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If you understand the Law of Attraction then you know that we live in an Attraction based Universe...


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The Money Magnet Bundle gives you the tools to start to shift your energetic vibration when it comes to money. You are a powerful attractor + I want to help you shift your point of attraction when it comes to money! 

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$ Attract Massive Wealth - a 5 video bundle designed to help you become magnetic to massive wealth ($197 Value) 

$ Transform Your Money Story - a 5 video bundle designed to help you change your belief systems around money so that you tell a new story and step into the empowered version of yourself who already is wealthy! ($197 value) 

$ "I am a Money Magnet" Guided Meditation  ($47 value) 

$ "Money Forgiveness" Healing Meditation ($47 value) 

$ "Stepping Into Wealth" Guided Hypnosis ($97 value) 

Total Value: $585!

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There is no better investment than investing in yourself + the tools that you''ll take with you for the rest of your life to shift your money story! 

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