Breakthrough The Challenges of Manifesting!

3 Part Video Series 

with Spiritual Life Coach

Emyrald Sinclaire

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Do your manifestations work some of the time but you'd like them to work all of the time?!

Do the paradoxes of manifestation confuse the heck out of you and you're looking for the clarity around ways to 'let go and trust' that your manifestation is happening even though you're super attached to it happening because you really want it? 

I feel you!

Manifesting used to be so challenging for me because of the contradictions that were apparent in teachings, such as: 

  1. Know what you want, visualize what you want... but, oh yeah, forget about it at the same time 
  2. Take action + do what you know to do... but let go of HOW it happens
  3. And the one that is the hardest one to master.... let go of ATTACHMENT & be okay with it not happening for it to happen (what?)

Are you ready to Breakthrough the Challenges of Manifestation so that you can manifest what you want every single time? 

Of course you are!

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