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Emyrald Sinclaire

If you want a strong masculine man to take the lead of your heart, you must learn how to soften into your feminine energy. And I know how hard that can be for a successful goal-oriented woman. 

Once I learned how to be a strong, feminine woman, that is when the right types of men were suddenly pursuing me. Strong men. Men who knew what they wanted. Men who had big goals in life. And men who wanted me... that I was attracted to in return. In fact, the more I set my boundaries and expressed my desires, the MORE they were drawn to me. 

I had cracked the code.


And now I want to teach you the 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Feminine Magnetism. 

Here’s what happens when you truly embody your Feminine Essence: 

  • Men are magnetically drawn to you as if by magic 
  • You listen to your intuition and trust yourself and the wisdom of your body 
  • Life flows with ease 
  • The money in your bank account increases 
  • You improve your sex life 


You are meant to BE in your Feminine Energy. 

  • You are meant to RECEIVE without struggle or effort or proving your worth. 
  • You are meant to ENJOY your life and manifestations. 
  • You are meant for LOVE. 


And all of this is possible when you understand how to unlock your Feminine Magnetism. 



He gives me shivers… So totally not what I expected because I went in there with no expectations.

And then suddenly, there’s this ‘someone’ who turns out to be…well… nice and good-looking and saying a lot of the right things and wanting everything that I want in a partner, too. Like the exact same stuff that I wrote down the night before!


My heart was very sad, the love of my life dumped me but he was still texting me, romantic meaningless messages, that kept me attached to him for 7 months after the break up. I was depressed, 34 years old and alone after a proposal. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me again. I was falling apart but at the same time I was tired of being sad. I knew I had to do something to change it…

I started Emyald’s course hopeless and broken with only one goal, manifest my soulmate. I finished it loving myself the way I never did before, believing that we can manifest all and with my beautiful boyfriend full of plans to travel together this year! 


Hi Emyrald. I just wanted to reach out and let you know that last February I decided to try your manifest your soulmate in 21 days.…. and I’m now engaged to the absolute love of my life and undoubtedly my soulmate!


My relationship with my partner has blossomed in the most beautiful way since working with Emyrald!

We are best friends, and I’m noticing that we are really seeing each other better than we ever did before.

We are also having a great time planning a wedding together, and he is going to buy me an engagement ring which I didn’t expect to happen!


Hundreds of Women have Learned How to Soften into Their Feminine Energy and Manifest an Amazing High Quality Masculine Man... and Now It's Your Turn!

Free Training: Unlock Your Feminine Magnetism

with Love & Manifestation Queen Emyrald Sinclaire

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you