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Emyrald Sinclaire is a love and manifestation coach, inspirational speaker, and self-love expert. The author of Destination: Soulmate, her book on manifesting the love of your life was released in February of 2020.

While known to sometimes throw down the F-bomb, Emyrald’s high-vibe presentations get the attendees emotionally ‘naked’ and out of their seats and moving, while inspiring them to actually take action upon her teachings.

Emyrald has been featured in Bumble, Elephant Journal, DailyOM, and other online publications.

As a love coach, she helps her clients get into happy, conscious and fulfilling relationships within only six months!

Emyrald’s mission is to help 500,000 women manifest the love of their lives using the tools that she outlines while on stage and within her transformational workshops, online courses, and one-on-one private coaching.

She is available to speak on conscious relationships, healthy communication between men and women, and manifestation by means of the law of attraction. Her website is

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"After 4 weeks, I met someone! He was about 80% of what I had written down on the manifestation worksheets that Emyrald had provided me. It’s the first time I’ve ever had an emotionally available and heart-felt relationship with somebody with no expectations of the future!

It’s so powerful when we put our focus on the attention of our desires. I allowed myself to believe in the magic of my abilities to manifest what I want out of a guy and out of a relationship!"


"Working with Emyrald is an amazing opportunity to really discover how you can stay true to what you want, be in your feminine, and discover who you are in the process!"


"Sorry I’ve been out of contact Emyrald. I’ve been in a love bubble since our chat. I’ve got a new man! He meets almost all of my HUGE list of non-negotiables. He just keeps blowing my mind the more I get to know him. It’s just amazing how fast manifesting has worked for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"


"WOW! Working with you over the past few months has really pushed me to investigate my thoughts on a regular basis. I don’t think that I have ever been this mindful of my belief system and how it operates. I finally TRULY understand how powerful our thoughts can be, but also how simple it can be to take charge and change your life.

Working with Emyrald is good for any woman who wants to be empowered and take control of her life! It is for folks who are stuck in unhealthy thought patterns and people who keep hitting walls in their lives, whether it be their romantic lives, their professional lives or their personal lives. I think it’s also good for anyone who is on a spiritual journey and wants to understand the link between spirituality and love.

This is for anyone who is willing to take a critical and deep look at their behavior and is ready for a new way to be in the world; A way that will bring them peace, harmony and empowerment."



Interview with "Durango TV News"

Interview with Zoe Davenport and “why I do what I do”

Full interview with Bex Burton, Attract the One tele-summit!

We cover so much juicy ground, in this interview you’ll get:

  • The power over our reality that each one of us has and how to tap into it
  • What is “whipped cream on shit” and why it’s important to you!
  • How TRUE transformation happens
  • How to identify our deep self saboteurs
  • 2 key steps to transformation
  • Real life magic spells to cast on your love life (no joke!)

Authentically Me Tele-summit

Interview with Susan Ball (Founder & CEO, Broken to Blissful)

for the "Authentically Me" tele summit

Interview with Anella Wetter Coaching on how your pain can actually be transformed into your greatest triumphs of your life!

Learn some amazing self-love practices to become the heroine of your love story.

Sunday Happy Sunday Episode #6 Looking for love in all the wrong places - Live with Purpose

Learn WHEN and HOW to meet the love of your life! In addition to the BEST TIME to hire a relationship coach.

Interview with Kim Bowen on how to “Love Yourself” set healthy boundaries and create the Love Life of your dreams!

Interview with Diane Taylor on how to Elevate Your Love Status to Attract in The One.

Interview with Amy Waterman of on Conscious Communication 

All couples come into conflict, but does that mean they have to fight? Here's an alternative: conscious communication. It's a way of resolving problems without hurting each other.

Self Love and Vulnerability with Jess Tomlinson

In This Episode:

  • The dance between self love, self confidence and vulnerability (and what is NOT vulnerability)
  • Fears that hold many women back from owning their sex power

Interview with Matt Rudman of Mindset Explosion on Mindset in Relationships

My conversation with Matt on how mindset and your belief systems affect your ability to attract love into your life.


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