No matter how much money you make, do you still have the fear of: 


“It’s never enough.”


And do you have this sinking feeling of: 


“I have to do it all on my own.” 


And when you look at your bank accounts or investment portfolios, you still worry about having enough to take care of yourself, right?


I have clients who are millionaires and they still have the fear that ‘it isn’t enough’ or they are scared of losing it all.  


I have clients who are working a second job in order to pay me and they ALSO have the fear that what they make is never enough. 


Why do two women on completely different ends of the financial spectrum struggle with the same money concerns? 


Because no matter how much money you make, unless you’ve created a sense of security within yourself and your mindset, you will NEVER FEEL like what you have is enough and you will constantly worry about money. 


KNOWING that not only is what you have enough, but 

☆ KNOWING without a doubt that more is always on the way to you, and

☆ KNOWING that your account exponentially grows every day, every month and every year, and 

☆ KNOWING that you will continue to thrive for many years to come. 


Can you imagine what that would feel like to have that BELIEF around money and the EXPECTATION that you will always continue to make more each year, save more each year, and always be provided for no matter what you’re doing for work and no matter if you’re single or in partnership and no matter where in the world you live? 


(I’m talking about FINANCIAL SECURITY that comes from within, beauty.)



☆ It's okay to ask for help. 

☆ It’s okay to receive support.

☆ It’s okay to feel like you need a boost in your mindset and energy. 

☆ It’s okay to lean on others (like me). 

☆ It’s okay to ask for support from source. 


Because that’s ACTUALLY where your source of wealth comes from.


☆ Money doesn’t come from your job, it comes THROUGH your job. 

☆ Money doesn’t come from a person, it comes THROUGH a person. 


Your true source of abundance & wealth & financial security comes from WITHIN and from source. 


And when you tap into that TRUE SECURITY not only will you be able to Manifest Massive Money on demand… 


But those money fears & insecurities that have plagued you for your entire life (no matter how much more money you make each year) will disappear for good! 




What you think + believe about money becomes your reality...




Because Law of Attraction is always responding to your thoughts, feelings & beliefs about money.


So, unless you can shift what you FEEL & BELIEVE about money, you'll NEVER feel like you have enough...


And as a result, you'll never HAVE enough!

☆ If you believe it takes time to create wealth, then it will take time for wealth to accumulate in your life.


☆ If you FEEL like you never have enough, then it doesn't matter how much you make, you'll never have enough. 


☆ If you heard, 'we can't afford it' more times then you can remember growing up, you'll have a hard time affording things as an adult. 


☆ If you believe rich people are greedy, you'll repel money from your life because YOU don't want to be perceived as greedy. 


☆ If you think that making money is hard to do, then it will always be hard for you to make money


☆ If you believe that the more you make, the more bills you'll have to pay, then you'll see that reality play out in your life. 


☆ If you don't trust money to stick around, then it doesn't matter how much money you make... money will never stick around in your savings account. 


☆ If you don't feel worthy of money, then you could even win the lottery... but you'll spend it all, or lose it all, and end up back where you started. 





I heard 'we can't afford it' more times than I can remember...

I wore my brother's hand-me-downs...

I remember my parents fighting over money...

And I just had the distinct feeling that there was 'never enough' to satisfy my desires.

I was constantly terrified to spend because I wasn't sure where & when the next paycheck was going to show up.


I never had money in my savings account and if an unexpected bill came up, I had to use a credit card.


I slowly started to rack up a LOT of credit card debt as I was barely making $2,000 a month, no matter what profession I was in!  


And then when I DID start to make some great money, I still had the FEAR & SINKING FEELING that it was never going to be enough. 


In short, I had an unhealthy relationship with money and quite simply: did NOT trust money to show up in my life & stick around (and so it didn't).

If you change what you think, what you believe, and how you feel about money, how money shows up in your life will change.

Is this a cheesy image of me holding a bunch of hundred dollar bills? 


However, I need you know to something about when this image was taken. 

This picture was taken the month I made... 


Including an $8,000 pay in full cash sale.

I had massively raised my wealth vibe and my ability to RECEIVE money. 

No longer was I afraid of making money, asking for money or keeping money. 

And the next month, I went on to make:


There was proof that everything I was learning to heal my money story and manifest the money I truly desired was working!



☆ This is about putting money in the hands of women who care... a lot.

☆ Women with big dreams to help the planet & provide life-long support to their families & children.

☆Women who are ready to massively step up in their lives and create massive change in their communities. 




☆ There is nothing inherently good or bad about money. 


Money is energy.


☆ What you do with money is up to you.

☆ Good people do good things with money.

☆ Bad people do bad things with money.


It's really as simple as that. 


But until you can move through those fears & blocks you have around money showing up, money sticking around, and your ability to manifest money, you will always have an unhealthy relationship with money, which affects how money shows up in your life each and every day! 

I just got a raise at work... it's an extra $60k a year! 

- P.B.

Hey lovely, well I did it, I manifested the 5000 dollars!!

- Akasha

Emyrald's Note: It only took her 6 days from committing to sign up & manifesting the $5k. Everything is energy and things can shift fast when you make a decision!

Manifest Massive Money is an online program designed to completely transform the way you think about, earn, save, spend and most importantly, Attract & Manifest Money.

☆ Upon registration, you'll receive access to your quick start bonuses (more details on those below!)

☆ Module 1 will be released immediately. Every week you'll get access to the next module which is designed to help you achieve a financially abundant state of mind, heal your money story, and manifest money on demand!

After going through the module, if you have any questions, post them in the Facebook group and I'll reply personally! 

And, please don't worry about falling behind because you'll have LIFETIME access to all of the modules and content. 


- Write your own rules and manifest real money (not what you are used to getting or what society tells you, instead attract the amount you want each and every month on your terms) 

 - Understand the real truth about money (it’s NOT what you think, it is not a limited resource and it does grow on trees) 

 - Master my signature five-step manifesting process to create more wealth in your life (and anything else you desire to manifest for that matter because this process is duplicable in all areas of your life) 


- Let go of old money patterns, stories and belief systems holding you back from financial abundance 

- Get super clear on your WHY as this boosts your manifesting abilities 

Get into energetic alignment with the wealth you desire (I promise, it’s actually quite easy and you’ve never heard it taught this way before) 

- The truth about debt (it’s not as bad as you think it is) and tricks to clear debt exponentially 

- Money Blocking Habits and what to do instead


- The myths around earning money (and how to dispel them from your mind so you are open to receive massive abundance) 

- What's standing in your way to making money (and how to clear it) 

 30 ways to RAISE your internal worth (resulting in external value) 

  6 ways to reprogram your mind for wealth each and every day 

 - The one thing to do every single day to manifest a first class life 

- How to let go of the 'how' in manifesting (this is where everyone struggles!)

TAKE MASSIVE INSPIRED ACTION (aka Massive Money Manifestation)

- Vibrate at the energy + frequency of massive abundance 

- The most important thing to keep in mind every time you swipe your card (this is what is holding you back from massive wealth) 

How the Law of Attraction can be used to magnetize money to you each and every day (this is not to be missed!) 

- Quantum leap into the new empowered, rich version of yourself to speed up the manifestation process 

- Allow yourself to receive and what to do when you feel blocked 


- Raise your vibration to the energy of massive wealth for the rest of your life (not just once while you're doing this course) 

Become the next level version of yourself who already is living life on her terms with the money she desires 

- Act as if without spending money you don't have and going into massive debt 

Make Making Money a Game and other games to get into the vibration of money 

- Trust money to show up for you, and your ability to manifest it. Always and forever. (And that's why you're REALLY here, isn't it?)

☆ Manifest $500 in 3 Days Training so that you can see how easy it is to manifest extra money on demand! 

☆ Elevate Your Wealth Vibe Training recorded overlooking the Med in Turkey which contains ALL THE VIBES to help you get into the FEELING of massive wealth (you attract whatever vibes you are putting out!) 

☆ Money Gratitude Journal because gratitude acts as a magnet for more! 

☆ The Abundance Tracker that you'll use to input all financial income, gifts, etc because what you focus upon expands. And with this tool, you'll quickly start to manifest MORE money + MORE gifts into your life! 

☆ My Daily Rituals For Abundance that I do every day, rain or shine, that have helped me to manifest five-figure and multiple five-figure months in my business! 

☆ Powerful Guided Meditations + Hypnosis that will reprogram your subconscious mind for wealth and remove limiting beliefs that are standing in your way!

Payment Plan
$444a month for 3 months
    Payment Plan

    Choose the payment plan and you'll only pay $444/month for three months!


    The pics on this page were taken infinity pool side, looking over the Mediterranean Sea, sipping on a nice cold glass of white Turkish wine this summer. 

    And let me tell ya, it was ALL THE WEALTH VIBES girlfriend! 

    • I manifested a dream business that supports me financially to live a life of freedom on my terms (even during covid + lockdown). 
    • I've manifested a 6 figure business that I built from the ground up. 
    • I've successfully healed my money story which means I am not plagued by money fears. Instead, I know the Universe has my back and conspires to support me in all ways.
    • And now I want to teach YOU how to manifest whatever you desire by raising your wealth vibe (because money is energy, thoughts are energy, belief systems are energy and when you adjust the energy you put out, the Universe responds by what it reflects back to you!) 

    As a Love + Manifestation Coach, I've helped countless women (and a few men) around the world to move beyond their blocks in order to attract in the love of their lives + the life of their dreams! 

    ☆ "I manifested a financial windfall!"

    - JENNIE


    ☆ "I set my goal for $5,000 and just as this started I manifested $558.53, that's friggen awesome!

    - JANICE


    ☆ "Well the equivalent of 1,000 euro was just dropped unexpectedly into my account, so mission accomplished!" 



    ☆ "Day 1: 5 cents. Day 2: 93 cents. Day 7: $20. And then... an unexpected $3,000!" 



    ☆ "I noticed in a contract I had to sign that they were off by $1000 (in my favor)... some investments from my family, just found another 63 shares... that's another $1,000... so i've manifested $2,000 this morning! 

    - DAWN


    ☆ "I don't know if this counts but I've been meaning to refinance my student loans... this got me to do it and it saved me $250/month for its entirety (which is $24k over 8 years) and I found out I'm qualified for grant forgiveness which subtracted $15,200 from my remaining balance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - LAUREN


    ☆ "I manifested a $132 and a $6 check in the mail I wasn't expecting and $20 from an item I listed on Craigslist. Plus I got $20 back from overpaying on an item. For a total of $178 so far and I'm not even working!"

    - Jody


    My BBF's dog needed surgery and I agreed to finance the surgery and she would pay me back. We were quoted at $900 to $1350. Afterwards, the bill was only $615!  (Doggy is doing fine if anyone wants to know.) This has been the big one thus far! I've also had dinner bought for me a couple of times since starting and I managed to snag a few sweaters at 70% off!

    - ROBYN


    ☆ "Emyrald's courses are worth every penny! Honestly, they are more than I ever spend on courses anywhere else but she puts so much energy and value into it that it's definitely worth it!

    - REBECCA 


    ☆ "I manifested free plane tickets!" 



    ☆ "I received $232 for child support. Shocking cause I haven't received anything in almost 2 years. With no current income, slowly but surely I'm winning."

    - TANIYA


    ☆ "The biggest money miracle I experienced was that I received an unexpected $15,000 check in the mail from a family member... I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is ready to shift their money mindset... There are some really valuable tools included in the course and it was so helpful in shining a light on the money story I have been telling myself…which ultimately made me realize I am soooo ready to change that story!"

    - MEGAN


    • q-iconWhat can I expect when I sign up?

      You can expect to have your world rocked when it comes to your outlook on money! Expect to receive a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the energetics and spiritual side of money and how to raise your vibration to become an energetic match for the amount of money you desire to make.

      Expect to receive a super safe and supportive place for you to be vulnerable and share your fears when it comes to money. You’ll be surrounded by a community of women who want you to rise up and want nothing more than your success!

      But most importantly, you’re going to be in a space where you are safe to dream and step into the most empowered version of yourself!

      And finally, expect to receive all the information that Emyrald can give you in regards to shifting from making barely enough to survive, without a savings account, to attracting in multiple five-figure months in her business and living a lifestyle of luxury and freedom!

    • q-iconWhy should I enroll when I could just read a book on money for $15?

      That’s like saying, “Why should I hire a personal trainer when I can read a book on lifting weights?”

      Let me remind you that the knowledge I have picked up over the last 4 years has cost me over $40,000, and in my opinion, it was worth every single penny. This isn’t just something you can pick up from a book because it goes to a much deeper level than any other program you’ll find on the market. We are talking mindset, belief systems, and a completely well-rounded course unlike any book you’ll ever read. Plus… when you buy a book, can you ask the author all your burning questions? I think not!

      I speak from experience when I say, “nothing will ramp up results faster than taking a financial leap of faith.” You WILL put in the work and effort when you invest in yourself (versus when you get something for free.)

      Any time I’ve invested in myself, I’ve experienced a quantum leap in results!

    • q-iconCan you guarantee results?

      If I had a crystal ball that could give you all the answers you crave, I’d be charging a whole lot more for my programs! 🙂

      I cannot guarantee that you’ll do the work and get the results.

      But I can promise you that this is ALL the information that helped me get from negative $60,000 in debt to making over $100,000 a year in my business consistently!

      You deserve to live in a state of abundance and if you make the commitment to yourself TODAY to get the results you desire, then I know without a doubt you will get there! (I just can’t guarantee when.)

    • q-iconDo you offer refunds?

      No, I do not. I stand 100% behind my programs and I KNOW that your life will massively change and up level if you do the work.

      You MUST make the commitment to yourself when you enroll in this program that you will get results no matter what. If you sign up thinking to yourself that you’ll ask for a refund if things don’t shift instantly, then you’re going into it with the wrong frame of mind and honestly THAT will get in your way of manifesting financial abundance.

      You MUST decide to have faith in yourself and commit 100% to the program!

    • q-iconWhat if I'm not an entrepreneur? Will this still work for me?


      I’m teaching you the energetics principles of making money and having a business (or job for that matter) is simply ONE AVENUE that money can flow to you. When you turn up your flow of abundance, money can flow to you in a myriad ways!

      If you read the testimonials, you’ll actually see some of them are for women who were NOT EVEN WORKING and the money still flowed to them! Or they weren’t working and the money flowed to their husbands!

      Money is energy. Shift your energy and money will shift how it shows up for you.

    • q-iconWhat if I don't do Facebook? Can I still sign up?


      The Modules and content live within a membership site and you have lifetime access to the content!

      However, to get the most out of the program and to join the high-vibe community, I recommend at least making a FB account you can use JUST for the course.

    • q-iconHow much support can I expect to get from Emyrald?

      As much as you want on the live calls & within the FB group! You can ask as many questions in the Facebook group that you desire and Emyrald will answer them! The only way you would NOT get support is if you did NOT ask the question.

    • q-iconWhat if I can't do the course now or fall behind?

      No problem love! You’ll have lifetime access to all modules and the alumni Facebook group. If you start later on, you’ll still get the support you need and all your questions answered. I’m here for you for life!

    • q-iconWhat if I still have questions?

      Reach out to us at and we’ll answer any questions you still have!

    Payment Plan
    $444a month for 3 months
      Payment Plan

      Choose the payment plan and you'll only pay $444/month for three months!

      Disclaimer: I can not guarantee specific results... if I could, I would be charging a LOT more for my courses and coaching! 😉

       I can only share my personal practices around healing my personal money story, shifting my belief systems around money and as a result, drastically changing how I receive money.

      I've learned from some powerful teachers, read more books than I can count, and have invested tens of thousands of dollars in my personal development and I'm sharing with you all the practices that have worked for me. I can tell you that these practices have drastically changed my life and sooooo many of my clients and those that choose to enroll in my courses. (You saw all the results, right?)  

      I can also tell you that the ONLY time things changed in my life was when I took a leap of faith, made a DECISION it was going to work for me, believed in myself and took massive action.

      If I had never had the courage to hire coaches or enroll in courses, I would NOT be where I am today. Period.

      So, when you really think about what you want to manifest in your life... and you think about your fears + insecurities holding you back... 

      Which do you choose to listen to?!

      Your hopes and dreams... or your fears and insecurities?

      It's always your choice. 

      I hope you choose to listen to your dreams + follow your heart.