want in life, love and money!!!