What if you couldn’t remember yesterday…?

How do you choose to feel today?

What if you could forget your past?

What if every single day you woke up and you were fresh and clean as the day you were born?

What type of reality would you create?

What would make you excited and fill your heart with joy and bring a smile to your face?

What would you consciously choose to do today if you had no memory of yesterday?

If you just woke up, got out of bed, looked at your body and felt into your heart? What would you feel like doing today?

What would you feel.... like doing today?

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And imagine...

How different your life would be if that's how you gaged each day's activities simply by how you feel and what feels good to you?

And if you could simply follow your heart's desire on a daily basis...?

How much joy that would bring to the planet!

And the end of war because who wakes up and thinks 'I feel like killing a man today'?

If you had no memory of yesterday and instead said to yourself 'what do I feel like doing today' ? 

Did you feel like being happy?

Like jumping for joy? Like skateboarding? Having sex? Making food?

What is your heart saying to you in this instant?

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Too often...

We are so busy running around doing each and every day.

And we get too caught up in our thoughts.

And instead we run our days by what we think we should do.

We run our days, even worse, by the voices of our parents and grandparents and media and society and what they think we should do. 

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But instead...

I encourage you to think a whole lot less and to feel a whole lot more.

Into you.

And into your beauty.

Into your internal compass.

The desires you have are uniquely you.

No one else has been put on this planet with the exact same combination of desires and passions that will light you up with joy.

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So what if? 

What if today was the first day of the rest of your life?

What do you feel like doing?

What are the thoughts you want to have in your head?

Do you choose to see the light in everyone?

Do you choose to pray for the best?

Do you actually believe that there is good in us all?

If you had no memory of war or famine or hurt or pain, how could you have any other option but to believe in the inherent goodness of man? And to look around you with your mouth hung open in awe at the beauty of the world that we live in. At the stunning diversity and abundance of nature and all her colors and sights and sounds and smells

How could you not fall to your knees and weep at this amazing planet we've been given!?

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One more time...

I ask you...

If yesterday didn't exist, how would you choose to feel today?

How would you act on those feelings to allow your heart's deepest desires and passions to shine forth?

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Or perhaps even more importantly.... 

If tomorrow didn't exist, how would you choose to feel today?