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Mi & Javi

The work that we have done in the past couple of months is amazing and has changed my mind, heart and soul a lot. I started as a depressed dumped woman, feeling angry and sad about life to this grateful, loving, open and hopeful woman. I just remembered the day I was at work very sad and looked your program and my inner voice said “This is what you need.” My inner voice was so right.

(Update: Mi has met her love, Javi, pictured here.)

Mi & Javi

It’s Time To Stop Making Excuses

If you’re single and don’t want to be, I know it’s not because you haven’t been trying to date or meet men. I guarantee you’ve got some limiting beliefs running around in the back of your head that sound something like this:

  • I’m too busy / old /overweight / damaged / in debt for love.
  • There are no conscious men out there.
  • My career is more important than love.
  • I’m unlucky in love.
  • There’s no good men/women in my town.
  • I am unlovable.
  • My one and only true love left me.
  • It’s too late.
  • I live in the wrong place.
  • I’m unattractive.
  • I’m afraid (or don’t know how) to date at my age.

These stories might FEEL true to you, but I promise you, they are just stories.

And it’s time to rewrite your Love Story!

It’s time to meet your soulmate!

To Manifest Your Soulmate You Must Release These Love Myths

1. If it’s meant to be, it will happen.

  • Wrong - love is like anything else in your life. Similar to training with a personal trainer in order to get the body you crave, your love life requires the same amount of work, dedication and effort in order to create what you’re looking for.

2. I’ll know when I meet ‘the one’

  • Not true - so many of my clients actually didn’t know he was ‘the one’ until months into their relationship! This isn’t a Disney movie, sometimes you don’t just ‘know’ right away. Chemistry happens instantly but love takes time to build.

3. The belief that “I’m too….” for love

  • Your limiting beliefs are simply that: limiting. You created them and together we will uncreate them. You are never too anything to not have love in your life. You are perfect. You are love. And you are ready for yours!

4. Men don’t want powerful, strong and opinionated women

  • False. Your soulmate wants a partner who is a match for him. And if you want a strong man who cares about himself and his life and his personal development… guess what? You’ve got to become his match! Time to step up, sister!

5. All the good ones are taken

  • There couldn’t be a statement further from the truth! Once we change your vibration and your consciousness, you’ll start to meet high-quality men!

6. Meeting your soulmate cannot be planned, it just happens

  • Bullcrap. Like anything in life, you’ve got to plan and prepare if you want it to be something truly spectacular! By working on yourself and cultivating certain skills and mindsets you are setting yourself up for a lifelong relationship of happiness … because you worked on yourself first. You didn’t just happen to become emotionally mature and ready for your Soulmate. You worked at it!

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Give me your best email address and your name, beauty, and you'll be added to the waiting list for the next round!

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