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They are designed for you to go at your own pace while learning how to release your blocks to love & money, open up your heart deeper to what you really desire, and experience a life like nothing you've experienced before!

You will embrace your unique magnificence, beauty, and confidence from within. You'll become the person you are meant to be and learn how to Manifest It A.L.L.

I’ve guided so many people in my courses to feel like the most beautiful, powerful, self-loving versions of themselves. I’d be honored to help you do the same.

The programs vary in length and cost so be sure to read up on them all to find out which one resonates with you the most. Simply click the picture to find out more!

" I started your program on Sunday and was asked out on a date by that night. I was then asked out by another man the next day and another last night! I have a date tonight, Thursday and Friday! Wow!"

- Christine

"Sorry I've been out of contact Emyrald. I've been in a love bubble. I've got a new man and he meets all of my huge list of non-negotiables! He just keeps blowing my mind the more I get to know him. It's just amazing how fast manifesting has worked for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Angie

"I kept repeating to myself almost every day, "I'm so grateful for an extra $500 in my bank account and yesterday I got a refund for $1400! This manifesting money stuff is real!"

- Jessie

"My relationship with my partner has blossomed in the most beautiful way since working with Emyrald! We are best friends, and I’m noticing that we are really seeing each other better than we ever did before.


We are in a place now where when one of us expresses a need we are able to meet each other so much sooner and turn the tables from arguing or being moody with each other to being loving, understanding and supportive.


We are also having a great time planning a wedding together, and he is going to buy me an engagement ring which I didn’t expect to happen!"

- Bailey 

"I have seen a difference in me and my thoughts, the way I react and look at things and to be honest I thought I loved myself before despite everything that has happened but today I realized I truly love myself deeply and unconditionally because I am amazing and worthy of love."  

- Alex

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