I'm so excited to help you manifest your desires, my love!

There are two ways to work with me privately.

Book a Breakthrough Manifesting Intensive

Breakthrough Manifesting Intensives are a powerful way to break through any one specific challenge in a very short amount of time.

This session is focused on your individual needs:
- Manifesting Love (and getting over past pain)
- Creating Lasting Financial Abundance in Your Life (and moving through short-term lack, debt and bills)
- Career Changes
- Business Strategy
- Mindset & Self Confidence Blocks

Several different healing modalities combined with practical subconscious reprograming tools are implemented in just one session.

90 Minutes

PRICE: $555
Includes 5 days of follow-up Voxer support, Monday - Friday.

(Should you desire to upgrade to private coaching after our session, the $555 will be applied as a credit to your final payment.)

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Apply for 6 Months of Coaching

The most powerful shifts happen in your life when you are dedicated and committed to doing the work over a period of time. 

Which is why my private clients (over a period of 6 months) experience the biggest, fastest and lasting shifts in their lives! 

It took you decades to become who you are... and in only six months you are going to become a completely different woman with a completely different life!

How does that sound?

When you dedicate 6 months to yourself of weekly sessions & powerful subconscious reprogramming techniques with the accountability of a guide who has the proven tools to help you shift fast... magic happens! 

Click the button below to apply to work together. 

Very limited spots are available at one time.

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Nikki Nash

Working with Emyrald is an amazing opportunity to really discover how you can stay true to what you want, be in your feminine, and discover who you are in the process!

Nikki Nash