Do you have a problem with sticking to a consistent meditation practice?

Or perhaps you get all excited to start a new manifestation practice... but then the excitement wears off within a couple of days? 

If you're not able to create + stick with your daily practice... 


Such as meditation, journaling, exercise, or eating healthy...


You are blocking yourself from manifesting your dream life!

The benefits of a consistent daily practice are unlimited and include:


Increased Self Confidence + Ability to Move Toward Your Dreams with the Knowing You Can Achieve Them! 


More Calm + So Much Less Stress In Your Life 


Clarity of Mind + Connection to Your Intuition 


Deeper Sense of Peace + Divine Connection to your Higher Self 


Moving You 500 Steps Closer Towards the Dream Relationship + Dream Life


How Does That Sound?

Over the course of 21 days, you are held accountable to creating a manifesting meditation practice where you are given the ability to create a new habit, build a new routine, establish new neural pathways in the brain and ultimately manifest your dream life! 

The Manifesting Meditation 21 Day Challenge Experience Includes:

  • Daily Guided Meditation to get you aligned with your future self who is already living out your manifestation 
  • Affirmations to reprogram the subconscious mind for success
  • Daily Journal Prompts designed to help you stay laser focused on your goal and manifest your dream life 
  • Intention Setting Call on Day 1 
  •  Celebration Call on Day 2


Pick Your Level of Investing In Yourself + How Quickly Your Manifestations Appear

(Both levels are awesome, by the way, it's just a matter of which one feels right for you right now!)

It takes 21 days to build a new habit.

Imagine that instead of starting over again and again and again... 

You could have the accountability to create a daily practice that gets you exponentially closer to your goal!?

You could have the self confidence and trust in yourself to manifest whatever you desire! 


Hello Beauty.

I'm so happy you are here.

It's my passion to help women to connect to the truth of who they really are. You are so much more than simply a body and I'm here to remind you of your power.

You can manifest the love of your life + the life of your dreams... and I believe you WILL do just that... when you learn my signature processes of manifestation.

But not only that, I want to help you manifest from your heart and from your soul.

Bye-bye desires of the ego and trying to impress others or prove your worth! And HELLO! to manifesting from a deep knowing of worth and love.

You are worthy just because you are and you deserve to have everything your heart desires.

You ready to accept the challenge?

Why would you put off your dreams + desires any longer when you have the 21 day fast track towards manifesting them?