Being alone is actually a wonderful thing if you want to partner up

be-alone-to-find-love blog by love coach emyrald sinclaire

Be alone…

If you’re looking for love.

be-alone-to-find-love blog by love coach emyrald sinclaire

What? How does that make sense?

Stick with me, I’m going to share exactly why being alone and giving yourself space from the dating game can actually be your greatest blessing if you’re looking for love!


1. You learn about you.

Too many women get caught up in a relationship. It’s all about HIM. It’s HIS likes and HIS life and HIS dreams. You get too caught up in the dating game and trying to PLEASE other men. To look desirable. To say certain things. To appear to be witty and clever and independent and NOT clingy. But what of that is really YOU? I’ve actually suggested to MANY of my clients who are ready to experience a deep and profound love that they take a break from dating. They take a break from looking. They STOP thinking about love and a partnership. But doesn’t that go against so many things that I teach in regards to manifestation and the law of attraction? Yes and no. To be completely honest, most women don’t know what they want. And so they are going out there blindly trying to attract in all types of men, ANY men, in order to fulfill that desire to love and be loved. But here’s what I suggest instead…. take alone time to learn about you. To figure out what you enjoy and what makes you happy. Then when you go back out into the dating world it’s from a place of ‘I am me. Hear me roar! Oh yeah, and this is what I want in a man.” You go out there with such clarity with what you want because you know first what makes you tick. And what lights your heart up with joy! I guarantee, then you’ll meet a high quality man who is super aligned with you and your desires! 

2. You recharge your batteries!

Having time and space for you and your interests and your desires fills your heart up with joy! Instead of duty dating because you’re inspired and ready to meet the one….stay at home and do what you enjoy: watch a movie, read a book, write poetry, walk the dog, go to a yoga class, schedule a massage. Yes, you do have to put yourself out there in order to actually meet men, BUT, at the same time the happier you are, the more ‘FULL’ you are…you’ll be able to come from a space of actually being able to GIVE in the relationship!

3. You get what you give.

When you learn to nourish yourself….and put yourself first…and cherish your feelings first…. you’ll attract in a man, friends, a partner, a boss, a kitten, etc to do the same! You have to BE the energy you want to attract. And if you don’t love yourself FIRST before a man, you are NOT going to meet a man who puts you first. This is really important so let me say it again:  You have to put your feelings first in order to attract in a high quality man who will do the same.

4. You shift your focus.

When you go out to the world with a focus of: “I want. I need. I desire. I’m ready. Hello, universe, WHERE IS MY MAN?????!,” IT DOESN’T HAPPEN. Why? Quite simply because you’re putting the energy out there of lack. The energy that you don’t yet have it because you still desire it! Instead, when you sit back and shift your focus on loving yourself, you’re putting the energy out of being completely content with where you are. And not only that, you’re putting out extreme confidence that what you desire is on it’s way to you. By shifting your focus away from the desire and neediness and clinginess of a relationship towards YOURSELF and loving yourself and feeling completely content and happy with where you are and what you are doing NOW, you are sending the very important message to the universe that you already have everything that you need. And that is when the love of your life will appear. When you’re completely content with your life as it is. When you are completely in love with the awesomeness that you are.

5. You can’t give what you don’t have.

This point pulls them all together. And when you’re alone here is what you get:

  • an appreciation for who you are, and the ability to respond to your own BS thoughts and limiting beliefs and unravel where they came from and how they are getting in the way. And by appreciating your uniqueness, you are able to lovingly appreciate the partner that you are with.
  • a life filled with activities that you enjoy doing! And a partner who either enjoys similar activities or understands the beauty and health behind filled his life with what he enjoys, regardless of if they match his partner or not! And when you are filling your life with activities that give you joy and so is your partner…guess what? You’re both happy!
  • a deep love for your own feelings. And when you love yourself for who you are and all the diverse and deep feelings that you have, you’ll absolutely attract in a strong man who can appreciate and understand and handle your strong feelings. And as women, we have feelings that run deep. And shallow men cannot handle that. They want us to change/control our feelings to make them feel better. Instead, cherish your feelings. Honor your feelings. Love and respect your feelings and I guarantee you’ll attract in a man who revels in the beauty of your deep current of emotion.
  • confidence. When you can not only handle being alone but love and appreciate being by yourself, your own levels of confidence will soar! And there is nothing sexier than a confident woman who doesn’t NEED a man, and who is sure of herself and her wants. When you talk to men from a place of self-love and self-confidence, you’ll start to attract in some super high-quality men who also love themselves and are condiment in their purpose and place in life. And isn’t that the type of man you really want?? 

Girl, being alone is not a bad thing.


Take a break from the dating game and learn to love and appreciate yourself first.

#DATEYOURSELF first and then you’ll attract in such a high quality man that is aligned with who you are that you’ll wonder why you ever settled for anything less!

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