If you’ve ever seen movies like The Secret, you’re most likely scratching your head at the end of the movie wondering, ‘Yes, but how do I actually manifest my desires?' 

🔮 Or you’ve manifested certain things in your life, but not other things (like money or a relationship). 

🔮 Or you’re just not consistent when it comes to manifestation and you can make it work for you sometimes but not all the times, right? 

🔮 Are you just now learning about manifestation and want to become better at consciously creating your reality?

If so, stick around! You’re going to love what I have to share! Your Manifestation Coach is here to guide you to making Manifestation a natural part of your day so that you can create a life that is wilder than your wildest dreams! 

Manifestation is something that you’re always doing. But many are not doing it consciously. They are reacting to life versus creating their lives. 

And I’m here to show you how to manifest on purpose. 

So, what is it that you desire? 

If I had a magical lamp and could grant you unlimited wishes, what would you wish for? 

I DO have that magical lamp, my dear. It’s called the process of manifestation! 

I wanted to share all the things I manifested because of Emyrald and her amazing guidance! In 2019 I manifested the man of my dreams and thought can it get any better???

 Yes! I manifested a house, our perfect wedding, a trip to meet someone very special , and finally my baby girl!

- Tory Lillquist

In my signature Manifest program you’re going to learn:

  1. My successful 5 step manifestation process that you can apply to every single one of your desires (it works for EVERYTHING… not just some of the things) 

  2. What to do when you’re feeling stuck or blocked or like it’s taking too long 

  3. How to move through the common paradoxes of manifestation 

  4. The 12 Universal Laws (there’s more than simply the Law of Attraction) so that you can master the art of conscious creation 

  5. How to harness the power of the subconscious mind and reprogram old stories and limiting beliefs

Ready for your Manifesting Intensive!?

Module 1 - My 5 Step Manifesting Process

Learn my signature 5 step manifestation process that works for absolutely anything you apply it to!

Module 2 - The 12 Universal Laws

Learn about the 12 Universal Laws of the Universe, in addition to Law of Attraction, so that you can become a manifesting maven who works in the flow of the natural world.

Module 3 - Moving through the Blocks of Manifestation

There are plenty of reasons why manifesting doesn’t work or why it takes so long sometimes. But should you give up? Or do you desire to learn the common blocks and how to work around them? Of course you do! Within this module you’ll learn how to move through the resistance so that you can manifest what you desire… every single time.

As A Special Bonus:

You'll also receive access to It's Law | Master the Law of Attraction! Absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know in order to master your vibe so that you can consciously create whatever you desire in your life! 

Part 1: What is the Law of Attraction 

And how do you make it 'work' for you so you get what you want... and not what you don't. 

Part 2: Mastering Your Vibe 

Since you don't get what you want, but who you are, you've got to master your vibe if you're going to master the Law of Attraction. 

 Part 3: How to Manifest using the Law of Attraction 

What is Manifestation and 11 ways to boost the Law of Attraction's efficiency in your life! 

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*Those who are enrolled in Everything get access to this course for free!*

I desire for you to manifest every single desire of your heart. 

In fact, that is your God-given power! 

You’re supposed to manifest. 

You are a conscious creator and you came here to create!

Yesterday I got a refund for $1400! This manifesting money stuff is real!

- Jessie

I’ve been in a love bubble since our chat. I’ve got a new man! He meets almost all of my HUGE list of non-negotiables. He just keeps blowing my mind the more I get to know him. It’s just amazing how fast manifesting has worked for me!

- Angie

I received an unexpected $15,000 check in the mail!

- Megan

You can manifest love. 

You can manifest abundance. 

You can manifest a new career. 

You can manifest dream clients. 

You can manifest a life of freedom, travel & adventure around the planet! 

There are no limits to what you can create my love. 

So, I ask you again: What is it that you desire? 

And are you ready to learn the process to consciously manifest the life of your dreams where all of your desires show up in your reality? 

I honestly cried during this course today. It felt good to let go... I feel like I could understand some childhood patterns. This opened my eyes. I feel like I can do anything... I feel empowered. THANK YOU SO MUCH.. I LOVE YOU <3

- Manu

I feel I'm better equipped to get unstuck. Which happens to be a challenge for me. You handled that for me.

- Dorothea

Thank you soooooo much for the session today^^I loved the workbook and the tapping... love love love love love to Emyrald!

- Shuting

About Emyrald Sinclaire

I’ll be blunt with you: 

I’ve manifested some pretty epic stuff in my life.

free trips around the world 
my Jeep, in the exact make, model, mileage and sticker price I desired
deep & loving partnerships 
soulful and connected friends who feel like family 
mega-yacht trips, all expenses paid 
a successful online business filled with soulmate clients 

And on and on and on… 

I’m living my dream life and I want to show you how to manifest yours. 

You deserve to have it all and I'm honored to show you how to get it, babe! 

It’s time for you to 

Manifest on Purpose...

based on the desires within your heart.

Payment Plan

Pay in Full

*Those who are enrolled in Everything get access to this course for free!*

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