12 Universal Laws

You did it! You made it to this page which means you are interested in learning how to use all 12 Universal Laws in order to Manifest everything your heart desires and more!

I know… it’s discouraging when your manifestations don’t appear in the time frame you desire. 

And I know it’s easy to think that the Law of Attraction must NOT be working for you!

But by learning (and applying) the 11 other Universal Divine Laws besides the Law of Attraction that are always at play you will become a Manifesting Maven! 

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Watch below and learn about all 12 Universal Laws and make sure to share it with those who will benefit from learning them as well! 

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Please check out the Manifesting Magic Masterclass which goes deeper into my five-step Manifestation process that works every time!)


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Three Reasons Manifestation Is Not Working For You ( And What To Do Instead )

Are you trying to Manifest the Love of your Life but

things aren’t working out for you…yet?

Trust me – I’m a queen at manifesting but it took me awhile to get to where I am today! (And by the way, I teach you everything I know about conscious manifesting in my three hour Manifesting Magic Masterclass!)

There are THREE common reasons I’ve noticed why manifesting doesn’t work for some folks and here they are.

1. The Whipped Cream on Garbage Syndrome 

This has to do when underneath the surface your belief system is NOT in alignment with the practices you are doing. Which is why we started the tapping process way back in the first month. So, if your manifestation process is NOT working then you might need to start (or continue) a tapping process in order to remove the energetic connection to an underlying belief system.

And if you don’t know if you have limiting beliefs in your way…well just start tapping on how miserable you feel that you’re alone and that ‘this isn’t working for me’ and I promise you’ll uncover your garbage.

2. Your Thoughts Are Getting in the Way 

Your thoughts create your reality. And the more you think them…the more they become a belief system which in turn affects your actions. Which creates your reality.

Thoughts -> Beliefs -> Actions -> Reality 

If you’re thinking too much every day about how there’s no available men in town within your age range and you’re focusing too much on what there is NOT versus what you WANT, then you will not manifest what you want. It’s like your thoughts are canceling out your manifestation prowess.

So – take stock of how often you are thinking thoughts that are in opposition to your manifesting. It’s time to be the observer of you and put yourself in check if your thoughts are getting in your way.  And then to ‘cancel clear’ yourself and those limiting thoughts and put the thoughts you want in your head instead!

3. You Aren’t Giving It Enough Time

Let’s be honest… how many YEARS have you been you? 30? 40? 50? You’re used to thinking and acting and believing a certain way for a very long time.

And to be honest, I’m giving you new patterns to create and a new way to think… and studies show that it can take up to ONE YEAR for new neural pathways to be created in the brain. Which means you have to try something new for up to ONE YEAR before it becomes a new way of being in your life.

It took me a year to the day to manifest my man.

I’m not trying to discourage you but I’m trying to put this into perspective. It will take some time and consistency in order to create real change in your life.

I’m giving you the process of real and lasting CHANGE. Please be patient with yourself and enjoy the ride, sister!

If you’re interested in learning how to put this all to practice to manifest your man, or anything you desire for that matter, sign up for my Manifesting Magic Masterclass! 

Stop! Don’t sleep with him!

Crap….how did I find myself naked…in a hot tub… with this incredibly cute Australian? 


I had JUST made the *promise* to myself to honor my body and no longer sleep around. 

I had had ENOUGH of men using me for sex, thank you kindly…

And I wanted a different man this time around… someone who would…
– well, stick around after rolling around in the sheets, for one thing
– but also a man who cared about me, and wanted to learn about my hopes and dreams and become my support system and think I was the cats meow!

So why did that all go out the window?

1. His irresistible Australian accent
2. I was drunk (damnit)

Luckily, this story was the VERY LAST TIME I slipped…

Then I really did hold tight to my promise to stay abstinent until I met the man that would become my future partner.

And with him, we waited six whole months to have sex!

Today in #TruthTuesdays, I want to share with you WHY you should NOT sleep with a man if you want him to fall in love…and ultimately stick around. 

And no, it’s not all emotional. There are actually BIOLOGICAL reasons why you fall in love when you sleep with a man and become attached.

Click below to watch and learn!



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The #1 thing men look for in a woman (that most women lack)

When polled, did you know that there was ONE BIG THING that most men find attractive in a woman? 

And this ONE BIG THING is the thing that many women are struggling with. 

Watch the video to learn my top 3 ways to become this woman naturally. 


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>>>>  C L I C K  H E R E   T O  S I G N  U P  <<<<<

Manifest a successful Love Life in 2018 with the Vision Board

What is a vision board and how does it actually work? 


Is it just some new-age hype designed to get your hopes up and then let you down when things don’t actually go your way!? 




A vision board is a powerful tool of manifestation…when used correctly! 


Find out how to actually use a vision board to your advantage so that this coming year actually is filled with your hopes and dreams come true!

When you’re done, make sure to post your pictures of your vision board below.  And before you ask, here’s the link to the “Love of my Life” vision board in Pinterest. 🙂


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Can you have it all? Both the Career of your Dreams & the Love of Your Life? (#truthtuesdays Ep 37)

Can you realistically have BOTH the business of your dreams AND the love of your life? 

It’s a question that many of my clients have asked me.

In fact, I’ve even have some women tell me that they’d rather build their empire first and THEN focus on finding the love of their life! 


My man was the only reason I was able to build my cafe years back. Without his support, I would have fizzled out after all those long days, nights and weekends. 

So this week, I had a conversation with my colleague and friend, Gaelle Lecourt. She’s a freedom and business coach and she helps women to create financial freedom by showing them the steps and processes to build their dream career allowing them a life of freedom.


Yes, you can have it all. 


You can have both love and a successful career that you run on your own terms. 

Make sure to watch and stay for the whole thing because we cover: 

  • Many women entrepreneurs are saying they have no time to find Mr Right because they are too busy building their business. Why is it important to find more time in their life as a female entrepreneur, especially at the beginning when you start your business?
  • How to find more time in your life for your business, especially if you’re a start-up and especially if you’re also searching for love!
  • Why it is important to create systems in business and in life if you truly want to have it all!  
  • Have no idea where to start in regards to a business of your own? Here’s how you can create your own mini-system! 
  • Where can you find Gaelle?

  • Check out her website, stalk her on Instagram (she has some GREAT content there), or ask to join her Facebook group (you’ll find me there as well!)
  • Interested in starting a business of your own? Click here for Gaelle’s generous gift which is “How to leave your 9-5 and start your online coaching business with confidence.”  
  • Yes, you CAN have it all!

(Explicit) #truthtuesdays ep 35 interview with Gillian Sky Walker – Love & Relationship Coach

You know the one thing I LOVE most about having my own business? 

It’s that I get to run the show and do whatever the hell (or heavens, for that matter) I want to do! Meaning, I get to swear when I want to. And in this week’s edition of #TruthTuesdays, Gillian Sky Walker and I swear. A lot. 

  • So, if you’re offended by words that start with F and end with K…
  • If you really don’t care to hear synonyms for crap, poo or poopy…
  • And if you think multiple marriages is something that cannot be forgiven…

Then do NOT watch this week’s episode of #TruthTuesdays. 

Because Gillian and I are real and raw and we drop the F-Bomb. Multiple times. Gillian also confesses intimate details about the failure of her first…and second…marriages. 


We have a lot of TRUTH to share with you this week if you’re looking to score life-long love and intimacy and it can be nicely emphasized by cursing a bunch and shaking you out of your stupor! 

You hear me? 


May I present to you Gillian Sky Walker

– Life Coach. Yoga Teacher. Stripper. Shaman. Love is the answer. And I can help you find it.  –

Taken directly from her Facebook profile page. (Which if you haven’t Facebook stalked her yet, do it now.)

You can also get some help (if you’re single) with your online dating profile by cruising over to her website – Profile Pimpers. Yup. How cool is she? 

Gillian is a Love and Relationship Coach and I LOVE having her as a friend and presenting her decades of knowledge onto you now, dear reader and watcher. 


Just so you know what you're getting yourself into when you click play above, let me give you a little bit of what you're going to catch on the video. 

  • www.ProfilePimpers.com - optimize your online profile to land dates with high quality individuals (minute 1) 
  • Gillian first marriage and her run-in (and out) with a certain religious organization (minute 3)
  • Gillian second marriage, red flags, horrific dating experiences and Peter Pans, "washed up goods" at 31 years old and why you should 'trust your fucking intuition' (minute 4) 
  • Soul searching, 'WTF am I doing?' moments, plus the other F word (FEAR) keeping her (and you!) in relationships that aren't meant to be (minute 5) 
  • The Peru Decision aka Ayahuasca aka 'the Mind Fuck' and leading to a lot of throwing up, leaving her second marriage and finding her true 'soulmate' (minute 6) 
  • Over-giving, the 'shell of a person' = needs not getting met (minute 8) 
  • How to find your power again (minute 11) 
  • Make decisions from a place of __________ (*hint - has to do with self-love) (minute 13) 
  • The "F-You Power" and "F-Yeah Vibration" (minute 14)
  • How to find your way back to yourself (minute 16)
  • THIS is the best way to start your day to set yourself up for success (minute 17)
  • Challenges and perks of a long distance relationship (minute 19)
  • How incredibly important __________ is to the success of a soulmate relationship (minute 20) 
  • What to look for in a life partner (minute 22) 
  • Advice for all couples to keep the magic alive (minute 26) 
  • Advice for all single women looking to land Prince Charming (minute 27) 


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6 Q’s to Ask on a 1st Date to Find a High-Quality Partner

Finding a high-quality partner can be hard.

Where do they all hide? 


If you’ve been focusing on the superficial things such as the money in his bank account, his height or his looks, girl, you are focusing upon the wrong thing! 


There are SIX essential questions one must ask on a first date if you want to find out if the person sitting across from you is HIGH-QUALITY SOULMATE material! 


Watch below and take notes. 


Did you LOVE this video? Please consider sharing it. Spread the love, baby! 

six questions to ask on a first date

Ask Your Partner *this* if you want to stop fighting about the little things

Jerry and Pamela were in a horrible spot in their relationship. 

Jerry had anger issues. 

And he would BLOW UP over the smallest things. 


He wouldn’t talk about the little things that bothered him until enough had piled up to bother him and then – bam! The smallest thing would set him off. 

It got to the point where his wife didn’t want to bring up anything with her husband for fear of how he would react. (Can you relate at all?)

This is very common.


Ron and I even experience this sometimes. 


He allows a bunch of smaller annoyances to pile up but he keeps it all inside…like little pebbles piling up on a scale. It’s fine for a while, but one day, the scale is going to tip over. 

And it usually leaves one partner thinking “wtf just happened here?” 


So what can you do if you’re in this situation?


Here’s an exercise I’ve given to a LOT of my couples and it’s one that Ron and I have added to our daily routine in order to connect on a deeper level, learn more about what the other person enjoys, plus it helps us to avoid what pisses the other person off. 


Find out these two small questions to ask your partner below and how to incorporate them into your daily routine in order to experience feeling safety of being yourself and expressing your feelings in your relationship! 

Also – if you’re looking to reconnect with your partner (if the sparks seem to have faded away), I suggest the Relationship Reconnection! It’s a free 3 part video series designed to help bring love and intimacy back to the forefront of your relationship again!