3 Things to Do Today to Manifest More Money

I used to be broke. 

Like super poor… living paycheck to paycheck without enough left over to pay down the massive amount of debt I had accumulated. 

And to be honest, it sucked. 

The fear. The doubt. The worry. The anxiety. 

To me money = unreliable. 

Money = pain. 

Money = a source of frustration that I couldn’t seem to figure out. 

(until I did) 

Can you relate?

If you are also on the struggle-bus when it comes to your finances, allow me to share with you three things I did that massively up-leveled my finances to creating a six-figure year in 2018! Whoop Whoop!

(Which by the way in 2017, I reported $7,000 on my tax return. That’s a pretty big shift, wouldn’t you say?)


1. If you’re digging yourself into a hole… STOP digging! 

The first thing I decided to do was to STOP using my credit cards to fund my life and my business. 

I had this notion that to act ‘as if’ meant to spend spend spend and trust that the Universe would pay the bills off in the future. 

Um… that didn’t work out so well for me. 

Instead, I stopped using my cards cold turkey and had my best month to date the month after!!


Because instead of praying for some future benevolent being to save my arse,  I made the declaration (okay – DEMAND) that the Universe help me out here because I needed x amount of dollars to pay rent, buy food, and… stuff. 

And the Universe responded!

So if you find yourself in a hole of debt, stop digging. 

2. Find (and stop) your Money Leaks

Track what you spend over the next month. 

That’s right -for an entire month! 

Print out your bank statements and credit card statements and take a look where the money is going each month. Write down every penny you spend. 

This is the first step in becoming intimate with your money and finding any areas where your spending does not feel good. 

Then your goal is to simply clean up those money leaks so that when you spend it’s only from a place of JOY and GRATITUDE.

3. Track Your Income (and gifts)

This is so important because…. 

what you focus on expands!

Which means you want to put your focus on the money that is coming into your life! Track the gifts and free meals and discounts and pretty much everything that is coming your way! 

Which by the way, I want to make this easy on you. I created a FREE abundance tracker so that you can get started today. Trust me, you’ll love this! Without my abundance tracker last year, I never would have known how much money I actually made (which was over six-figures, by the way).

And so many of my clients are actually MORE abundant than they realize. But until they started tracking their income, they didn’t realize how much they were actually making. 

Make sense? 

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You can make as much money as you desire.

And these steps are what got me started on the right foot. 



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