• Have you been too busy with work?
  • Do you claim to not have time for love?
  • Are you secretly scared that a man will interfere with your ‘perfect’ life… 

And do you really actually WANT love… but think that you are setting your standards too high?

And you fear that what you want in a partner, doesn’t actually exist?

If on!

For years, I’ve helped brilliant, beautiful + successful women (just like you) to attract their perfect compliment in every way. 

And after years of playing ‘match-maker’ (but I’m definitely NOT a match-maker. Call me your Love + Manifestation Coach, please)...

I can tell you that I’ve noticed FIVE RELATIONSHIP BLOCKERS that prevent amazing, successful women with a LOT to offer the opposite sex from being in the relationship they (secretly) crave. 

Do you know what these blocks are? 

(I’ll guess not. Otherwise you’d already be in the relationship you want, right?)


I’ve made you a video so that you can STOP doing what’s preventing you from meeting your match. 


And start doing what you need to do to manifest love, babe! 


Take 20 minutes to watch the video + I promise you that you’ll know exactly what YOUR relationship block is and how to move through it. 


My relationship with my partner has blossomed in the most beautiful way since working with Emyrald!

We are best friends, and I’m noticing that we are really seeing each other better than we ever did before.

We are in a place now where when one of us expresses a need we are able to meet each other so much sooner and turn the tables from arguing or being moody with each other to being loving, understanding and supportive.

We are also having a great time planning a wedding together, and he is going to buy me an engagement ring which I didn’t expect to happen!"