The Basic 3 Step Flirting Technique that ANYONE can master!

“I’m horrible at flirting!” said my client Nicki. 

Would you like to learn a simple 3 step process for flirting that will have the opposite sex approaching YOU and asking for your number? 


One – Establish Your Target and Make Quick Eye Contact Three Times 

Or in other words: Who you think is super fine in the room that you would LOVE to be making out with one day.


Two – Find a Reason to Walk Past Your Contact 

Bathroom break? Smoke Break? Someone nearby that you recognize? It doesn’t matter the reason, walk by your target and make eye contact and MAINTAIN eye contact.


Three – Keep Making Eye Contact and Smile at Him/Her As You Walk By

And that’s it!

Really, it’s that simple.


If he/she is interested, they will find a reason to come up to you and talk to you. 

You’ve just made it clear that you’re interested!



And here’s a tip about men: They are just as scared of rejection as you are, lady! 

So make it clear that you won’t say “NO” if they approach you and you’ll have that many MORE men ask you out!

Good luck and comment below how it goes for ya!


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