Many of my clients HATE online dating…

Because they haven’t had any success with it.

Can you relate?

And so they want to meet their person in real life.

If YOU also don’t want to use online dating as a powerful tool to meet more men, have more dates and get even clearer in what you want…

Then that means you need to get good at meeting men/people IRL!

How do you do that?


First of all, I need you to answer a question:

Who are you BEING when you go out into the world?

Do you go to new locations often?

Do you fill your free time with activities that you enjoy doing?

Do you maximize the locations you currently go to and look to meet new people?

Are you open, receptive and available to meet new friends?

(Or do you go to the same places with the same people and have your head down on your phone the entire time?)

>>> Too often women approach dating and potential new candidates as either:

1 – You’re my soulmate


2 – You’re nobody. Get out of my life.


If you look to meet new people everywhere you go…

You open yourself up to THEIR social circles!

That kind barista with a great personality might not be the one… but his best friend sure could be!

The toned yogini from your Saturday class isn’t your person… but her brother sure could be!


You have to shift from the lack mentality to the abundant mentality …

Expand your social circle…

And change your frame of mind beyond:

> Men are either husband material or no one.

> Women are either competition, best friends or no one.

Trust me. There are incredible human beings in every corner of every city… but are your eyes (and expectations) open to see them?

Now with that being said….


7 Steps to Meet More Men IRL 👇👇

1- Get dressed up in something that helps you to feel your best

Notice I said something that helps you to FEEL your best. It really doesn’t matter what you wear or what your hair or makeup looks like … confidence is attractive + magnetic. Period. So wear something you feel super confident in!

2- Take yourself out to a nicer restaurant and sit at the bar (or a restaurant that reflects the type of woman you are and the type of men you would like to meet)

I personally like nice food, nice views, nice drinks + a nice ambiance. These are the types of places I take myself + expect a man to take me as well.

(Which isn’t to say I don’t go to dive bars or burger joints! But for this discussion pick somewhere nice with a bar so you have the ability to meet people with ease.)

3- Order a drink (and/or dinner)

This one is pretty obvious.

4- Make sure your energy is open and approachable

After you order your drink/food, do NOT go on your phone. Do NOT read a book. Do NOT distract yourself. Be open + available to meet people.

5- Smile and make eye contact with those around you

6- Make convo with the people at the bar (even a simple HELLO can work wonders to get conversation flowing)

7 – Continue being open & friendly & approachable

It’s that simple. It’s how I meet men EVERY TIME I go out alone … when I WANT to meet men.

And you can apply this to ANY location + ANY situation!

The gym. The park. The grocery store. The yoga studio.

These are ALL places my clients have met men IRL and gotten asked out! All because they allowed their energy to be open and flirtatious!

Attraction is not a numbers game. Attraction is not a strategy game.

It’s an ENERGY game. 🔥

You can “flip on the switch” & become magnetic.

Would YOU like to learn how to become MAGNETIC to the types of men who are ready and willing to commit that YOU are excited to meet and date?

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After 7 years as a love coach, I can tell you that many women are either looking for the WRONG things in a partner OR they simply have NO IDEA what to look for. 

Let me share with you what I’d be looking for if I was single and ready to mingle…

Which I am. 😉 

So here goes…

1 – Emotional Maturity & Intelligence 

Ultimately you are looking for a person who takes personal responsibility for their feelings and emotions. They are NOT looking for you to make them happy. They are not in victim mentality where the world is happening TO them. They are not codependent on you for their happiness or validation.

Instead, they take responsibility for their triggers and upsets.  And they also focus on how to make themselves happy by adjusting the ingredients in their life as necessary. 

So, be on the look-out for how much they allow the external to affect the internal or them placing too much responsibility on YOU for their happiness. 

Within a healthy relationship, your partner will ADD to your happiness levels (that YOU are responsible for creating in the first place) but never be the SOURCE of your happiness (or misery for that matter.)

2 – Kindness & Compassion 

No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Having a kind + compassionate partner by your side when you make mistakes or are fumbling through life is incredibly supportive and helps you to be even MORE than you could be on your own! 

Look for a partner who lives in their heart, thereby exuding kindness and compassion for all sentient beings.. especially you! 

3 – Patience & Understanding 

We are talking LONG TERM here which means patience is of utmost important in a healthy relationship. 

4 – Personal Responsibility 

Does this individual take responsibility for their life and what they’ve created or are they the victim to what is happening to them? If they don’t take personal responsibility, then they will eventually MAKE you responsibility for their happiness, which is both unfair and codependent.

Be on the look out for someone who is blaming others for their circumstances… and RUN the other direction! 

5 – Growth Mindset 

As a woman on the path of personal development, this certainly has to be a top priority for you! With a growth mindset, you (and your future partner) don’t ever allow yourself to stay stuck in patterns or ways of being. You understand that the only constant is change and nothing is permanent. 

How this manifests in partnership are two people who are constantly rediscovering themselves and their partners, allowing each day to be a fresh start (rather than carrying past baggage with them.) 

Look for a person who is actively working on themselves and committed to being the best ever-evolving version of themselves. 

6 – Healthy Communication Skills 

I personally believe this is the MOST IMPORTANT skill within a healthy relationship. Mis-communication (or lack of communication) ruins more relationships than infidelity. (IMHO) 

This means you’re able to express your frustrations WITHOUT making the other person out to be wrong or bad. This also means you can talk about what you desire/need without guilt. It means you can talk about s3x without embarrassment or shame. 

Ultimately, it means you know how do you express your thoughts, feelings, needs & triggers in a way that the other person can hear you without feeling blamed, attacked or getting defensive. 

It’s a skillset that is learned that honestly many do NOT have. 

Look for a person who is open, honest, real and vulnerable with you without making YOU responsible for their reactions, thoughts or feelings. 

How do you find these types of dates? 


You master these skills yourself and you ATTRACT these partners to you as a result. 

It happens for EVERY SINGLE ONE of my clients (tens of thousands of happy relationships and counting…) and it will easily happen for you as well! 

Ready to get started? 

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Continuously Up level Your Relationships

How do you continuously up level your relationships, getting closer and closer to what you desire in partnership?

Versus getting stuck on a merry-go-round of the same person (just with a different name, face + shoe size) over and over and over again?

How do you continuously up level your relationships, getting closer and closer to what you desire in partnership?

Versus getting stuck on a merry-go-round of the same person (just with a different name, face + shoe size) over and over and over again?

It’s all about your mentality + focus.

In one scenario, you’re in lack mentality and focusing upon what is NOT working. Those are the individuals who complain about ‘no good men in town‘ and ‘bad first dates‘ and how they’ll ‘never find someone.’ If you place your personal power OUTSIDE of you, you’re REACTING to life, and then you’ll always be the victim and the right relationship (if it even happens) will be a happy accident.

But more likely than not, you will NOT get into a happy relationship because you’re stuck in a lack mindset leaving love up to chance. And since you get what you focus upon and what you believe you can have, then your relationships will be a reflection of that lack mentality.

In the second scenario where you are continuously up leveling your relationships, you are taking 100% responsibility for your life + dating experiences understanding that the external world is simply a reflection of your internal world.

What do I mean by that?

It means every date, every encounter, every relationship is showing you both the healed + unhealed parts of you. It’s showing you:

1 – The work you’ve done to be in alignment with love + the relationship you desire

but also

2 – The work that STILL needs to be done in order to be ready for the relationship that you desire

For example:

Let’s say you meet an amazing man who seems to check all the boxes you desire in a parter but…

He’s just getting divorced and not looking for anything serious right now. He wants to play the field and get back in the game, not yet committing to one person right now.

So how could you adopt the healthy mindset that brings you closer to the relationship you desire? (Versus what most women do which is some variation of, “See? No good men in town. It’s so hard to meet men who are emotionally available and ready for a relationship.”)

1 – You celebrate all the positive characteristics and qualities in this man! You attracted in a catch and the universe is showing you that what you want exists and is possible for you!

2 – You use it as a mirror for yourself: where are YOU not yet ready to commit? Where are YOU not fully emotionally available for a relationship?

I suggest you pull out a journal right now and do this work on ALL past relationships + dates so that you can continuously up level and move forward towards what you want by:

1 – Bringing the energy of celebration and “I’m getting closer,” into your dating world!

But also,

2 – Looking for all the ways that you are not yet aligned for the relationship that you want. When you find the opportunities for growth and learn those lessons, then you don’t have to learn them again.

In theory. 😉

Look, I’ll be honest with you: sometimes we have to learn the same lesson over and over again. So, it’s important to practice loving kindness towards yourself. To be compassionate, understanding and non-judgmental. You’re doing the best you can with the tools that you have and it’s completely ok to misstep + stumble along the way.

But what’s more important to remember is this: if a dream or desire was placed in your heart, you are meant + made to manifest it!

And this is true for partnership.

The only ‘work’ you really need to do is:

1- Believing in yourself that you are worthy of love


2 – Believing that what you want exists


3 – Becoming the woman who is ready for the type of partnership she craves in the interim

How to do so?

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Is your age the reason you are single? (Could be … here’s why!) 

Have you ever wondered if your age is the reason you are single? 

And that as you get older, it will be harder for you to meet a great man? 

Here’s the thing… 

Your age can be working against you and it can be the reason you are single… 


Not for the reason that you think. 

The ONLY reason your age is working against you is because you’ve had MORE TIME to build up a story + limiting beliefs as to why you’re single, unloveable or why relationships just plain suck. 

That’s it. 

But if you do the work that my 20-something, 30-something, 40-something and beyond clients do… 

You’ll have the exact same success in manifesting a joyful life + fulfilling partnership!! 

Might it possibly take you MORE TIME to rewire your brain + EMBODY love? 


Or maybe you’ll do it faster because there is NO TIME TO WASTE and it will inspire you to roll up your sleeves + get to work! 

​Are you ready to find out? 

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  • Monthly mentorship + embodiment calls to support you every step of the way 
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