How to GET OVER your trust issues so you can have Happily Ever After (Truth Tuesdays)

I’ve never been cheated upon. 


Thank god.


But my partner, unfortunately, has experienced the gut-wrenching pain of a significant other NOT being faithful. 

According to “Infidelity Statistics”

“It is estimated that roughly 30% to 60% of all married individuals (in the United States) will engage in infidelity at some point during their marriage… And these numbers are probably on the conservative side, if you consider that close to half of all marriages end in divorce (people are more likely to stray as relationships fall apart”


That means at least half of you who are reading this have engaged in infidelity or have been cheated on! 

So – if that is you, how do you tell your partner that you have trust issues? 

And more importantly, how do you GET OVER your insecurities already!? 

Find out by watching!

And make sure you do the following exercises I talk about in the video: 

1. Write your Painful Love Story and then shift it to become the HERO in your life, not the VICTIM

2. Write your Letters of Forgiveness and BURN them, baby! 


For those of you who are looking for clear, open, honest and conflict-free communication with your significant other, check out my Conflict to Conscious Communication course!! 

It’s a MUST for anyone looking to remove arguing, drama and fights from there relationship for good!

The “One Date” Rule

My client Jenny told me about the “One Date” Rule that she has. 

Essentially if she’s not feeling it, he doesn’t get a second date.


But I’m a big fan of the “Two Date” Rule! 

Give anyone the benefit of the doubt: maybe he was nervous, maybe he was preoccupied with work, maybe he knew he had garlic breath and was desperately trying to stay away from your nose!


In fact my own personal motto is:

“I’ll try anything once and twice just to make sure!” 


This is the exact reason that I have my clients break their Personal Prince Charming list into 3 separate lists! (If you haven’t filled it out yet, check out my 3 Tips to Land Prince Charming!)

1. Non Negotiables – These are things that are make or break. And also, you should know after a first date if he/she passes the test of your non-negotiables list.

2. What We Have In Common – These are shared interests like working out, biking, dancing, traveling, etc

3. Icing on the Cake – These are the superficial items like “tall, dark and handsome.”


So many women are looking over amazing men because they don’t fit EVERYTHING on their Prince Charming list.

Says Trish: “But he’s not a Jewish banker who lives in Manhattan!! How could he possibly be The One?”

You gotta open your mind to what “the one” could be, girl!


When let’s be real, if he met all the non-negotiables and had 90% shared interests but wasn’t 6’2″ and was balding, would you really care?

But when you look at the ‘icing on the cake’ first….. you are missing out.


So – don’t be like Jenny and subscribe to the one-date rule. Because you will be missing out on a world of potential! 

Open your mind to the potential of meeting new people and having fun with them!


Instead, why not adopt the motto that another client, S. told me is now her personal motto:


“I look at first dates as practice! I love meeting new people so I just approach the first date as fun.”

And all that being said, I also have created a different “One Date” rule which is this: 

Any person who gets the courage to ask you out deserves a date! You can spare 30 minutes over a cup of coffee, can’t you?

When I first met my guy, I was totally NOT interested at all. And If I had said “NO” to him asking for my phone number because he didn’t appear like ‘my type’ at first glance….


Well, I wouldn’t be here today over 2 years later, would I!?

So – let’s recap shall we?


1. Give EVERY person who gets up the courage to ask you out the opportunity to get to know you better. (If I hadn’t of done that…well I would NOT be with my man today!)

2. Unless he’s absolutely a horrible serial killer, give every date a second date chance. Some people are just scared or awkward on the first date.


How to Listen to Your Intuition (#TruthTuesdays Ep 26)

Today Sasha was sick. 

And for those of you who have ever been on a call with me, you know she goes crazy barking whenever you chime into our coaching call. Today, nothing. Lethargic. Won’t eat. Doesn’t even want to go for a walk. Breaking my heart….



And while my little one was sick, I reflected upon the importance of self-care and listening to your body. 

Animals take a break when they need to. There is no to-do list. No obligations to other people. Instead, #selfcare becomes the primary goal. 

So many of my clients (myself included!) put themselves last on the list. 

Instead it’s all about pleasing the boss, pleasing the boyfriend, pleasing the parents, pleasing EVERYONE except for herself. Instead of listening to her own body and intuition. 

And speaking of intuition, many many more of my clients don’t know how to listen to their intuitions! 


“What’s the difference between my intuition and my monkey mind,” asked Kendra.

Great question! And it’s one I’ve gotten more than once over the past week. I was asked by FOUR different clients this exact same question! Which means you probably have the question, too!


Which is why I’m sharing with you this amazing, spot-on practice to teach you how to discern between the whisper of your intuition and the distraction of your thoughts and monkey-mind! 


Truth Tuesdays with Love Coach Emyrald Sinclaire

Envision, Manifest, Create the Love of your life with these 3 questions (#TruthTuesdays Ep 25)

Would you like to learn how to ENVISION the love life of your wildest dreams!? 


Would you like to know without a doubt what is standing in your way to having the love you crave? 


Would you also like to know what you have to do and who you have to be in order to realize the love of your life!? 


There is a process called Envisioning that will give you the CLEAR answers to the questions above.


If you’re looking to consciously create the love life of your dreams, then Envisioning is the process meant for you! 


And if you’re familiar with visualization, this is an entirely different process! So watch and learn, my dear!


What if you couldn’t remember yesterday…?

How do you choose to feel today?

What if you could forget your past?

What if every single day you woke up and you were fresh and clean as the day you were born?

What type of reality would you create?

What would make you excited and fill your heart with joy and bring a smile to your face?

What would you consciously choose to do today if you had no memory of yesterday?

If you just woke up, got out of bed, looked at your body and felt into your heart? What would you feel like doing today?

What would you feel.... like doing today?

mosster swirl

And imagine...

How different your life would be if that's how you gaged each day's activities simply by how you feel and what feels good to you?

And if you could simply follow your heart's desire on a daily basis...?

How much joy that would bring to the planet!

And the end of war because who wakes up and thinks 'I feel like killing a man today'?

If you had no memory of yesterday and instead said to yourself 'what do I feel like doing today' ? 

Did you feel like being happy?

Like jumping for joy? Like skateboarding? Having sex? Making food?

What is your heart saying to you in this instant?

mosster swirl

Too often...

We are so busy running around doing each and every day.

And we get too caught up in our thoughts.

And instead we run our days by what we think we should do.

We run our days, even worse, by the voices of our parents and grandparents and media and society and what they think we should do. 

mosster swirl

But instead...

I encourage you to think a whole lot less and to feel a whole lot more.

Into you.

And into your beauty.

Into your internal compass.

The desires you have are uniquely you.

No one else has been put on this planet with the exact same combination of desires and passions that will light you up with joy.

mosster swirl

So what if? 

What if today was the first day of the rest of your life?

What do you feel like doing?

What are the thoughts you want to have in your head?

Do you choose to see the light in everyone?

Do you choose to pray for the best?

Do you actually believe that there is good in us all?

If you had no memory of war or famine or hurt or pain, how could you have any other option but to believe in the inherent goodness of man? And to look around you with your mouth hung open in awe at the beauty of the world that we live in. At the stunning diversity and abundance of nature and all her colors and sights and sounds and smells

How could you not fall to your knees and weep at this amazing planet we've been given!?

mosster swirl

One more time...

I ask you...

If yesterday didn't exist, how would you choose to feel today?

How would you act on those feelings to allow your heart's deepest desires and passions to shine forth?

mosster swirl

Or perhaps even more importantly.... 

If tomorrow didn't exist, how would you choose to feel today?