#TRUTHTUESDAYS Ep. 7 – Top 3 Tips to get the guy to ask YOU out (plus one bonus tip)

How would you like the exact guy who has caught your eye to come up to you and start the conversation?

And then to ask you out? 

In this weekends episode of Truth Tuesdays, I give you the exact tools to do just that!

For a guy who has feelings (which, um, hello, is pretty much every man), it is HARD to go up to an attractive woman and ask her out.

So, ladies, you HAVE to help them out, here!

If you’re interested in a man, you have to SHOW him that you’ve interested and give him the PERMISSION to come up to you and chat you up!

If you don’t…..

Well you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to start conversations with decent men.

In the video, I give you the top 3 ways to show a guy that you’re interested….so that he’ll come up to you, chat you up and ask you out!

One. Smile

Everyone looks so much more beautiful when they smile! And when you smile at a guy, you boost his confidence.

He thinks “hey, she’s cute. And waaaaaiiiiiit, she’s smiling at ME!”


Two. Make extended eye contact

This one is HUGE. And scary.

Make eye contact with a guy you’re interested in for at least 5 seconds. 

And smile!

That gives him the green-light to come up to you and start a conversation….even if it’s “Do I know you?”


Three. Ask for help

Every man likes to feel needed.

So allow him to help you in some type of way!

“Do you know the fastest way to get to….?”

“Do you know what is good here?”

“What do you suggest I order?”

“Can you reach that for me?”

You get the idea.

Allow him to feel like he is needed and necessary and he’ll instantly be much more attracted to a woman that “needs” him than  an independent woman who does not. 


Four. Create a little mystery

Don’t give it all up!

Don’t tell him all about you and your entire life’s story in your 5 minute meeting.

Instead, create an air of mystery and allow him to want more….to ask for more….and ultimately…

To ask you for a date!

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