What MAKES or BREAKS a Relationship Over The Long Term

I’ve been studying relationships for over 20 years. 

And I can tell ya I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a relationship work… and what causes a relationship to deteriorate over time. 

And I KNOW you want a relationship that stands the test of TIME

I KNOW you want a partnership that is loving, deep and connected. 

And I KNOW you desire to feel chosen, safe and supported within your relationship. 

And I also know many relationships START with a lot of love and good intentions… 

(Why else would you get married?) 

But eventually FIZZLE out… 

(50% of marriages end in divorce)

>>> So what are the components that MAKE a relationship work? And what are the components that BREAK a relationship? 

In no particular order, these are some of the aspects that will eventually, most likely lead to the BREAK of a relationship:

  • the need to always be right 
  • holding onto resentment or blame 
  • not expressing your feelings 
  • not understanding your feelings 
  • suppressing your feelings 
  • making your partner responsible for your feelings 
  • not speaking what is on your mind 
  • fixed mindset 
  • not listening to yourself (or your partner) 
  • not making the relationship THE priority in your life 
  • not treating your partner like an equal teammate 
  • unhealed trauma, pain + trust issues 

^ That last one right there is the LEADING cause of relationship break-ups. 

Too many people are looking for someone else to fix/save/heal/complete them. And so they give their power away and make their partner responsible for their happiness. But a partner was never meant to complete you. 

> You are meant to become WHOLE (again) on your own… And attract in a partner who is a match for the complete, loving human being that you are. 

And the only way you can become complete again is by really taking an honest look at yourself. 

> What parts of you are NOT aligned with unconditional love? 

And if you think you’re perfect, that’s the perfect time to enter a relationship. Because you will quickly see all the ways you are LESS than perfect. (I’ve been working on myself for over 20 years and still my relationships mirror back to me my shadow, my fears, my insecurities, my pain and my trauma… all so that I can see it reflected back to me externally what still needs to be healed.) 

A relationship is the BIGGEST vehicle for personal growth + transformation (if you allow it to be). or…. A relationship can be the BIGGEST pain in your ass and cause you to swear off dating and stay single for the rest of your life. It all depends in how you look at partnership and WHY you enter into a relationship. 


What’s your why for entering into partnership? 

I’ll share with you mine: 

“I desire to enter into a partnership only if it supports me in being the best version of myself. I desire a partner who reflects back to me my sh*t in a loving way so that I can see it and do the necessary work to heal it, thereby becoming a better version of myself as a result. I desire to enter into a partnership that is alignment with my soul’s purpose and life’s mission: to guide as many souls back into their hearts of unconditional love and to then have that reflected back to them in an unconditionally, loving partnership. I desire to enter into a partnership because it adds so much more to the incredible life that I’m already living.” 

Personally, I will not enter a relationship that does not support me in being the best version of myself. And you when you continuously look for the lessons to learn and the opportunities for growth within any partnership, then you will continuously become a better version of yourself and continuously up-level the type of relationships you are in. 

So with this being said, what are the aspects that MAKE a relationship work? 

What tools do you need to carry in your toolkit or skills must you master in order to continuously be the best version of yourself inside + outside of a relationship?  

  • HEALTHY COMMUNICATION SKILLS (this one is the MOST important so I put it top of the list and I bolded it!!! If you do not have healthy communication skills, you will NOT make it. But if you can learn how to master just one thing in your life to practically ensure healthy, happy relationships… it would be COMMUNICATION!) 
  • Emotional Intelligence + Mastery(this means you take the time to explore your feelings + emotions as they arise. You are not controlled by your emotions and reacting blindly on autopilot or expecting someone else to make you feel a certain way. Instead, you realize that your emotions are messengers. You slow down to get the message. And then you can approach the situation from an emotionally neutral – not charged – place. This is you controlling your emotions + not the other way around.) 
  • Growth Mindset (a growth mindset is not run by the ego. It doesn’t claim to always be right. Instead, you’re always looking to grow, learn and expand what you believe to be true. You’re open to growing with your partner. You understand there will be changes throughout the tenure of your partnership and you are ready to move through them together!) 
  • Compassion + Understanding (you’re acting from your heart as often as possible. You understand that no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes – including YOU! You’re compassionate with both yourself + your partner.) 
  • Ability to Apologize (we all make mistakes and you will unknowingly hurt your partner from time to time. Rather than allowing your ego to flair up and make the other person out to be wrong, you take responsibility for how your actions affected your partner and express that to them in a loving way… even if you see things differently than how your partner does.)
  • Active Listening (you listen to your partner in order to understand them and what they are saying – rather than just waiting for your turn to speak.) 
  • Understanding of the opposite sex (men and women are biologically and hormonally different. When you truly understand yourself and what you need and have the ability to communicate it in a way your partner can hear AND your partner is able and willing to meet your needs (and vice versa with your partner to you), I promise you this: THAT is a happy partnership!) 
  • Connection to Self (you know who you are at your core. You know your triggers and wounds. You hear yourself and listen to yourself and follow your own intuition and guidance system. You trust yourself. And as a result of that trust and connection, you are able to completely trust your partner and their connection to themselves.) 

And yes, there are other things that are important like sexual chemistry and compatibility and friendship. But those are the most obvious factors that you already know to look for. And this list is certainly not all inclusive. (I just didn’t think you wanted to read a short novel 😉

Instead, this list above gives you an idea of some of the other skillsets you can work on developing within yourself now, whether single or partnered up… To create more (and lasting) happiness within your life + relationships. 

And that really is the only work you ever need to do. 

Look at that list above of the qualities of a healthy, lifelong partnership and begin to nurture and develop those qualities within yourself. 

PREPARE yourself today but learning the skills that are NECESSARY in order to be happy within a relationship with another healthy, mentally stable human being. 

And if you want my support in that… Just reach out. 😉 

5 Relationship Habits to Break

I teach a completely radical way of doing relationships:

It’s called taking 100% responsibility for yourself, your feelings, your past experiences, your triggers… and ultimately your entire life.

Rather than project onto your partner and make the common mistakes listed below, it’s time to take ownership for who you are and create a heathy foundation for lifelong happiness within partnership.

5 Habits to BREAK within Relationships

#1 – Not speaking up what’s on your mind (especially when you’ve been hurt or triggered) and building up resentment instead.

It’s important that you speak up when you are upset… even about the little things so that they don’t turn into BIG issues later.

#2 – Expecting your partner to be just like you and see the world the same way you do rather than celebrating your differences & learning from one another  (especially as it pertains to masculine & feminine energy)

Diversity is beautiful within partnership. You can learn from one another and grow as a result. And when it comes to masculine and feminine energy, please do NOT expect your partner to think like you or act like you. The differences between men and women is what makes us such great partners!

#3 – Expecting the relationship to be like the fairy tale portrayed in rom-coms and Disney movies.

Relationships are work. You have to work on yourself first… and then work on the relationship every single day for it to work. I’m not saying it has to be hard or uncomfortable but you will have to learn how to compromise, talk about the hard things and get entirely vulnerable with your person.

#4 – Putting all of your energy into the relationship and forgetting yourself, your friends, your hobbies, your interests and your dreams.

This is called codependency and it never ends well. Instead, focus on creating a life you love today and allow a partner to ADD into your beautiful life that you’ve crafted.

#5 – Expecting your partner to be a mind reader and know exactly what you are thinking and how you are feeling.

I once had a client who thought that TRUE LOVE meant he could read her mind. (You can blame Disney movies for that, I’m sure.) Your partner does not know what you are thinking or feeling unless you tell them. So work on being an exceptional communicator if you want to experience lasting happiness in your partnership.

Remember: your partner is NOT responsible for your happiness… your partner ADDS to your happiness.

Your partner is not responsible for saving you or fixing you… but they can love and support you while you do the work to save and fix yourself.

Your partner isn’t a mind reader… you have to speak up and let them know when you’re triggered or upset.

And so if you want to experience lasting happiness in your relationship, here is what I suggest you work on:

(These are all topics I teach my clients within my private coaching program, The Magnetic Femme and within the EMBODIED membership.)

1- Connecting to your feelings + emotions and understanding the underlying messages

Too many people make their partner (or anyone else for that matter) responsible for their happiness. YOU are the only person responsible for how you feel. It’s important that you learn how to feel your emotions and discern the underlying message, (There’s always one there) rather than reacting to your emotions or allowing them to control you.

2- Understanding and healing your past traumas

No one is free from a past. And only YOU can heal the past so as to not lug past luggage with you forward into the next relationship. The more work you can do on freeing yourself from the past today, the less likely it will be to show up in your current relationship.

3- Connecting to your intuition & learning how to trust yourself

Self trust is a huge component of a healthy relationship. This will also help you sift and sort through candidates while you’re dating and put you in the position to confidently move forward with the right person for you.

4- Communicating when you’re upset without making the other person defensive nor responsible for your happiness

Healthy communication is the MOST IMPORTANT skill for you to master if you want to be happy in a relationship. The other person is never responsible for your happiness but it is up to you to communicate how the other person’s actions or words affect you. And when done in a way where they aren’t prone to becoming defensive or reactive.

5- Letting down the wall around your heart and staying open to love (even when you’re hurting… especially when you’re hurting)

Too many women move from relationship to relationship without healing their past pain and as a result, they remain jaded and guarded. You will only attract in love at the level you are willing to give and receive it. If there is a wall around your, you will never be available to fully experience the depths of love available to you!

6- Creating a life you are wild about while single and maintaining a life you love while in partnership

The sexiest and most magnetic woman is the woman who is in love with her life! That radiance oozes out of every pore and men cannot help but be attracted to that!

But then the important thing is to maintain a life you love (with the addition of your partner, of course)!

7- Acceptance, non-judgement + compassion with yourself and others

No one is perfect. Including you. It’s time to start loving and accepting yourself for who you are today… flaws and all. This will make partnership so much more easier when you don’t expect perfection from anyone but can accept and laugh at your mistakes along the way!

And so much more!

These are some of the traits to embody that ENSURE you will be happy and satisfied in your partnership.

And these are the traits I help my clients in mastering so that they are ready for their person.

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After 7 years as a love coach, I can tell you that many women are either looking for the WRONG things in a partner OR they simply have NO IDEA what to look for. 

Let me share with you what I’d be looking for if I was single and ready to mingle…

Which I am. 😉 

So here goes…

1 – Emotional Maturity & Intelligence 

Ultimately you are looking for a person who takes personal responsibility for their feelings and emotions. They are NOT looking for you to make them happy. They are not in victim mentality where the world is happening TO them. They are not codependent on you for their happiness or validation.

Instead, they take responsibility for their triggers and upsets.  And they also focus on how to make themselves happy by adjusting the ingredients in their life as necessary. 

So, be on the look-out for how much they allow the external to affect the internal or them placing too much responsibility on YOU for their happiness. 

Within a healthy relationship, your partner will ADD to your happiness levels (that YOU are responsible for creating in the first place) but never be the SOURCE of your happiness (or misery for that matter.)

2 – Kindness & Compassion 

No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Having a kind + compassionate partner by your side when you make mistakes or are fumbling through life is incredibly supportive and helps you to be even MORE than you could be on your own! 

Look for a partner who lives in their heart, thereby exuding kindness and compassion for all sentient beings.. especially you! 

3 – Patience & Understanding 

We are talking LONG TERM here which means patience is of utmost important in a healthy relationship. 

4 – Personal Responsibility 

Does this individual take responsibility for their life and what they’ve created or are they the victim to what is happening to them? If they don’t take personal responsibility, then they will eventually MAKE you responsibility for their happiness, which is both unfair and codependent.

Be on the look out for someone who is blaming others for their circumstances… and RUN the other direction! 

5 – Growth Mindset 

As a woman on the path of personal development, this certainly has to be a top priority for you! With a growth mindset, you (and your future partner) don’t ever allow yourself to stay stuck in patterns or ways of being. You understand that the only constant is change and nothing is permanent. 

How this manifests in partnership are two people who are constantly rediscovering themselves and their partners, allowing each day to be a fresh start (rather than carrying past baggage with them.) 

Look for a person who is actively working on themselves and committed to being the best ever-evolving version of themselves. 

6 – Healthy Communication Skills 

I personally believe this is the MOST IMPORTANT skill within a healthy relationship. Mis-communication (or lack of communication) ruins more relationships than infidelity. (IMHO) 

This means you’re able to express your frustrations WITHOUT making the other person out to be wrong or bad. This also means you can talk about what you desire/need without guilt. It means you can talk about s3x without embarrassment or shame. 

Ultimately, it means you know how do you express your thoughts, feelings, needs & triggers in a way that the other person can hear you without feeling blamed, attacked or getting defensive. 

It’s a skillset that is learned that honestly many do NOT have. 

Look for a person who is open, honest, real and vulnerable with you without making YOU responsible for their reactions, thoughts or feelings. 

How do you find these types of dates? 


You master these skills yourself and you ATTRACT these partners to you as a result. 

It happens for EVERY SINGLE ONE of my clients (tens of thousands of happy relationships and counting…) and it will easily happen for you as well! 

Ready to get started? 

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Continuously Up level Your Relationships

How do you continuously up level your relationships, getting closer and closer to what you desire in partnership?

Versus getting stuck on a merry-go-round of the same person (just with a different name, face + shoe size) over and over and over again?

How do you continuously up level your relationships, getting closer and closer to what you desire in partnership?

Versus getting stuck on a merry-go-round of the same person (just with a different name, face + shoe size) over and over and over again?

It’s all about your mentality + focus.

In one scenario, you’re in lack mentality and focusing upon what is NOT working. Those are the individuals who complain about ‘no good men in town‘ and ‘bad first dates‘ and how they’ll ‘never find someone.’ If you place your personal power OUTSIDE of you, you’re REACTING to life, and then you’ll always be the victim and the right relationship (if it even happens) will be a happy accident.

But more likely than not, you will NOT get into a happy relationship because you’re stuck in a lack mindset leaving love up to chance. And since you get what you focus upon and what you believe you can have, then your relationships will be a reflection of that lack mentality.

In the second scenario where you are continuously up leveling your relationships, you are taking 100% responsibility for your life + dating experiences understanding that the external world is simply a reflection of your internal world.

What do I mean by that?

It means every date, every encounter, every relationship is showing you both the healed + unhealed parts of you. It’s showing you:

1 – The work you’ve done to be in alignment with love + the relationship you desire

but also

2 – The work that STILL needs to be done in order to be ready for the relationship that you desire

For example:

Let’s say you meet an amazing man who seems to check all the boxes you desire in a parter but…

He’s just getting divorced and not looking for anything serious right now. He wants to play the field and get back in the game, not yet committing to one person right now.

So how could you adopt the healthy mindset that brings you closer to the relationship you desire? (Versus what most women do which is some variation of, “See? No good men in town. It’s so hard to meet men who are emotionally available and ready for a relationship.”)

1 – You celebrate all the positive characteristics and qualities in this man! You attracted in a catch and the universe is showing you that what you want exists and is possible for you!

2 – You use it as a mirror for yourself: where are YOU not yet ready to commit? Where are YOU not fully emotionally available for a relationship?

I suggest you pull out a journal right now and do this work on ALL past relationships + dates so that you can continuously up level and move forward towards what you want by:

1 – Bringing the energy of celebration and “I’m getting closer,” into your dating world!

But also,

2 – Looking for all the ways that you are not yet aligned for the relationship that you want. When you find the opportunities for growth and learn those lessons, then you don’t have to learn them again.

In theory. 😉

Look, I’ll be honest with you: sometimes we have to learn the same lesson over and over again. So, it’s important to practice loving kindness towards yourself. To be compassionate, understanding and non-judgmental. You’re doing the best you can with the tools that you have and it’s completely ok to misstep + stumble along the way.

But what’s more important to remember is this: if a dream or desire was placed in your heart, you are meant + made to manifest it!

And this is true for partnership.

The only ‘work’ you really need to do is:

1- Believing in yourself that you are worthy of love


2 – Believing that what you want exists


3 – Becoming the woman who is ready for the type of partnership she craves in the interim

How to do so?

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5 Traits Men Are Looking For That Inspire Them to Commit To A Woman QUICKLY (in as little as 6 months)

What are men looking for that inspire them to pursue a woman and claim her as his own? 

After SEVEN years coaching COUNTLESS (and I do mean COUNTLESS) women into the relationship of their dreams, I’m able to share with you what works + what men are actually looking for in a partner and what inspires them to commit… usually within 6 months of dating! 

What are men looking for that inspire them to pursue a woman and claim her as his own? 

After SEVEN years coaching COUNTLESS (and I do mean COUNTLESS) women into the relationship of their dreams, I’m able to share with you what works + what men are actually looking for in a partner and what inspires them to commit… usually within 6 months of dating! 

Here are just a couple of recent examples: 

  • Lauren’s husband bought them a home + invited her to move in within 6 months of their first date. They are now married with a baby girl.  
  • Sarah + her fiancé moved in together within a month + got engaged within 9 months. 
  • Patricia’s fiancé proposed within 6 months. They are getting married this summer, less than a year after their first date.

You see, when you do the work in advance to BECOME the version of yourself that high caliber men are EXCITED to commit to, it doesn’t have to take long from meeting him to becoming engaged to be married.  

Because as Sarah said, 

“When you know, you know. It just felt right from the beginning.”

Patricia said the same thing. 

So did Lauren. 

So what ARE men looking for that inspire them to pursue a woman and claim her as his own?? 

1 – Vulnerability, Openness + Softness 

​In other words, a woman in her feminine energy.  Men are in their masculine energy – in their heads – all day long. They partner up with a woman in order to be close to feminine energy. It’s incredibly nurturing to men. They are NOT looking for a masculine woman to butt heads with and compete for attention and respect. They compete in a friendly manner with their male friends in that way. 

In partnership, a healthy masculine male is looking for direct access to the feminine energy of love, radiance, openness and softness. A woman who is in her heart + has her guard down. 

When a man finds a woman who is in her healthy feminine essence, it’s an incredible turn-on for him. He knows he’ll be safe with her. That he can let HIS GUARD down because it’s not a competition. It’s a partnership of two equals with complementary energies. 

2 – Honesty (aka no games) 

You are no longer in high school.  There are no ‘rules’ to dating or ways to ‘win him over.’ A man in his healthy masculine energy doesn’t want to guess if you are into him. He doesn’t want to guess what you want. And he certainly does NOT want to play games. 

Yes, he wants to win you over. (So, make him EARN your affection, please!) But he doesn’t want the juvenile woman who plays hot/cold. The woman who is not honest about dating other men or the calls/texts on her phone from other men. 

Be clear and direct about who you are and what you want. When a woman is honest, the man knows he can trust her. That she’ll always be upfront about what pleases her (so he can do more of that) and what does not (so he can learn and do less of that.) 

But this all stems from YOU trusting yourself + knowing that who you are and what you want is enough. That you’ve mastered clear, open + direct communication…

3 – Clear, Open + Direct Communication 

The secret to long term happiness in any relationship is healthy communication. And unhealthy communication, passive aggressive tendencies and assuming ‘he should just know’ are the reasons relationships fail. 

A man wants to win you over. He wants to please you. And the only way he can do that is if you are clear and direct (and loving) in your communication. 

When a man meets a no BS woman who is honest, open + expressive, it’s like a breath of fresh air! He knows that while they might have some challenges in their partnership, they’ll be able to move through it because they know how to be clear, open and direct in communication. This ensures they will be able to wether any storm together! 

4 – A Woman Who Knows Her Worth + Value 

When a woman is NOT looking to a man to validate her and isn’t jealous of other women, a man knows he has a high value woman standing in front of him. He knows they’ll never have stupid and petty fights. He knows that she knows how to treat herself like a Queen and doesn’t NEED him to pump up her self esteem. 

Yes, she desires it. No, she will not put up with shit (more on that in the next point) and yes, she will inspire him to be HIS best self. And he loves knowing that he’ll be challenged to be his best while together in partnership. 

5 – Boundaries + High Standards 

As a continuation of the point above, men secretly (and not so secretly) want to be challenged. If you make it too easy on him, if you let him slide with less then stellar behaviors (like showing up late or forgetting to follow through on a promise), he won’t value himself or the relationship. 

But when  you have high standards and expect him to maintain them, it forces him to be the best man he can be for you, for him, and for the relationship. 

The right man loves to be challenged to step up to the plate. 

The wrong man will walk away calling  you ‘high maintenance.’ 

A man doesn’t want an ‘easy to please’ woman who settles for breadcrumbs. 

A man wants an EMPRESS who knows her worth, has incredible standards and doesn’t settle for anything less than how she treats herself (which is like a Queen, of course.) 

There are many other things that inspire a man to commit quickly to a woman when he sees these qualities in a woman. 

Do you possess them? 

Do you want some support in nurturing them and becoming the woman that men are longing to commit to?

Learn more about the Magnetic Femme process here!

7 Mistakes Single Women Make While Dating (who are looking for long term commitment)

Let’s Break Down Some Common Mistakes Women Make On Their Quest for An Amazing Long Term Committed Relationship 👇  

1- Not Asking Him About Past Relationships 

How someone speaks about their ex and why the last relationship ended says a lot about that person. 

If they talk trash about their ex (they were crazy, narcissistic, sleeping around, it’s all their fault), it says that this person doesn’t look at themself and hasn’t done any work on themselves. They are blaming. They are the victim. 

You want someone who takes personal responsibility for their part in the relationship. They said YES to dating that person. Which means they are ½ responsible for the relationship (and the ending). 

And the same goes for you! How YOU talk about your ex’s says a lot about your healing journey and the amount of responsibilty you are taking to ensure you don’t have to learn that lesson again. 

Every relationship is an opportunity to learn. Are you looking for it? Once you learn the lesson, you graduate and don’t have to learn it again. If not… well history repeats itself, doesn’t it? 

2 – Sleeping With Him Before A Spoken Commitment 

If you sleep with a man before he is invested emotionally in you, BYE BYE. 

There is no exact timeline to when this happens but I can tell you this: if a man is not emotionally connected to you and you sleep with him, it will NOT MAKE him emotionally connected to you. In fact, he’s more than likely to think, “That was easy,” and then walk away. 

Men like the chase and to feel like they’ve earned it. If it was easy for him to get you into bed, there’s a part of him that wonders if he’s really that special AND if you’re that easy with other men. 

Trust me, it’s better to wait and take things slow. Wait to sleep together until you’ve both formed an emotional connection and had the discussion about monogomy and committment. 

3 – Sleeping With Him And Not Knowing If He is Sleeping With Other Women 

A high value woman knows her worth. And she doesn’t sleep with a man who’s sleeping with other women… let alone NOT even know if he’s sleeping around. 

Let’s make things easier on you and just ASSUME he’s sleeping with other women. 

Do you really want to be ‘one of the girls’ he’s sleeping with? Or wait until he’s decided you are THE ONE? 

Now that being said, if you’re just looking for a hook-up, sleep with whoever you want. But if you’re looking for something serious, it’s most likely NOT going to manifest by sleeping with a man before you two are emotionally connected and when he’s sleeping with other women. Make him EARN the right to be intimate with you. And give it enough time to truly ensure that you WANT to CHOOSE him. 

4 – Believing His Words Over His Actions 

Men can talk pretty. We all can. But how does he ACT? A respectable man will not only KEEP his word to you, but ensure his actions match his words. Don’t be distracted by a smooth talker. Give the relationship enough time to ensure that he’s a man of action. 

5 – Getting Distracted By His Good Looks  (instead of how you FEEL when you are with him) 

Looks fade. A man that is a 10 will suddenly seem like a ZERO in your eyes if he treats you (and others) like sh*t. It’s been proven that attraction GROWS or FADES based on someone’s personality. Give a man who is a 5 a chance… you just never know. Once you get to know him … and if his personality is amazing .. and you have a lot of fun together … and he treats you like a Queen … and you feel adored, special, and chosen when you are with him… don’t be surprised if all of a sudden he becomes a 10 in your eyes!! 

6 – Getting Distracted By His Job or Success (instead of how he TREATS you) 

Yes, a man who is successful and financially responsible DOES matter. But don’t put it as the only requirement on your list. How does this man treat you when you are together? How does he treat others? (Like the server or his employees or friends or family?) Is he looking out for your needs and desires? Does he want to please you? Does he care about your happiness? Does he ask you about your day and go out of his way to support you? Is he paying attention? Does he respond to your texts/calls in a timely manner? Does he keep his word? 

7 – Settling For Anything Less Than What You You Truly Desire (and Deserve!) 

Many will tell you that you’re being too picky. 

I say the opposite: RAISE THE BAR! 

We are talking about lifelong partnershp + love here. This is the LAST THING you should ever settle on! 

And within The Magnetic Femme​, I teach you how to raise the bar + get even MORE than what you asked for!! 

> Lauren made a list of 50 things she wanted in a partner… she got ALL of them… plus some things she didn’t even think to ask for! She used to settle for men who had 2 or 3 things she was looking for. Because she didn’t know how to ask for more. 

> Jen’s partner just whisked her away to a New Years Even trip to Puerto Rico. He covered all expenses and treated her to fancy dinners and massages. He treats her like the Goddess she is.  “I’ve never been treated this well before” is what she told me in a text. And she USED to settle for breadcrumbs. She would date men who made HER pay for the dinner. Men she was too embarassed to introduced to her girlfriends. Men who were ‘beneath’ her. All because she didn’t believe that men of her caliber existed. 

> Mi’s husband told her to pick any spot on the planet to meet for the first time. (Since they met online.) Over the course of the next year, he flew to the US multiple times to see her… until he proposed and moved in for good. 😉 Before that, she was still texting her ex meaningless romantic texts… settling for a situationship with someone who couldn’t give her what she wanted and needed. 

Are YOU ready to RAISE the BAR? To ask for EVERYTHING your heart desires in partnership… and to get it?!

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#2 Block to Love

Has it ever felt like all the good ones are taken?

The successful, attractive, spiritual, emotionally intelligent ones are all snatched up, right?

I mean, it MUST be that way because you are NOT meeting then online or in person, amIright?

I understand that it can FEEL that way.

But the challenge with this line of thinking is that it reinforces the block and only makes it stronger and even more challenging for you to meet the types of men you are looking for.

Let me give you an example: I want you to spend 60 seconds looking around the room you are in and intensely looking for everything green.

Pay careful attention and make note in your mind of everything green that you see.
Notice the different shades and colors of green that are around your room.
The plants. The pillows. The small details. 
Green is such a common color. 


Did you do it?

For the next part, you are going to close your eyes and recall everything RED! 

Did you do it?

What this exercise illustrates is that it’s incredibly challenging to recall everything RED when you were so singularly focused on finding everything GREEN.

That’s how your mind works.

It filters out reality based on:

1 – What you are looking for.


2 – What you expect to find.

What are you looking for in a partner? And do you actually EXPECT to find it?

Whatever you are experiencing in your dating life is what you are actually looking for.

As A Course in Miracles says, “Whatever you seek, you shall find.”

Pillar One of The Magnetic Femme helps you to shift your belief system, raise your expectations and find a completely different caliber of men.

Rather than looking for the green (men who ghost you, are emotionally unavailable, not successful, driven, passionate or sexy) you’ll train your brain to look for the red (the intelligent, successful, well-traveled, attractive) … And find them!

​My client Jennifer was previously dating men who were ‘way beneath her.’ Men who were ‘safe.’ Men she knew would never leave her. ​ ​ 

In short: she was settling because she was looking for the ‘green.’

She didn’t believe the ‘red’  existed.

But very quickly – within two months of applying the principles I teach within the Magnetic Femme, she met John. Her equal in every single way. The man she is proud to call her partner. The man all of her friends love. The man she trusts, respects and adores.

“I’ve never been with a man who treats me as well as John does!” she told me once.

And this gorgeous woman is almost 50. Took her 40+ years (and only 2 months of working together) to figure out that she was worthy of a HIGH CALIBER MAN…

because SHE is a HIGH CALIBER WOMAN!!!

He’s smart. Successful. Intelligent. Emotionally aware and communicative. He supports her. He’s a shoulder to lean on. A friend she can laugh endlessly with on game night. The man she trusts to plan all their trips and vacations. The man who spoils her and whisks her away fro New Years last minute… just because he can… and wants to. 😉

A true partner in every way. 

I promise you, once you stop looking for what you don’t want in partnership, you’ll find what you do.

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#1 Block to Love

“I don’t need a man.”

Ever said that to yourself?

Guess what…

It’s blocking you from the relationship that you DESIRE.

Sure you don’t NEED anyone to take care of you in the traditional sense. You’re completely capable of taking care of yourself. You make your own money. You own your own place. You successfully run your own life.

You don’t NEED a relationship to survive, but the RIGHT relationship will ADD so much to your life.

It’s the loving and supportive partner to come home to after a long day at the office. It’s the man who helps plan the trips and travel (so you don’t have to). The one to rub your feet after you take off your heels. The one that believes in you and your dreams. The snuggles on the couch in front of the tv or fireplace.

The knowing that you don’t have to do life alone. You have your person. Your match. Your equal. The man you feel safe and comfortable being yourself with. The one you can let your guard down with. And share your fears and insecurities with. Knowing he won’t judge you or think less of you. But instead he’s cheering you on and offering you emotional support. Same but different. You’re equals.

With complementary energy.

And I know that you’ve settled in the past because you haven’t been meeting men that inspire you. Impress you. Turn you on. You haven’t met the men that you actually would consider spending the rest of your life with.

Why is that?

Because you’ve been settling.

As you lower the bar you meet lower quality men. Which then reinforces the belief system that no good men exist. So you settle and lower the bar even further. Or you stop dating completely. It’s a negative cycle that keeps you blocked from meeting the caliber of men you desire (and deserve.)

You’ve been telling yourself all the reasons why you don’t need a man… and as a result, you’ve been starting to believe those stories… which is why you’re only meeting the men you don’t really ‘need.’

But I also know that emotionally you do NEED a man. You’re tired of meeting all of your own needs. And you truly do desire (and I’ll even use the word NEED here) a partnership with the right man.

Every human being has needs and desires.

And while you are capable of meeting most (if not all) of your needs/desires on your own… I also know your heart craves for a partner that you can rely on. A partner that you trust to HELP you meet your needs.

You don’t need to do it all on your own.

You can allow yourself to have support in partnership.
I call this interdependence.

It’s not independence (where you do it all on your own).
It’s not codependency (where you cannot do anything without him).
But the beauty of interdependence in partnership.

Where you are two sovereign individuals. Both aware of your individual needs and desires. Both capable of meeting his/her own needs and desires.

But both desire to support each other in partnership to meet each others’ needs and make each others’ lives more enjoyable and easier.

No, you don’t NEED a man.

But I’ll be honest with you – there are many beautiful aspects to partnership that you are missing out on by doing it all yourself:

Laughter. Love. Friendship. Snuggles. Memories. Trips. s3x and intimacy. Personal growth and development.

And all the FEELINGS that come along with partnership: safety, security, stability, love, adoration, connectedness, desire and more.

I want you to imagine…

  • Imagine waking up and FEELING loved, adored, cherished, supported.
  • Imagine having the man you love greet you with a smile, an ‘I love you” and your cup of coffee in the morning.
  • Imagine your partner having dinner warm and ready and waiting for you when you get home after a long day at the office.
  • Imagine your man planning the entire New Years Eve getaway… and you completely trusting him to plan something incredible.
  • Imagine being such a strong, sexy, funny, intelligent, successful man… that you get butterflies every time you see him… and he’s yours. And he’s completely dedicated to you.
  • Imagine you finally have the relationship you’ve always dreamed of but were scared actually existed.
  • Imagine if you got everything you desired and so much more! 

You could have MORE… so much MORE in your life. The love, trust, connection, bond, friendship, stability, and support that only partnership with the right man provides.

Are you ready to stop telling yourself that you can ‘do it all on your own’ and that you ‘don’t need a man’?

The Magnetic Femme is how you quickly move beyond the old stories and fears and blocks you’ve built up around love and the right type of high-caliber relationship entering your life. (Click here to find out more.)

Rather than think about all the ways a man could interfere with your successful life that you’ve built all on your own…

I want you focusing on all the ways the RIGHT MAN ADDS to your life.

  • Intimacy + s3x is a lot more incredible with two…
  • Dinners are more intimate and special with two…
  • Trips around the world to magical far off locations are more memorable with two…
  • Holidays are merrier with two…
  • Storms are easier to weather with two…
  • Love is multiplied by so much more when shared between two…

You don’t need a man like you need food, water, shelter and oxygen. I agree.

But you deeply desire a partner who is your equal on every level that fulfills the emotional needs of your heart.

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Where To Meet NEW Amazing Men (part 3 of 3)

Most women notice the huge gap between where they are (single) and where they want to be (in an amazing relationship with their equal).

And they think about how much TIME it’s going to take to meet him.

Plus the fact that they haven’t (yet) met him in the last 35, 40 or 45 years… so IF they even meet him is it going to take decades?

And so what do they do?

They give up.

They let PERCEIVED TIME get in the way.

​They think the gap is too large so they don’t take action at all.

But this is where the compound effect comes into play. 

If you ate a candy bar ever afternoon with your lunch, it might not seem like a lot. But let’s say that candy bar has 200 calories. Within 18 days, you’ve eaten enough extra calories to add a pound of weight. Within a year, you’ve gained 20 pounds!

Let’s say you decide to do the opposite.

To remove ONLY 200 calories from your diet every day and change nothing else.

For awhile it seems like NOTHING is happening… but after a year you’ve potentially LOST 20 pounds!

Small daily actions might not seem like much because it takes TIME to see the results of those actions.

In the case of love, what are small daily actions that you could take that would add up over time? 

For example: Every weekend I commit to going to a new location (BY MYSELF) and talking to at least one new person and smiling to at least 3 new people (because maybe one I will eventually talk to or he/she will come up to me)

… that’s at least 52 new men you are meeting a year!

For example: Rather than order my groceries online, I’m going to GO to the grocery store. And, once a week when I’m grocery shopping I’m going to complement one person (ideally a cute guy)

… imagine if you did this once a week every week – that’s another 52 new men you’re exposed to over the course of a year!

Can you think of any other small daily actions that will add up over time? Not only for your love life but for all areas of your life?


Now that you’re changing your habits to meet new men… how do you ensure that they are attracted to you?

Great question!!!!

Within The Irresistible Woman, you’ll learn:

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– How to Become the Woman That Men Want to Commit To

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Where to Meet NEW High Caliber Men (part 2)

It’s time for YOU to become the center of the social hub! Rather than hoping and praying you’ll naturally run into your person or you’ll be set up by friends, take charge of your social circle by becoming the center of the social hub. 

What you are going to do is this: 

2x /month you will create a Happy Hour event

This will happen consistently at the same time every other week.

It’s simple. It’s a 2 Hour Meet-up where you invite your friends.

Then tell your friends to bring a friend/colleague.

(Now you just doubled numbers + potentials.)

Then you ask yourself who you want to get to know better? Invite them.

Then you think about who might be a romantic interest. Invite them.

New fun person you just met? Invite them.

“Next Tuesday a group of us are getting together for Happy Hour… come! And bring a friend or two!”

Let everyone know they can always bring a friend. In fact, PLEASE bring a friend!

This is low pressure. Everyone mingles with others. There isn’t the pressure of a date.

It happens twice a month… you’re constantly meeting new people that you’ll most likely get along with because they are friends of friends.

It quickly gathers momentum and gets a life of its own.

This is a wonderful way to meet new amazing people and get to know them without the formalities of a date with someone that you don’t even know!

This is how you are more efficient with your time and meeting new potential partners!

Plus it helps you stay in touch with those you love hanging out with!

Your homework: get started at being Miss Social and the life of the party… and before you know it, you’re meeting so many new amazing humans… one of which might become your person… or your person might be a connection of them and eventually show up at one of your gatherings!

Now that you are making a plan to get out there and meet new men… how do you become Irresistible to them?

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