Hello Beauty, I'm Emyrald!

I’m a Master on Love, Dating, Relationships, Attraction, Communication & Intimacy. My speciality is helping single women find amazing soulmate level partnerships with high-quality men.

It is my purpose and mission to help women listen to their hearts, go after what they want, feel amazing in their bodies, and become empowered in love to get everything they desire.

I teach women how to attract and keep an incredible partner through my signature program #ManifestHim, which gives you everything you need to create a soul fulfilling love that fills you up on every level. 

When you attract in the love of your life, prepare to be amazed! Your entire life will change: all other relationships, your finances, your career, your happiness levels, and so much more!  When you align with love, you align with the source of all creation!

Would you like to learn how to:


  • Get into a soulmate level relationship with an incredible man, who supports and adores you 
  • Thrive in your love life while everyone else wastes time swiping through profiles and goes on date after date without getting 'anywhere' 
  • Stop attracting non-committal, emotionally unavailable men who are only interested in 'one thing' 
  • Attract only high-quality men to you regardless of how much you've struggled in the past 
  • Inspire 'the one' to commit, without seeming pushy or desperate even if it’s been years since your last relationship

Then stick around beauty!

Let's work togetherI'm ready to manifest my soulmate today!

You can overcome your fears and painful past experiences…and literally become a magnet to love…real love!

I know this because of my own success and from helping my clients achieve their goals for “Happily Ever After”.

I started embodying your lessons and practiced what you were saying. I cried and I prayed. About the middle of Aug out of nowhere I met a beautiful man. He is from England, divorced and recently moved to this area. We have been inseparable ever since. He's my person. We are headed to Mexico for vacation in a few weeks and I am so excited for what's next.

So I guess what I'm saying here is THANK YOU, there are no accidents and I know that you and your coaching came in to my life when it was needed most AND your methodology works! I know just by just tuning into new ideas about love and attraction and getting super clear on what I want, I manifested my dreamy man.

Thank you and I’m so excited for what comes next!