Hello Beauty, I'm Emyrald!

I’m a Master on Manifestation! My speciality is helping women to break through their blocks revolving around Love and Money.

It is my purpose and mission to show women how to use the Universal Law of Attraction in order to Manifest every thing she desires! You're going to learn how to listen to your heart, go after what you want, feel amazing in your body, and become empowered to get everything you desire.

I teach women how to attract and keep an incredible partner through my signature program #ManifestHim, which gives you everything you need to create a soul fulfilling love that fills you up on every level. 

I also work with women around their money mentality and show women, just like you, how to consciously manifest money. Can you imagine being able to make exactly what you want each and every month? It's exactly what I teach in my signature Money Attraction course: Manifest Massive Money! 

Would you like to learn how to:


  • Get into a soulmate level relationship with an incredible man, who supports and adores you 
  • Thrive in your business feeling on top of the world  
  • Make the exact amount of money each month you desire
  • Learn the age-old secrets of Manifestation in order to consciously create the life of your dreams 

Then stick around beauty!

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You can Manifest It A.L.L.

Allow me to show you how! 

I started embodying your lessons and practiced what you were saying. I cried and I prayed. About the middle of Aug out of nowhere I met a beautiful man. He is from England, divorced and recently moved to this area. We have been inseparable ever since. He's my person. We are headed to Mexico for vacation in a few weeks and I am so excited for what's next.

So I guess what I'm saying here is THANK YOU, there are no accidents and I know that you and your coaching came in to my life when it was needed most AND your methodology works! I know just by just tuning into new ideas about love and attraction and getting super clear on what I want, I manifested my dreamy man.

Thank you and I’m so excited for what comes next!