7 Reasons Why Men Love Blowjobs

I’ll come right out and say it:

I like oral sex.

Both giving and receiving.

But not all women are like me. Or at least not willing to type it on a webpage for the entire world (hi, mom!) to read.

Most men love blowjobs.

And some women DON’T enjoy giving oral.

But let’s break down WHY men love oral sex so much and how it can contribute to:

  • a happier relationship
  • a healthier relationship
  • less stress and less fights
  • healthier division of energetic roles in the relationship
  • deeper trust between you and your partner


Men and women don’t always understand each other. Because guess what? We are different!!

Men don’t understand these emotional creatures that they also love so dearly.

And women, well, let’s be real. Men aren’t really that hard to figure out. BUT you have to make the effort to actually learn about what makes them tick. And then put those things to practice!

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Ladies, read on and learn why giving your man a BJ is actually one of the Best things you can do for your relationship.


In fact, if you want a man to totally and completely commit to you, then this type of sexual intimacy is going to increase the likelihood of that happening to you. (In a relationship and looking to deepen the connection between you and your partner? Sign up for the Relationship Reconnection! Yes, it’s free!)

Sound good?

And men….would I ever love to hear what you have to say on the subject down below…. 🙂 (in the comments section, silly!)

And as a side note, I don’t think most men would be able to tell you exactly WHY they love oral sex. They’d probably just say ‘because it feels good.’ Um, yeah. We know that.

But let’s dig a little deeper into the subconscious and energetic reasons why BJ’s get a man to commit to you truly and deeply.



One. Submissive Woman

The very act of getting down on your knees is one of submission. It’s one of service. You are giving to your man. You have to be vulnerable to him. You have to submit to him. And for a strong masculine man, it shows that you trust him. It helps him feel more like a masculine man.

If you’re actually down on your knees, you are literally making yourself submissive to him. You’re giving him the power to dominate.


Two. Vulnerability and Trust

Let’s be real here. I wouldn’t give a blow job to anyone other than my significant other.

Back in the day when I was dating… I remember having conversations with girlfriends about intimacy and sex. And one girl in particular said that she wouldn’t go ‘all the way’ with a man but that they’d fool around and have oral. I remember being flabbergasted! There is NO WAY IN HELL I would put just ANY random-ass penis in my mouth. Sorry to be vulgar but oral sex is all about vulnerability and trust.

You have to be open to your man. You have to trust him. You have to feel comfortable enough to communicate and ask certain questions like ‘Does this feel good?’ or ‘like this?’ or ‘Faster or slower?

The masculine energy needs to feel trusted by his woman. That is HUGE for the masculine energy man. When you go down on your guy, you are saying that you trust him because you are comfortable being completely vulnerable with him.


Three. Admiration

Most men love their penises. In fact, I haven’t yet met one who doesn’t!

When you take in your mouth what most men are ‘in love’ with, the root of their manhood, you are showing your man that you admire him.

You love the part of him that ultimately makes him a man.

And on the flip side, if you’re rejecting your man’s penis via oral sex, you are essentially saying that you ‘reject him’ or that you don’t love him.

Amazing how much connection happens from just one little act.


Four. Love Love Love

There are plenty of ways we give and receive love: hugging, kissing, buying presents, going out to dinner at a nice restaurant, touching, saying “I love you” and more.

And while there are many ways to express love, men have a certain association with sex and love that is different from women.

Have you ever thought to yourself: “Why is it all always about sex?”

Or at least heard a girlfriend ask it?


Did you hear that?

They LOVE it. It’s part of how they perceive love.

You’ve got to simply understand that sentence above and trust that it’s true.

To a man, if a woman wants to have sex with him regularly, it means she loves him and is attracted to him. The masculine energy perceives importance and significance in a woman being sexually attracted to him. So when this beautiful creature that he’s super sexually attracted to is also super sexually attracted to him…. he gets it. It’s his language.

Oh and get this, ladies. When you have sex with your man, oxytocin is released. It’s the feel-good chemical that attaches you to a man and makes you think you’re in love. So this happens to us, too. Which is also why you should be super conscientious of who you sleep with as you chemically bond to them for up to 8 weeks!


Five. Connection

Most men don’t open up and communicate their thoughts and feelings as much as women. (Speaking of which, if you want to know the one question to ask your man on a daily basis, click here!)

Sex is one form of connection for them as they don’t necessarily go out and chat with their guy friends the way we women communicate with our girlfriends.

Think about sex and orgasm for a moment.

Men reach orgasm and ‘let go.’ Usually it means they fall asleep. They are letting go of all the stress and worries of the day. They have fulfilled their mission, their goal.

For women, we reach orgasm and we want to ‘hold on.’ We want to snuggle. We want to talk. We want to deepen the connection. The holding on shows how much more emotional we are than men. We are very emotional creatures and don’t NEED sex in order to feel the connection to our partner.

Whereas, men do NEED the sex to feel the connection to us.


Six. It’s Feminine, Baby!

I’ve talked a bunch about the masculine and feminine energies today. And that’s because it’s important to understand in regards to a happy and healthy relationship.

Opposites attract. Compliments repel.

You need one Fred and one Ginger, if you’re dancing.

And you still need one Fred and one Ginger if you’re dancing between the sheets.

Once the feminine energy learns to understand the masculine energy and his need for connection through sex, many struggles drop away.

The feminine energy is fulfilling her desire to connect emotionally with her man.

The masculine energy feels respected and trusted.

And when the feminine energy feels her feelings cherished (which she wants at her core above all else) and the masculine energy has his thoughts respected (which he wants at his core above all else) the relationship blossoms into something you’ve never experienced before!


Seven. It’s just plain sexy

Men love to feast with their eyes. And it looks sexy when you have his member in your mouth. Men love to watch when you’re going down on them (have you noticed?). So make a show out of it. Wear sexy underwear. Position yourself in front of a mirror. Look up at him occasionally. He’ll eat that shit up! I promise.

mosster swirl

So am I saying that you have to give your man a blow-job every single day in order to experience long-lasting happiness in your relationship?

Well, maybe I am saying exactly that.

But if not, at least once a week!

I hope by now you have come to the realization that it’s more than simply oral sex: it’s respecting your man, it’s being vulnerable, it’s deepening your connection, it’s trusting him, it’s opening up into your pure feminine essence.

Take these 7 reasons to heart and perhaps make a commitment to reignite the spark in your relationship by seeing what happens when you decide to open up and commit to your man via oral sex on a regular basis.

And then tell me below in the comments how it goes for you! 😉

And of course share this article on your favorite social media platform. Trust me, the guys will thank you!


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