Ask Your Partner *this* if you want to stop fighting about the little things

Jerry and Pamela were in a horrible spot in their relationship. 

Jerry had anger issues. 

And he would BLOW UP over the smallest things. 


He wouldn’t talk about the little things that bothered him until enough had piled up to bother him and then – bam! The smallest thing would set him off. 

It got to the point where his wife didn’t want to bring up anything with her husband for fear of how he would react. (Can you relate at all?)

This is very common.


Ron and I even experience this sometimes. 


He allows a bunch of smaller annoyances to pile up but he keeps it all inside…like little pebbles piling up on a scale. It’s fine for a while, but one day, the scale is going to tip over. 

And it usually leaves one partner thinking “wtf just happened here?” 


So what can you do if you’re in this situation?


Here’s an exercise I’ve given to a LOT of my couples and it’s one that Ron and I have added to our daily routine in order to connect on a deeper level, learn more about what the other person enjoys, plus it helps us to avoid what pisses the other person off. 


Find out these two small questions to ask your partner below and how to incorporate them into your daily routine in order to experience feeling safety of being yourself and expressing your feelings in your relationship! 

Also – if you’re looking to reconnect with your partner (if the sparks seem to have faded away), I suggest the Relationship Reconnection! It’s a free 3 part video series designed to help bring love and intimacy back to the forefront of your relationship again!