How to BE a Feminine Woman

I tell my ladies to BE in their feminine energy in order to attract in a masculine man. 

But what does that mean and how to do you DO it? 

In this video I dig into masculine and feminine energy and how to do this ONE THING so that he feels compelled to be YOUR man and CHASE you and PROTECT you.  If you’re a powerful woman who finds herself taking the chase and as as result chasing after the wrong men, then this video is for you. 

#TRUTHTUESDAYS EP 12 – Ask a man this…to win him over!

Hey Ladies…

Are you struggling in the dating world?

Are you struggling in your relationship?

Do you want to learn the ONE THING you should ask your man every single day (or while dating) to keep his love and respect for you?


Watch and learn!



I’d love to know your thoughts here! Are you familiar with the masculine and feminine? Does this make sense? Do you need more clarity? Post your questions below!


Do you agree? Disagree? What are other things you wish women would do/not do in your relationship!? Comment below!