Hello, Beauty! I'm Emyrald Sinclaire - Love Coach & Manifestation Mentor Extraordinaire! 

My passion is helping women to manifest love… the love they desire and deserve through my curated Magnetic Femme process.


I'm committed to raising the vibration of the planet one soul at a time by helping women align with unconditional love and limitless possibility.
I believe it is our divine right to experience the beauty and expansion that comes from living in alignment with our heart and soul!
My work is to empower women to step into their sovereignty and joyfully align their soul mission with their heart-centered aspirations.
The desires placed in the depths of your heart are a guide to expand you toward the happiest expression of your personal experience. In order words, trust what you desire. Your desires are sacred. 
You are MEANT to manifest the desires of your heart.


You are MADE to manifest what you want & it’s my honor and pleasure to be your guide and show you how to get it!


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It's not what you learn but who you become in the process.

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