I believe that you are meant for

L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y   L-O-V-E

Now is the time to make it happen instead of simply waiting and hoping that things will change some day!

Use your desires as a compass and a guide leading you towards the happiest and fullest expression of LOVE that you can manifest.

The reason I know that you are meant for legendary love and your personal Happily Ever After is simple: you desire it. 

It IS POSSIBLE for you.

You just have to BELIEVE it. 

Nikki Nash

Working with Emyrald is an amazing opportunity to really discover how you can stay true to what you want, be in your feminine, and discover who you are in the process!

Nikki Nash

There are TWO 1:1 programs for those looking for the highest level of support!

For Couples


Happily Ever After


Happily Ever After is my premier program for couples looking to deepen the intimacy and love, learn proven communication techniques to reduce fighting, and ultimately create a soulmate level connection with your partner!

This is an intensive 1:1 program for couples where you'll learn proven tools to get you back to the 'honey moon phase' in addition to learning how to safely open up to your partner without fear of outbursts of anger or miscommunication. 

(And before you ask - YES - you can do this program without your partner. It only takes ONE to massively change a relationship!) 

If you're looking to create an amazing loving, deep and healthy connection with your significant other, THIS is the program for you!  

For Single Women


Manifest Him

#ManifestHim is a 90 day program for single women (and men!) looking to manifest the love of their lives!

This is an intensive 1:1 program that shares the exact steps I took to go from broken-hearted and feeling like the love I wanted wasn't actually available to me to manifesting the fabulous LOVE OF MY LIFE in only 4 weeks!

(Your results will vary based on the amount of work you need to do. But trust that he is out there and in only 12 weeks, we'll have you feeling like YOU ARE THE PRIZE and that Prince Charming is on his way to you now!)

If you're looking to manifest the love of YOUR life, and have the love you've always wanted, then this is the program for you!


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