3 Flirting Techniques any Goddess can Master

Do you want to get the guys to come up to you without you having to chase them? 

And more so, would you like the CUTE GUY YOU ARE INTERESTED in to come up to you from across the room?

Great! I thought you’d never ask. 🙂 ​​​​


One of the common reasons women join my facebook group, Manifest Your Soulmate, is because they are looking for the tools in order to become a better woman who believes in her self-worth. And as a result, attract in a freaking fantastic man, if I say so myself! 

What are the tools I teach my clients in order to raise their self-confidence and actually believe they are the prize so that they can attract in the love of their life?


Here are my favorite three. 



1. The Supermodel Walk

Now before you go on hating, listen up first. This actually has nothing to do with what you wear or what you look like. Instead, it’s all about the energy you are giving off. And think about any lady (or man, for that matter) on the cat-walk. They OWN IT. And that’s the energy I want you to exude. The next time you walk into the room (any room) you are going to pretend you are on the catwalk. You are going to embody your inner super model and STRUT IT. 

It really is all about the ENERGY you are giving off and trust me, when you walk into a place like you own it, people will notice! 

No more looking down at the ground or trying to hide in a corner. For just 15 seconds, you are going to pretend like you are the cat’s meow and that everyone’s eyes are on you…and for a good reason, girl! 


2. The Smile…and Wink. 

This next one is a bit scary for many people: 


You are going to catch the eye of a stranger… smile at him…and wink! 


Omg. Did the sky just fall down? Did hell just freeze over? 


Nope, you just learned a simple flirting technique that shows self-confidence and humor. And even if you don’t (yet) feel like you have the confidence to pull this off, allow this to be a little exercise in ‘fake it til you make it.’ Trust me, it’s a great way to show that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you have the cajones to go after what you want. Although in this case, you are simply making the offer of come and get me, boyzz! 



3. Pretend You Just Slept with Brad Pitt 

I know, you might think I’m delusional and asking you to be the same. But go with me here. Imagine what you would be thinking and what you would feel like if you actually did just hop in the sack with Brad Pitt (or your fave Hollywood crush). You’d be flying high, on top of the world, and pretty much knowing that you’re the cat’s meow! 


You’d have the confidence to smile and flirt at the cute boy in the bar. You’d most likely chat up the barista at Starbucks. You’d be opening doors for strangers and probably dancing down the street singing to yourself, am I right? 


So, if you woke up and played a little game with yourself called “I just slept with Brad Pitt” how would that change how you go about your day? 


No, really, think about it right now, how would it change your day? 


THAT is the energy I want you to go out into the world with for just 24 hours! High as a kite. And just watch… how magically the men are attracted to you! 


And that’s a wrap for today, lovely. 



The Basic 3 Step Flirting Technique that ANYONE can master!

“I’m horrible at flirting!” said my client Nicki. 

Would you like to learn a simple 3 step process for flirting that will have the opposite sex approaching YOU and asking for your number? 


One – Establish Your Target and Make Quick Eye Contact Three Times 

Or in other words: Who you think is super fine in the room that you would LOVE to be making out with one day.


Two – Find a Reason to Walk Past Your Contact 

Bathroom break? Smoke Break? Someone nearby that you recognize? It doesn’t matter the reason, walk by your target and make eye contact and MAINTAIN eye contact.


Three – Keep Making Eye Contact and Smile at Him/Her As You Walk By

And that’s it!

Really, it’s that simple.


If he/she is interested, they will find a reason to come up to you and talk to you. 

You’ve just made it clear that you’re interested!



And here’s a tip about men: They are just as scared of rejection as you are, lady! 

So make it clear that you won’t say “NO” if they approach you and you’ll have that many MORE men ask you out!

Good luck and comment below how it goes for ya!


For those of you looking for more personalized ways to get the guy, sign up for a FREE Single to Soulmate call! 

It’s a FREE 20 minute call. You tell me what’s going on in your dating life and I’ll tell you what you’re doing wrong. 🙂


19 Ways to Flirt with your Husband

Let’s be real here…

If you don’t work on your relationship, things can get a bit…dull. 

Just like going to the gym, if you STOP working on your relationship, things will slide in a direction you don’t want them to.

It’s absolutely possible to get those butterflies back that you had in the first couple of years of your relationship. 

But it’ll take a little bit of work and flirting on your part!

Especially if you’re at the stage in your relationship where you are barely intimate and are concerned that a little bit of attention from you automatically equals him thinking he’s getting some tonight!

It’s time to bring back the flirtatious stares. The winks. The sexy text messages. The love notes.

No matter your age and regardless of how long you’ve been together, if you’re looking to boost the love and connection and intimacy in your relationship, I highly suggest that you make flirting part of your repertoire.

Flirting helps your man to feel wanted. To feel desired. To ENJOY his time with you. 

Which isn’t that what being in a relationship is all about? To have fun and enjoy each others’ presence?

Try ONE of these every day for the next 3 weeks and then report back to me what happened! 

19 Ways to flirt with your husband

19-ways-to FLIRT With your husband by love coach emyrald sinclaire

  1. Send him a sexy text message
  2. Text him one thing about him that turns you on
  3. Grab his butt!
  4. Hold his hand in public.
  5. Whisper in his ear what you’d like him to do to you later.
  6. Wink at him!
  7. Leave a sexy note for him on the mirror or in his car.
  8. Share a 10 second kiss.
  9. Kiss in the car at stop lights.
  10. Have a secret code phrase that only the two of you know. Say it in front of another couple.
  11. Cozy up together on the couch with a romantic movie.
  12. Ask your spouse to choose your under garments for the day.
  13. Next time you’re out to eat with another couple or friends, pass your man a note telling him how sexy he is.
  14. Flash him. But probably not in public.
  15. Go commando. Tell him.
  16. Strip in front of him.
  17. Go to a party or bar. Split up and flirt with each other across the room. Catch his eye. Smile, wink.
  18. Touch him!
  19. Play footsie at dinner.

Looking for more? Join us next month for my next FREE challenge!