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Manifest Him (1:1 Private Coaching)

#ManifestHim is a 4 month program for single, successful women  looking to manifest the love of their lives!

This is an intensive 1:1 program that shares the exact steps I took to go from broken-hearted and feeling like the love I wanted wasn't actually available to me to manifesting the fabulous LOVE OF MY LIFE in only 4 weeks!

A smart, successful and amazing woman like you should NOT be single...if she doesn't want to. You've figured out your career... let's get you the love you deserve as well! 

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Single to Soulmate (group coaching)

Single to Soulmate is a 4 month group coaching program designed to fast-track your results to the love of your life!

With the power of community by your side, each week you'll work through a module designed to help you release your blocks to love! Plus you'll get support via live Q and A calls from yours truly.

The path to love starts with a powerful, high-vibe community by your side cheering you on. Let's get you the love you desire!

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Complimentary Breakthrough to Love Discovery Call

Know you need help but not sure what option is best?

I understand, lady! Sign up for a free discovery call where we'll figure out, you and I, what is best for you. 

Please note, these calls are reserved for women who are willing to do the work it takes to manifest the love of their life within six months!

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Nikki Nash

Working with Emyrald is an amazing opportunity to really discover how you can stay true to what you want, be in your feminine, and discover who you are in the process!

Nikki Nash