#TRUTHTUESDAYS EP. 11 How to attract a man with the “3 S’s” so he stops his search with other women

How do you get a man to STOP shopping the market and commit to you? 

You use the THREE S’s of course! 

tt-ep-11 how to get a man to stop shopping the market

One – Sex

Don’t you dare be scared to be sexy. Show off the best sides of you. The sides that make you feel sexy and like you are the prize. But DON’T get stuck on ONLY the sex part. Remember that you also have two more wonderful categories that you are going to share. Men are attracted to beautiful looking things. And women are beautiful creatures. Show your sexy side…..

But that’s not all…


Two – Smarts

Show your man your smarts! Sure, you can impress him with what you’ve done for your career. The non-profit you started all on your own. Whatever it is, absolutely show him your intelligence and your strength. That you are capable of having an intelligent conversation and that there is something going on behind the scenes of the pretty face.

But of course don’t get caught up only in your brain or the man will be intimidated and see you as competition.

You have to add in one more thing….


Three – Sharing

Open up your heart, girl. Be vulnerable. Share. Be open. Express the beautiful heart that you have. Allow yourself to be in your feminine and share your emotions. Just don’t get stuck there or you risk becoming too emotional and a type of woman that all men run from.


It’s the combination of all three s’s that make a man want to drop everything and pursue you full time.

It’s the SEX, THE SMARTS, AND THE SHARING that show a man just how valuable you are, like YOU are the prize, and he’ll come running!




Action Step:


Take a sheet of paper and write at the top: Sex, Smarts, Sharing.

Fill it out! What do you have to offer in each of the 3 categories?

On the next date, make sure all three of those areas shine and are shown.

You are irresistible to high quality men by BEING a high quality woman balanced in her heart, her body and her mind. 

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