Looking for Love...?

Then it’s time to Turn the Search Inward…. because your relationships will always mirror the love you have for yourself. 

Be honest with yourself, love...
Do you:

Have problems with negative self talk
Constantly talk down to yourself and talk yourself out of what you really want? 
Find yourself in abusive, unhealthy or toxic relationships (think friendships, work colleagues, intimate relationships and even other family members)?
Have a hard time speaking up and standing up for yourself when confronted with what others want? 
Constantly put others and their needs & wants ahead of yours
Often second guess and doubt yourself
And were you never really taught how to love yourself

But more importantly, are you ready to take control of your life and move beyond any pain or limitations in your past and within your own mind?

I know you are, girlfriend! 

Many of my past clients thought they loved themselves but they were engaging in NON self-love practices like: 

Sleeping with men even when they didn’t want to or it felt like it was too soon 
Allowing other people (especially their mothers) to push them around, talk over them and make them feel small 
Not speaking up at work with a colleague was being disrespectful or inappropriate 
Not asking for the raise or promotion when they were more than qualified 
Negative self-talk on a daily basis (telling yourself why you can't do it or shouldn't apply for the job or ask for the raise)
Just going with the flow of whatever others’ or friends wanted to do 


LOVE - turn the search inward

A Peek Inside of Love...


Learn how to make space for YOU in your life 
Understand your true desires and how to manifest them 
Set proper boundaries with others (including your mother, partner/dates, and challenging work colleagues) and learn simple communication exercises 


Learn how to hear the whisperings of your heart 
Embrace the courage to follow your dreams (and what your heart is telling you to do) 
Move beyond the need to people please 

Module 3 - Goddess connection call (replay of live call)

You’ll have the opportunity to experience exercises, meditations and activations to move beyond guilt, trauma and negative feelings and instead bring more joy, love and peace into your life 

Module 4 - LOVE YO' SELF

Flip the negative self-talk on it’s head… and learn how to love yourself like the Queen you are 
Learn powerful subconscious reprogramming tools to create a new tape of self-love and positive self-talk in your head 
Learn what it means to really love yourself once and for all (and actually implement self love in your life!)

Module 5 - CHOOSE YO' SELF

Move beyond the need for external validation
Learn how to craft your own Goddess Days 
Move beyond the negative stigma of self pleasure 

Module 6 - Goddess connection call (REPLAY OF LIVE CALL)

You’ll have the opportunity to experience exercises, meditations and activations to move beyond guilt, trauma and negative feelings and instead bring more joy, love and peace into your life 


Proven exercises to leave the past in the past … so you can get on with creating and calling in what you desire 
Move beyond trauma… once and for all 
Forgive the unforgivables (you know who they are & what they did) 

Module 8 - GO WITHIN 

Master slowing down and going within in order to hear your own internal guidance system, connect to your intuition and make your decisions from a place of inner knowing + confidence 
Master meditation... make it a fun, natural, effortless part of your daily routine 
Connect to the Universe + learn how to hear your Higher Self 

Module 9 - Goddess connection call (REPLAY OF LIVE CALL)

You’ll have the opportunity to experience exercises, meditations and activations to move beyond guilt, trauma and negative feelings and instead bring more joy, love and peace into your life 


“ What this class really helped me do, and I think it can do the same for any woman willing, is to focus solely and wholly on what I really, deep down want. I am not a person who easily and freely investigates my emotions or feelings but I saw this as a huge opportunity for growth and I really think I accomplished that. 

... I began to create a vision of a better me. 

... It has definitely helped with my positivity and focus. 

Coaching with Emyrald has shown me I can get what I want with my own power. I can manifest the change in myself which can then ripple outward in so many other things I want. 

If you want to create a renewed strength of belief in your own abilities and power as a fierce woman I’d absolutely suggest working with Emyrald.” 

To truly love yourself means...

that you put yourself, your needs and your desires first in every situation. 

To be selfish means...

you lovingly connect with yourself first in every situation and ask yourself what would feel best FOR YOU. 

And here’s a little reminder why this work is so important: 

At the core of self love is the belief in yourself and your ability 

to manifest. 

If you love yourself, you believe in yourself.

If you believe in yourself...

You will become
unstoppable at manifesting
whatever it is
that you want! 

“I would recommend this course to every single one of my girlfriends because every woman I know struggles with some of the issues that we went over and discussed in the course!

Every single woman I know needs to be more empowered, especially when it comes to the decisions they make with men and love.  I think this course would show them their real value and they might realize that they are settling for relationships that are not good for them. 

I literally can never go back to the way I was!  I am much more positive about my body and the trajectory of my love life.” - JODIE

“I started her course in September. On December 24, I met a very special man.  I knew immediately that it was all coming together. He even drove 2 hours to be with me at midnight on New Years Eve. It had been years since I had a kiss at midnight ........! 

He feels like home to me. I was ready for him and recognized him for all he is. I feel confident in my ability to see this relationship to its highest potential. 

I had set an intention to be open to love, but for years, it wasn't happening. Emyrald guided me to truly open my heart, raise my vibration and live that intention.” 


A Personal Message from Emyrald...

I wasn't always a super confident self-loving goddess


What's Included in Love:

9 Recorded Modules filled with powerful content designed to help you love yourself more than ever before!  (Valued at $2997)

Guided Meditations + Hypnosis to support you in reprogramming old belief systems & stories (Valued at $497)

Lifetime access to content (self love is a continual evolving journey) priceless!

Total Value: 

over $3,494! 

But that's NOT what you pay!

As a Special Bonus...


Within this powerful course you'll learn:

1 - How to Make Yourself the #1 Priority In Your Life

2 - How to Recognize (and protect yourself from) Energetic Vampires

3 - How to Have Challenging Conversations (especially with your mother & men you are dating) 

It's time for YOU to realize that the most powerful act of self love out there... is putting yourself first.

You go first and the Universe responds!

Valued at $111

This course is for women who:

Are excited for personal development work (that’s right, EXCITED to dig into this content, learn what you came to learn and then apply the practices) 
Take action and do the exercises presented (because that’s how lasting change is achieved in your life) 
Are coachable and willing to put aside the ego and the need to be right 
Are ready to learn how to love themselves more than they previously thought possible 
Also want to learn how to manifest their desires into their lives (because part 1 of the Manifesting formula is Self Love) 

This course is NOT for women who:

Would rather stay in victim mode and  want others to be responsible for their growth
Would rather stay in the past and stay stuck 
Are not willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work presented within the course 
Sign up but never SHOW up to the calls 
Complain on the calls + within the group bringing down the group energy & vibe

Because of you, I found strength within myself! I'm so grateful for you, Emyrald!"

- Torey

“One of the unexpected results of following your process is, when a 'relationship ends', there is a level of peace that comes with it, not the usual self-hate, criticisms or feelings of inadequacy. I feel sad, but also have the knowledge that I did everything in my power to see it reach its highest potential. 

I'm leaving this relationship in a stronger, better place, ready for even greater things to come because my manifestation will only get more clear. 

And I think he will remain a friend because there is no bitterness or blame attached. Feeling this way is unexpected, yet hugely beneficial to keeping my day to day life on course! And yet another reason to learn from you and take your courses!” 

- Cher

"Emyrald’s knowledge about mindfulness and how to live with intent is beyond. She knows how to guide you and how to give you the right push of energy for you to see that we all are limitless." 

- Laura

“What was great about this program is that it energetically holds you in that loving space needed for stuff to come up and then to let it go. 

You’re gifted with all these new tools and systems and affirmations needed to launch into a new sense of self and the type of person you want to attract into your life!

What Emyrald course did for me is to remind me that if I show up mindfully every day, and do the work and really set my intentions on the right person I want to attract in, then that type of person will be attracted in!”

- Zoe

“I made it through week 2 and I must say so far this experience is worth every penny! I’m in awe of how many people have approached me just to have a conversation and most importantly how much I have been feeling my-elf!!!

I’m beginning to see what a difference it makes when I love myself even harder and treat me the way I deserve to be treated. It’s so funny my girlfriend said “wow! I see everyone is coming up to talk to you.” My vibrations are aligned with the universe and I can feel the communication. ”

- Ebunny

About Emyrald Sinclaire

As I mentioned in the video above, I haven't always been a confident self-love Goddess. In fact for many years, I struggled with self-love and self worth issues! 

I struggled with anorexia & bulimia for years... thinking if I looked a certain way, then I would be lovable. 
I slept around... a lot... thinking that if I slept with him, then he would love me. (Yeah, right.) 
I hated my skin. I hated my body. I frequently looked in the mirror wishing desperately my reflection would change.
I changed who I was for men... I never spoke up about my true wishes or desires... because I thought who I was wasn't good enough... so I hid behind lies.
I avoided confrontation... aka I never spoke my truth when I was bothered because I didn't want to lose friends! 

Self love has been a continual journey. It's one I will continue to work on for the rest of my life. 

I'm not perfect. And I'm certainly not done growing. 

I use the tools I outline in this course EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Self love is a journey. Not a destination. 

Are you ready to join me on this journey??

*Those who are enrolled in Everything get access to this course for free!*

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