• Never having to say 'no' because you didn't have the money. 
  • Paying bills without a care or worry. 
  • The keys to your dream car (or house) in your hand. 
  • Putting money into your retirement & savings accounts each and every month.
  • Buying whatever you desire... simply because you desire.
  • Never 'freaking out' or worring about money.
  • Being completely DEBT FREE

How does that feel for you?


  • Get freaked out when bills come in the mail because you're not sure how to pay them and/or you don't have the money in savings? 
  • Overspend to help yourself feel better?
  • Impulse buy (again to help yourself feel better.) 
  • Desperately desire to make more money but just don’t know how to do it? 
  • Feel a little guilty that you actually want to make more money (because it's not spiritual to desire money)
  • Wish money would just magically show up in your life without you having to 'do' anything?

If that's you, read on! 

I spent the better part of my adult life either: 

  1. Not making much money, but also not having too many expenses either because I was living for FREE in Ecuador 
  2. Drowning in debt, without a savings account and putting my life on credit cards to survive 

I was up to my ears in debt and thought that I had to spend money to make money.

(Luckily that is NOT the truth and I want to show you the energetic side to attracting money to you whenever you desire)


I was never taught how to manage money. Or make money. Or save money. Instead, I heard things like: 


“We can’t afford it.” 

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“We aren’t rich and those things aren’t for us.”  

"Wanting more money is selfish."

"I am bad with money."

Did you hear things like that, too?  




What you think + believe about money becomes your reality.  

"Thoughts become things," as Mike Dooley says.

So if you THINK money is hard to make, it'll be hard to make for you.

If you THINK money is abundant and grows on trees, then THAT is what you will experience in your life!

Everything is energy. Including money.

If you change what you think about money, how money shows up in your life will change. Period.

Here’s the thing...

When I finally decided to ‘figure out this money thing,’ it actually only took me a couple of years to go from making around $3,000 a month as a server to six-figures a year running my own coaching business! 

I’m certainly not ‘special’ and I’m not any different than you are!


Hey gorgeous, I’m Emyrald Sinclaire and I show women how easy it is to Manifest It A.L.L…. which stands for Abundance, Love and Life of your Dreams! 


And within my #ManifestMassiveMoney course I’m going to show you how I went from $60,000 in debt to making $129,314.35 in 2018! 

If I can do it, so can you! Let's change your money story, for good!

It's time to MANIFEST MONEY!

Rave Reviews! Women who have Manifested Massive Money!

Megan V.Z.

The biggest money miracle I experienced (was that) I received an unexpected $15,000 check in the mail from a family member. I knew this could someday be a possibility down the road, but the timing was pretty crazy and I didn’t expect to actually just get handed a check!

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is ready to shift their money mindset. There are some really valuable tools included in the course and it was so helpful in shining a light on the money story I have been telling myself…which ultimately made me realize I am soooo ready to change that story!

Megan V.Z.

Manifest Massive Money is an online program designed to completely TRANSFORM the way you think about, earn, save, spend and most importantly, Attract & Manifest Money.

So... what's included in the course?

Module One

Shift Your Money Story & Learn the Truth About Manifesting Money 

 - learn how to write your own rules and manifest real money (not what you are used to getting or what the market can support, instead attract the amount you want each and every month on your terms) 

 - the truth about money (it’s NOT what you think, it is not a limited resource and it does grow on trees) 

 - learn my signature five-step manifesting process to create more wealth in your life (and anything else you desire to manifest for that matter because this process is duplicable in all areas of your life) 

Module Two

What’s Getting in your Way to Abundance (and how to Clear It!) 

- let go of old money patterns holding you back from financial abundance (this one is essential in order to make the big bucks)

- get super clear on your WHY and focus your attention on what you want

- how to get into energetic alignment with the wealth you desire (I promise, it’s actually quite easy and you’ve never heard it taught this way before) 

- the truth about debt (it’s not as bad as you think it is) and tricks to clear debt exponentially 

- the habits that are blocking money and what to do instead

Module Three

Tell the Universe what You want (and get ready to receive it)

- the myths around earning money (and how to dispel them from your mind so you are open to receive massive abundance) 

- what's really standing in your way to making money (and how to clear it) 

 - 30 ways to RAISE your internal worth (resulting in external value) 

  - 6 ways to reprogram your mind to wealth each and every day 

 - the one thing to do every single day to manifest a first class life 

- how to detach from the 'how' 

- expand your thinking, believe in yourself and your gifts and step into a first-class version of yourself 

Module Four

Take Inspired Action (aka Massive Money Manifestation)

 - learn how to vibrate at the energy of massive wealth (each and every day) and step into your first class life 

- the most important thing to keep in mind every time you swipe your card (this is what is holding you back from massive wealth) 

- How the Law of Attraction can be used to magnetize money to you each and every day (this is not to be missed!) 

- How to 'quantum leap' into the new empowered, rich version of yourself to speed up the manifestation process 

- Allow yourself to receive and what to do when you feel blocked 

Module Five

Raise Your Vibration & Make Money Your BFF... for Life!

 - learn how to raise your vibration to the energy of massive wealth for the rest of your life 

- step into the next level version of yourself who already is living life on her terms with the money she desires 

- Learn how to really act as if without spending money you don't have and going into massive debt 

Make Making Money a Game and other ways to get into the vibration of money 

Shift your identity to become a wealthy woman 

Once you sign up (so don't delay!), you'll automatically get your Quick Start Pre-Work Additional Bonuses to fast-track your financial success!

Money Gratitude Journal 

--> What we put our focus upon expands! Use this handy daily money gratitude journal in order to increase the amount of wealth you attract to you on a daily basis!

The Abundance Tracker

--> Did you see what I wrote above? "What we put our focus upon expands!" You are more wealthy than you know! Use the Abundance tracker to tracker every cent, every gift, and any type of manifestation of value that comes into your life! 

Daily Rituals to Become a Magnet for Abundance 

--> I've spent the better part of two years crafting my daily mindset practice to become a magnet for money! I share with you the exact steps to take each day to speed up the process!

Money Meditation Playlist

--> I’ve personally used hundreds of guided meditations and self-hypnosis audios in order to raise my wealth vibe! Included in this playlist are my favorites. I highly suggest that you listen to one a day every day… for the rest of your life! 🙂

Attract Massive Wealth Video Bundle

--> A powerful five video bundle that will help you get to the root cause of your money story and show you how to transform it to become a magnet for wealth! 

Transform Your Money Story Video Bundle

--> A powerful five video bundle that gets to the core of your money issues and shows you the powerful process to transform your money story so that money becomes your new norm!  

Using JUST the bonuses above, I started to notice a dramatic increase in the amount of money I was making each month going from $2k-$3k to $5k... and then beyond! 

How does the course work?

Upon registration, you'll receive access to Module 1. Every week you'll get access to the next module which is designed to help you achieve a financially abundant state of mind.


After going through the module, if you have any questions, post them in the Facebook group and I'll reply personally! The Facebook Group stays open forever and you have LIFETIME access to all of the modules and updates. 💰


Your Investment in Your Finances for Life:

One payment of $555!

or 3 Monthly Payments of $197

Payment Plan
$197Monthly Payments
    Payment Plan Please

    Choose the payment plan and you'll only pay $197/month for three months!

    Reminder: what you're getting when you sign up!

    5 Transformative Money Manifestation Training Modules ($4,997)  

    5 Recorded Q&A Sessions ($4,997)  

    5 Transformational Workbooks & Homework ($2,997)  

    Exclusive Members-Only Facebook Group ($997)  

    BONUS: Money Meditation Library ($29)  

    BONUS: Money Gratitude Journal ($19)

    BONUS: Abundance Tracker ($99)

    BONUS: Daily Rituals to become a Magnet for Abundance ($99)

    BONUS: Attract Massive Wealth Video Bundle ($197)

    BONUS: Transform your Money Story Video Bundle ($197)

    TOTAL VALUE: $14,628


    But honestly, this course is PRICELESS because you are learning to transform your money story FOR LIFE!

    If you learn how to increase your income by only $10,000 a year for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.... how much money did you just manifest?

    A LOT! 

    You Pay only $555

    Or 3 monthly payments of $197

    Ready to Take Control of Your Money Situation for Good?

    Payment Plan
    $197Monthly Payments
      Payment Plan Please

      Choose the payment plan and you'll only pay $197/month for three months!



      • q-iconWhat can I expect when I sign up?

        You can expect to have your world rocked when it comes to your outlook on money! Expect to receive a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the energetics and spiritual side of money and how to raise your vibration to become an energetic match for the amount of money you desire to make.

        Expect to receive a super safe and supportive place for you to be vulnerable and share your fears when it comes to money. You’ll be surrounded by a network and community of women who want you to rise up and want nothing more than your success!

        But most importantly, you’re going to be in a space where you are safe to dream and step into the most empowered version of yourself!

        And finally, expect to receive all the information that Emyrald can give you in regards to shifting from $7k/year to over $100k/year in only 12 months!

      • q-iconCan you guarantee results?

        Ha! Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh, but if I had a crystal ball that could give you all the answers you crave, I’d be charging a whole lot more for my programs! 🙂

        I cannot guarantee that you’ll do the work and get the results.

        But I can promise you that this is ALL the information that helped me get from -$60,000 to over $100,000!

        You deserve to live in a state of abundance and if you make the commitment to yourself TODAY to get the results you desire, then I know without a doubt you will get there! (I just can’t guarantee when.)

      • q-iconDo you offer refunds?

        No, I do not. I stand 100% behind my programs and I KNOW that your life will massively change and up level if you do the work.

        You MUST make the commitment to yourself when you enroll in this program that you will get results no matter what. If you half-ass it and then expect a refund, then nothing will ever change. (Said with so much love.)

      • q-iconHow much support can I expect to get from Emyrald?

        You can ask as many questions in the Facebook group that you desire and Emyrald will answer them! The only way you would NOT get support is if you did NOT ask the question. Get it?

      • q-iconWhat if I don't do Facebook? Can I still sign up?

        Absolutely! The Modules & Q&A session recordings will be sent to the same email that you used to sign up for the course. Although we highly recommend at least making a FB account you can use JUST for the course to get to know the other incredible high vibe students.

      • q-iconWhat if I can't do the course now or fall behind?

        No problem love! You’ll have lifetime access to all modules, recordings, and the Facebook group. If you start later on, you’ll still get the support you need and all your questions answered. I’m here for you for life!

      • q-iconWhat if I'm not an entrepreneur? Will this still work for me?

        Yes! I’m teaching you the energetics principles of making money and having a business (or job for that matter) is simply ONE AVENUE that money can flow to you. When you turn up your flow of abundance, money can flow to you in a myriad ways! If you read the testimonials, you’ll actually see some of them are for women who were NOT EVEN WORKING and the money still flowed to them! 

      • q-iconWhat if I still have questions?

        Reach out to us at and we’ll answer any questions you still have!

      • q-iconWhy should I enroll when I could just read a book on money for $15?

        Let me remind you that the knowledge I have picked up over the last 2 years has cost me over $40,000 in investment, and in my opinion, it was worth every single penny. This isn’t just something you can pick up from a book because it goes to a much deeper level than any other program you’ll find on the market. We are talking mindset, belief systems, and a completely well-rounded course unlike any book you’ll ever read. Plus… when you buy a book, can you ask the author all your burning questions? I think not!

        Let me also remind you that when you have skin in the game, you tend to value something much more than if you got it for free or basically free.  I speak from experience when I say, “nothing will ramp up results faster than taking a financial leap of faith” and investing majorly in your personal development.

        Any time I’ve invested in myself, I’ve experienced a quantum leap in results! Anytime I just ‘read a book’ nothing really happened.

        Ya get what I mean?

      More Testimonials of women who have Manifested Massive Money & enrolled in this course!

      Ready to Manifest Massive Money?

      Payment Plan
      $197Monthly Payments
        Payment Plan Please

        Choose the payment plan and you'll only pay $197/month for three months!