Hopeless Romantic to Happily Ever After (#TruthTuesday Ep 38)

Are you a hopeless romantic? 

Do you cry during all the 'boy meets girl - boy loses girl - boy trumps over all to win over girl' type of movies or books?

If so - stick with me because I was just (and still am) like you! 

There's nothing wrong with being a Hopeless Romantic...


When it's getting in your way to your Happily Ever After. 

Which is exactly why I created a 21 day course with the Daily Om called "Hopeless Romantic to Happily Ever After" and you can get it for as little as $10! 

Also - I'm sharing with you three important steps to take TODAY to shift you out of "hopeless romantic" and into "true love."

Watch below and take notes! 

Interested in the course with the Daily Om?

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