I help amazing single women (just like you) get crystal clear in what they desire, unapologetically love themselves, believe they can have what they desire, embody true love, and as a result: manifest their person!

It’s an inside job! 

When you shift your internal reality, the external shifts to match it. 

Which means that the power lies within you to attract in your high-quality match! 

You just forgot. And you were never taught what I’m here to teach you.

It doesn’t matter where you live. It doesn't matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how many certifications you have. It doesn’t matter if you’re single in your 20s and have never had a relationship before or a single, divorced mom in her 40s worried that a man wouldn’t want to take on that burden and responsibility. 

^Those are all superficial stories that you are telling yourself that are holding you back from love. 

But none of that really matters if you want to manifest love. 

My process works for EVERY SINGLE WOMAN who applies what I teach. Period

Mileidi + Javier 2018

My heart was very sad. The love of my life dumped me but he was still texting me, romantic meaningless messages, that kept me attached to him for 7 months after the break up. I was depressed, 34 years old and alone. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me again! I was falling apart but at the same time I was tired of being sad.So I decided to enroll in Single to Soulmate.

My intention was very clear:I wanted to find a man that could make me happy.⁠

I was committed 100% to doing the work. After the first week I quit smoking and started to love myself again. Half way into the program I finally blocked my ex, naturally and easy. All the exercises she taught us changed my life in so many ways,life was just good again.

One month before the end of the program I met Javier online, since he lives in Europe I couldn’t physically meet him right away, but conversation was getting deeper and deeper, and after 3 weeks of talking he had his tickets to come to NY to meet me.

I started Emyrald's course hopeless and broken with only one goal, manifest my soulmate. I finished it loving myself the way I never did before, believing that we can manifest it all & with my beautiful boyfriend full of plans to travel together this year!

Mi + Javi Married December 2019

Mileidi manifested her Soulmate while enrolled in Single to Soulmate 2018 and by the end of 2019 they were happily wed and now are Mr. + Mrs. !!!

1. True Clarity in Your Heart’s Desires

You can't wear a mask & attract authentic love.

Are you caught up in the fear of rejection when meeting a new man because you’re scared of not being accepted for who you really are? Are you scared to be the REAL YOU for fear he won’t like that? (The Fear of Rejection is HUGE! But it’s also preventing you from authentic love.) 

If so, you’re not alone! That’s the biggest block (and the first block) I help my clients work though. 

If you don’t accept who you are and what you desire (and this usually shows up when a woman is scared to speak her mind and ask for what she wants) then you’re blocking the right relationship from coming your way. 

You can’t pretend to be her and expect to manifest your man. 

Within Single to Soulmate, you’ll learn how to be 100% authentic to who you really are and to claim your true heart-felt desires… so that they can manifest! 

Honestly, working with Emyrald in our private 1:1 coaching on top of the group really solidified these concepts and gave me the confidence to demand so much for myself. And it worked - by the end of the course, I had met a wonderful man who fit my needs and was equally into me.

Thanks, Emyrald for helping me up my dating game to this level. It has forever changed me!


2. Raising Your Relationship Standards

You don’t get what you want. You get who you are.

Your relationships are a reflection of two things:

1. What you BELIEVE you can have. And, 

2. How you’re FEELING on a daily basis. (Which is influenced by your thoughts & belief systems) 

And the issue with most women is that when they aren’t meeting any great high-quality men, instead of RAISING their standards and looking at how they can step it up even more… they LOWER their standards and settle. And then they feel worse and think worse and as a result, they continue to attract lower quality men. Which then reinforces the belief system that, ‘no good men exist’ or ‘men only want sex.’ 

Within Single to Soulmate, you’ll learn how to RAISE your relationship standards (because you truly deserve a partner who is your equal in every single way) and to BECOME the woman who is available for that man. As a result, you start attracting in the men who meet you at your new energetic level. 

I'm so entirely happy with Edmond! I'm truly myself. We really connect, are both intensely grateful that we met each other, have lots of fun together and we're making a 1,000 plans of things to see, do, places to travel to and more! 

On Jan 1st, he told me that I'm his winning lottery ticket from last year! No doubt he is my Prince! 

We just got back from 6 days in the south of France. Lots of rain, nevertheless, we loved being there together.


3. Rebuilding The Foundation for Healthy Partnership

Ready to create a healthy, conscious, lifelong partnership with your complement in every way?

We were all given an extremely unhealthy, codependent and toxic version of relationships growing up. It’s time to BREAK the mold and set the foundation for a healthy interdependent partnership based on DESIRE versus NEED. 

And right now you might think you NEED a man in order to fulfill your desires in life (such as starting a family or traveling the world.) 

But I’m here to tell you that is all backwards. Instead, I want to offer you the real, lasting healthy foundation for partnership that stands the test of time. 

Within Single to Soulmate, you’ll learn how to craft a relationship set on strong legs. A foundation of self love, trust, connection to the Divine, healthy communication and strong boundaries of self worth. When you establish and create that within yourself, and then extend it outward into partnership, then you’ll have created something that is truly loving, deep and magical. (Which is exactly what you desire and deserve.)

4. Attracting Love & The Right Energetic Match For You

The old way of love, “You complete me, Jerry Maguire,” is out! 

The new way of conscious partnerships and attracting the right energy match for you is in! 

Are you ready to learn how to attract not only the right energetic match for you in your love life… but in all areas of your life!? 

Of course you are!

Within Single to Soumate, you’ll learn my Signature Manifest Him process so that not only do you call in your true love, but you learn how to duplicate this process to create the life of your dreams!  Because it’s not only about having a fulfilling love life, but it’s about manifesting a happy, abundant and fulfilling life on all levels! 

"I manifested the guy, the wedding, the dream home and we just had a baby girl... all using Emyrald's processes!"


The Single to Soulmate Experience: 

12 Pre-Recorded Video Modules

Upon registration, you get immediate access to 12 video modules walking you through my Signature Manifest Him process. Go as quickly as you desire through the content, or take your time and savor it. Go over it again and again when you feel stuck because you get lifetime access to the content and updates. 

My process is proven to work. You WILL succeed in manifesting love when you follow the steps I outline for you. It’s certainly not a matter of ‘if you’ll meet your man.’ I know without a doubt that you’ll call him in! The only question I cannot answer is WHEN you’ll meet your man.

It’s certainly not a matter of ‘if you’ll meet your man.’ I know without a doubt that you’ll call him in! The only question I cannot answer is WHEN you’ll meet your man. 😉

Personalized Support & Hot Seat Coaching 

Your success and growth requires consistent application. Otherwise it’s easy to fall back into old habits and patterns. (Which is why the majority of New Year's resolutions tend to fail by mid-February).  Weekly live group coaching gives you the support and accountability to continue to move forward towards your dream man and dream life. But not only that, you’ll have an expert and The Energetic Matchmaker (that’s me!) seeing your blocks and helping you to take down your Heart Wall so that you are energetically available for love.  

I’m 100% committed to your success in manifesting love which is why I’m pleased to offer you… Weekly Group Coaching Calls… for life! 

(We could literally be on the phone together when we are 85! Lol. But I’m so confident in how quickly you will shift that I know it’ll only be a matter of months until you’ve called him into your life!) 

12 Fillable Workbooks

My workbooks are meant to guide deeper into the work so that you get clear in what you desire, move through the blocks that are in your way, and keep you laser focused on your goals. 

When you do the work, there is absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t call in your match this year! The only variable is how committed you are to doing the work, shifting your energy and calling in your man! 

The process works when you work the process! 

A Library of Guided Meditations & Hypnosis 

You get who you are. Never what you want. And since the majority of who you are is stored in your subconscious mind, it’s the reason why all my programs are filled with deep subconscious mind reprogramming work. 

You’ll get meditations, hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), HCT (Heart Centered Therapy) and so many tools to help you shift from the inside out. 

Remember: your external reality is always a reflection of your internal reality. 

High-Vibe Support & Community 

You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most! What are they thinking? How do they talk? How much money is in their bank accounts? What type of jobs do they have? What do they believe is possible for them in love and life? 

When you are surrounded by those who are making their dreams happen and calling in high-vibe partnerships and lives… you will be inspired to do the same! 

Within Single to Soulmate, I’m offering you that group that is going to cheer you on and hold you accountable to raising your vibration and calling in the partnership you truly desire and deserve. 

Plus you get access to the private facebook group for life!

Did I Mention:
 Lifetime Access to Live Calls with me? 

That honestly is priceless because I want you to NOT feel like you have a time limit on WHEN you have to manifest love or HOW LONG you have access to me as your coach. 

Rest assured knowing that you can go at your own pace and get access to weekly live calls, FOREVER. 

(And to put this value in perspective, my private clients pay me $2,000/month for private access to me.) 

Ready to Manifest
Your Soulmate? 

Click the button to enroll today! 

Remember: the sooner you enroll, the sooner you'll call in love!

Investment in a Lifetime of Happiness & Love: 

$2,000 pay in full or 6 monthly payments of $397

For as long as I can remember I have LOVED love. I’m smart, I’m driven, I achieved all my career goals and can happily support myself, how could I possibly go wrong with love?!  

With each of my long term relationships they would slowly get unhealthy. There would be fighting, anger, judgment, frustration and above all resentment.  I wanted to start a family and I was in my early 30s so I just believed I had to make it work, without stopping to ask whether I should. 

Then I met Emyrald and joined Single to Soulmate.  I made my list of what I wanted in a partner with 50 things on it. I learned how to let my shit go and embrace the feminine core nature that had been blocked for years.  

Within a month I found a dream condo with a gorgeous view in the part of town I wanted to be in, was gifted a Lexus, and met the man I’d always dreamed of.  He was EVERYTHING on my list, and more.  

We’ve been together close to a year now.  We want the same things, I’ve never doubted when he stands and we truly just love and support each other.  We don’t say harsh words, we don’t fight, the intimacy is incredible.  We hiked 500 miles together four months in, and just a few months ago he bought us our dream house.  Did I mention he’s an amazing cook and makes us dinner every night?!  Oh and we’re excited to start our family in a couple years! 

I feel sad for the years I spent not believing that I deserved everything I wanted; believing that life and love had to be a compromise.  I found the guy, but that’s not what this course is truly about.  Even if you find the guy if you haven’t done the work it will end up just like all the rest.  This course and Emyrald’s teachings are about loving and embracing the magic that is YOU. When you love yourself you can finally accept the love that you have always deserved.  If you want a result you’ve never gotten before, you have to do something you’ve never done before. Emyrald changed my whole damn life, I will never be able to thank her enough.


Meet Emyrald Sinclaire:

Hello Beauty. I'm so happy you are here because it's my mission to help women to thrive in not only love, but life!!!

I'm passionate about helping single, spiritual women to manifest a happy, healthy fulfilling partnership with a conscious partner who also cares about personal development, being happy and co-creating a gorgeous life together.

You deserve a partner who wants to grow with you. A man who is spiritual, honest, communicative, emotionally mature, masculine and perfect for you in every way!  (Not that he will be Mr. Perfect. He’ll simply be Mr. Perfect For You.)

I've been through it all when it comes to love which makes me qualified to help a wide variety of women (thousands have enrolled in my programs & successfully shifted their blocks preventing them from love!) shift their energy and manifest their high-quality match!

I have more certifications than I honestly care to add to this page, because honestly, it’s not the certifications that matter, it’s the results!

I’m committed to showing up for you 100% and will NOT let you argue for your limitations or get stuck in the past… because that's not where your soulmate is! He’s in your future waiting for you to do the work to become an energetic match for him!

Let’s get you aligned for love, girlfriend!

My Personal Guarantee: 

This work works… when you work the work.

I honestly can promise you this.

The ONLY THING holding you back is your belief that it couldn’t work for you. 

But EVERY SINGLE woman who whole-heartedly applies the process I’m teaching learns how to embody love, shift her belief systems, and as a result, shift her external reality! 

This results in high-quality dates turning into special significant others which turns into fiances, and eventually a husband and happily ever after. (If that’s what you’re looking for!) 

I’m holding out my hand to you, babe. 

I have the process that works to not only help you manifest love… but the life of your dreams. 

And that's truly what I’m most passionate about. 

It’s not just about the guy (although partnership is beautiful and magical and sacred). 

It’s about you believing in your worth.

It’s about you saying YES to your dreams. 

It’s about you allowing yourself to receive your deepest desires.

That’s what Single to Soulmate is really about. 

And if you are ready to say YES to having everything your heart desires… click the button below and I’ll see you on the inside and I’m excited to ‘meet’ you on our next group coaching call! 

Ready to Manifest
Your Soulmate? 

Investment in a Lifetime of Happiness & Love: 

$2,000 pay in full or 6 months payments of $397

"What I love most about this program was how practical it is. I like to "do" things and Emyrald gives you practical, real things to do to help you integrate the learning and to keep you moving forward. I really like that.

Emyrald is one of the most generous (maybe the most generous) coaches I have ever worked with. She is 1000% committed to your success and she is by your side all the way. She is caring, authentic, gentle and super insightful. She tells you what you need to hear but does so in a wonderful, caring way that motivates you. 

I highly recommend this program. I think finding love is the icing on the cake really. The true benefit is learning how awesome you are, improving your self esteem, and getting clarity about what you deserve and how to get it." 

- Patricia

Emyrald’s Note: Patricia DID manifest an amazing, loving and supportive partnership shortly after the completion of Single to Soulmate. But I love how she identifies that ‘finding love is the icing on the cake.’ Because it is. It’s about you having the clarity about what you deserve and the tools in order to manifest it! 

Before working with Emyrald, I had been single for 5 years and was so sick of the online dating scene.  I never felt like I was going to meet “my man” that way.  Add to this a gallon of issues around self-worth, not being good enough and not deserving a man because of a health condition I was diagnosed with at age 12.

I had some major break down moments in S2S, worked through the modules diligently and did the confidence work DAILY… suddenly things started to shift.  A man I worked with who I thought was super attractive finally started noticing me.  We didn’t start dating until a year later (which I know seems like forever when you want your man NOW), but that gave me a whole year to learn all about him and vet him before we even went on a date. 

We’ve been officially dating for 4 months.  He loves everything about me, deals with my craziness like a champ, and is seriously the most amazing man on the planet.  I was referring to him as my “future husband” months before we started dating.  

There is no way I would have been able to attract in someone so special and who is such a good fit for me without the work I did with Emyrald in S2S.  I would absolutely recommend the program to anyone looking for the love of their life. 

Lacey N.

How is Single to Soulmate different from other trainings I may have taken?

Within my programs, I combine a lifetime of research, ancient teachings, old school, and new-age practical exercises that WORK! When you enroll in Single to Soulmate you are getting the best of the best in regards to digging into your subconscious beliefs and reprogramming them so that you can truly become a magnet for the life ( and love) you desire!

Do I need to be at a certain level of development or understanding regarding these principles you’ve talked about? Will this program work for someone who’s new at all this?

No matter where you are in your personal development stage, this program will absolutely help you to grow! You’ll realize the true desires of your heart and build a road map to achieve them! Again, the work absolutely WORKS when you DO the work. All you need to do is show up with an open mind and open heart, and I PROMISE, you'll become a magnet for love!

What if I’m in a relationship that needs work or I’m unsure of? Will this help me?

Yes! What you are learning in this course is going to help you for the rest of your life! You are learning how to manifest your desires...while removing anything that is standing in your way. What you’re learning in this course will help you to deepen your existing relationship...or help you to discern if it’s time to let go... which will allow you to make space for what you truly deserve and desire!

What if I'm just meant to be single?

Excuse me? Do you want love? Do you want a partnership?


Okay, then you are NOT MEANT to be single. You are MEANT to manifest every single thing your heart desires. Period. You would NOT be on this page right now if you were meant to be single.

Can you guarantee this will work for you?

Honest answer: No. Of course I cannot make any guarantees about your life. Do I hold a crystal ball? I don't think so.

However, I can promise you this: if you do the work, your life will shift drastically. And eventually (I don't know when) I'm pretty damn confident your lover will appear because he will be a mirror of you... and when you do the work that I outline within S2S, you will BECOME love.

DECIDE that this time it will work, and it will. Simple as that.

I’m interested in joining but I’m really busy! How much time should I plan to focus on the class sessions and the homework each week?

If you’re ready for love, the time is now! Expect to put about 3 hours a week of work into the course, including joining us for the live weekly group calls & participating in the FB group. But remember, you have LIFETIME access to the course, calls & facebook group so you can never fall behind... and I can always support you in finding (and keeping) true love.

What if I’m a man?

Unfortunately, this course is for Goddesses only. But you are more than welcome to reach out to me at support@emyraldsinclaire.com to talk about private coaching.

What if I'm a lesbian/bisexual?

Great! Good for you. You’re welcome in this course, my dear. These concepts work for EVERYONE because it's all internal work that has to do with self love, your belief systems, and manifestation. 

How confidential is the group? Privacy is an issue for me.

Everything in the group will be kept strictly confidential. Now that being said, never share anything you’re not comfortable sharing with your sisters. This is a safe space, but you have to feel safe as well.

What if I cannot make the live calls?

No problem! You have lifetime access to the content. Lifetime access to weekly LIVE calls. And lifetime access to the FB group to post questions and get my expert guidance. You simply CANNOT fall behind as this course is meant to support you FOREVER!

Additional Questions?  Email support@emyraldsinclaire.com

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