From Dating Men Below Her… to Manifesting Her High Caliber Match! (client case study)

I want to share with you a story about a woman named Jennifer. 

Jennifer is a successful career woman at the top of her game! She’s in her 40s and from the outside ‘has it all’ – the title, the money, the house, the friends, the social life, the travel… 

But she’s also:

  • dating men below her level on EVERY level -She didn’t think a man at her level existed 
  • Dating men who were ‘safe’ that she knew would never leave her 
  • Not believing what she wanted existed and so she didn’t ask for it/him 
  • very much in her ‘work mode’ energy – trying to control it all – do it all 
  • Not trusting men to show up in her life – based on her last marriage -she had to do it all on her own 

Today she is: 

  • dating a successful man ABOVE her level of career success (which honestly, she didn’t really believe existed – she knew at a logical level – but didn’t actually think she’d meet him where she lived) 
    • he’s emotionally available 
    • they have great conversations – especially in regards to triggers and needs 
    • he plans all their trips & travel – and does a great job at it!
    • their super busy lives mesh well together 

They just recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary and are making plans for their next year together. 

Can you recognize yourself in Jennifer’s story? Have you been in a similar boat that Jennifer was? Fumbling to find the high-quality men who are successful + Intelligent + interesting to talk to.. Who are at your level of drive? But who also desires to be in partnership with a successful woman? 

What if I told you there was one thing, one thing that would make a huge shift so that you could call in your high-caliber match? And that TODAY is actually the best time for you to find your match then ever before?!

I teach my clients ONE THING … there’s only ONE THING that is missing in your dating life for calling in high-quality men and I want to share with you all the details in my newest masterclass which you can access below!


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