Why is it so hard to find true love? 


🌟 Are you a single female who is frustrated with being alone and more than ready to finally meet your soul mate?

🌟 Do you seem to be making the same mistakes but with new men?

🌟 Are you attracting in those men who are ‘emotionally unavailable’ or ‘not good enough’ or worse yet, think you’re ‘not good enough’?

🌟 Are you scared that perhaps Mr. Right doesn’t exist for you and you’ll have to settle for Mr. Good Enough? 

🌟 Despite all of this, are you ready to have the most amazing deep relationship ever with a strong, powerful man who loves, adores and cherishes you that you are more than proud to show off to your friends and family?!

Then read on, beauty, because I’m here to tell you that things can and will change for you soon! What I've got here is exactly what you need to finally attract your ideal partner!

My Story -

I was once in your shoes, Cinderella...

I didn’t always have Prince Charming in my life.

I’ve had boyfriends. I’ve had one-night stands. I’ve had guys I thought were my boyfriends, although I’ve no idea what they would have called me if asked by their friends.

From a young age, I always knew what I wanted - the Cinderella type romance where a guy would come looking for me. I would simply be ‘doing my thing’ and then BAM! He’d find me.

He’d save me from whatever troubles were plaguing me. And then once he found me, he’d do anything to keep me and keep me happy. But also while maintaining his manhood and confidence and sovereignty.


But then the dream started to fade...


Life and reality got in the way.

I definitely messed up along the way on my search for soulmate level love.

But you know what? 

I didn't know any better!

There were so many relationships that hurt.

They hurt really bad because I wasn’t honoring who I truly was and what I truly wanted.

🌟I settled for less.

🌟I settled for the ‘unavailable’ man (numerous times).

🌟I settled for the ‘not good enough’ man that I wouldn’t be proud to take home to my parents.

🌟I settled for the ‘he’s totally in love with me like I am with him’ even though I knew in my heart he wasn’t.

I was sad. I was hurt. I was starting to lose faith.

The fear creeped in...

Maybe I won’t actually get the love of my life this time around. Maybe true happiness isn’t actually meant for me. Maybe I’ll just have to settle for ‘almost perfect.’ Maybe love isn't really that important to me. Maybe I'll focus on my career instead. Maybe I don't actually believe in soulmates. Maybe, maybe, maybe...

But then….


Something changed!

Because in my heart, I knew that wasn't true.

That would be going against my belief system that we are all powerful beyond belief. That we are powerful creators of our lives and circumstances. That we are Gods and Goddesses manifesting our realities.

And for me to create a loveless reality just did not resonate with my belief system.

So I kept trying. I studied. I read books. I attended workshops. I interviewed happy couples that I knew and looked up to.

And then...

I hired a coach.

And you know what happened?

It worked!

I had finally decided that enough was enough. I was going to put my money where my belief system was. I KNEW I deserved to have the absolute amazing love that I had been believing in my entire life.

I just needed a little help. A mentor. A guide.

I worked with my love coach and within 4 weeks, I met the one.

And do you know what was finally different? Why it finally worked when after all these years I knew what I wanted and what I desired?


For one, I spent money. And money is energy.

I invested more money in myself than I ever have in the past. (thank you credit cards!)

And that was a BIG SIGN to the universe that I was serious. I was putting my money where my mouth was. I was INVESTING in myself. I was saying “I’m so over this being heartbroken shit. I’m so over this attracting in unavailable men thang. I’m so over being alone.” 

So, by investing money in a coach. By investing a large amount of money in her program, I was saying to the Universe….

I am ready!

And it was worth every damn penny. The love I have right now is priceless. It's everything I've always wanted in a partner. Everything I always knew I deserved. And I finally have it. Can you really put a price tag on true love and the infinite number of blessings it bestows upon  you?

And even worse...

What's the price of not having the love of your life arrive?

A loveless life.... the loneliness...the lack of support of a loving partner...the low self esteem and low self confidence...?

You never really consider the other side of the equation as to the cost of not having what you desire, do you?


Second, I finally started believing in myself.

I raised my self-worth tremendously. Instead of simply reading more books or signing up for as many freebies as I could online, I decided that I was worth it. And this is also what made a significant difference on my journey.

I now realize in hindsight that the number #1 reason that women do NOT attract in the love they desire is that deep down they don't believe that they are worth it.  They don't really think they deserve it. And so they continue to settle for what they have.

When I stopped giving myself only the free stuff and instead starting purchasing the high value stuff, I was finally upleveling my vibration in a HUGE WAY.

You understand what I'm saying here?

You have to value yourself much more than you ever have before for you to attract in a high quality man who is greater than any man you've ever attracted in before.


And finally, I committed to myself and an action plan.

It's one thing to have dreams and goals. It's completely comfortable to sit on the couch in your pajamas and dream about Prince Charming.

But the difference between what I spelled out above (which by the way is what most women feel comfortable doing and nothing more)  and taking action on your dreams is

H. U. G. E.

When I finally signed up for a love coaching program to go from single to soulmate, I was actually committing to an action plan of how the heck I was going to actually manifest my man.

I had someone holding me accountable every single week. I was 'keeping my eye on the prize' so to speak.

And the biggest difference between those who actually accomplish their goals and those who do not?

Perseverance and action. 

It's as simple as that.

And now, I've got Prince Charming by my side!

He appreciates me. He’s grateful for me and tells me on a daily basis. He wakes me up in the morning at exactly 6:30am with kisses (how's that for an alarm clock?!) and breaks open into a huge smile when I walk in the door. He constantly tells me how sexy and beautiful I am and how attracted he is to me. I get loving texts every day and he's always 'taking care' of my emotional needs.

He looks at me like I am his EVERYTHING. He gives me so much love and adoration. But not in a needy way to please me. Instead as an offering of love and dedication.

It has changed my life in so many ways!

We travel and explore the world together. We laugh a lot and I am constantly in a state of awe and gratitude at my partner.

Because of this deep love we share, I am inspired to share my gifts with the world.

My business is booming and filled with clients I adore and are so grateful to work with.


Love truly does change it all. 

Here's What You Need To Know, Sleeping Beauty...

You have to BE the energy you want to attract. Therefore, if you aren't experiencing the type of love you'd like in your life, YOU have to shift YOUR energy.

Relationships are a mirror for what is happening on the inside. Therefore if you constantly berate yourself in your head, or tell yourself mean things, or essentially treat yourself anything less than the Goddess you are, you will absolutely attract in a partner who mirrors how you treat yourself.

Many women unintentionally block love from their lives by listening to the Evil Stepmother that is in their heads. They listen to the words that tell them you're not good enough, you'll always be alone, you're not worthy of lasting love and more. The problem is you cannot attract in a high-quality love if you're unconsciously stuck in low vibrations.


And in only 3 months, that is exactly what you'll learn to do.


I knew surely there were other women out there just like me who had gone through the pain points and struggles that I went through.

And that's how this program came to be.

You're here because you're ready.

You are ready for your soulmate and this program was created specifically for you!


In this program that is tailored specifically for you, I'm going to give you all the tools you need so that you can manifest him within the next 4 months!

In #ManifestHim we'll cover 4 key steps to unraveling your self-doubts, increasing your self-love and ultimately attracting in Prince Charming.

Before you can Manifest Him you must begin the very important process of preparing your self for love. Within this first step you will prepare yourself to be ready for a partner who sees, loves and accepts the real you. No more pretending to be someone you're not.

Now, you'll be in control of your destiny and be the one to discern the clear direction of where you are hoping to arrive after only 12 weeks! Your fairy godmother (me!) will help you put together your own personal roadmap to achieving your deepest wishes and desires.

Get ready to: 

  • Unravel the true desires of your heart and no longer be ashamed of what YOU really want to have, be and accomplish in life! 
  • Design a road map to Happily Ever After that takes into consideration the unique needs and desires that you have. 
  • Get crystal clear in what you want in a partner so you can attract in a match who is 100% of what you want!
  • Learn how to love and honor your body for exactly who she is so that your confidence levels can sore and you'll feel happier every day regardless of your shape or size

Yes, YOU are the queen of your kingdom who is looking for her king. But here's the secret....no more searching required! Instead learn how to magnetize and shine. Learn the secrets of simply 'being the fairest of them all' so men can't help but naturally gravitate towards your beauty!

Within this step you'll get rid of toxic stuck energy and patterns that are preventing you from the love you crave. As a result, your self-confidence and self-love levels will soar and you'll FEEL like a Queen!

Here's how we get you there: 

  • You'll learn how to STEP INTO YOUR POWER and let go of past excuses that have held you back from being who you really are and having what you really want (love) 
  • Boost your self-confidence and love the dating process hereby increasing the amount of dates and quality of dates
  • Shed the victim mentality once and for all and become the HEROINE of your love story
  • process triggering emotions  so you’re no longer living a life run by fear, pain and hurt and instead consciously chooses a life filled with love, freedom and joy
  • develop a trust in yourself SO BIG that doubt no longer rules your life and you absolutely know without a doubt that he is on his way to you
  • find and heal your root cause of fear and pain so that you can finally love yourself fully and attract in your soul mate within months 

Let's make love fun again! Learn how to LOVE the dating process and have fun with who you are.

It's also time for you to learn how to 'step-up' in your life! No more excuses. No more blaming. You are NOT the victim. Instead, you ARE the Heroine in your love story, so stop playing the damsel in distress, already!

Learn HOW to love yourself with all you've got! Once the shift happens from rags to riches, Cinderella, your strong and powerful Prince will finally see your light.

Show me the love: 

  • You'll finally KNOW in every cell of your body that you are the prize worthy of Prince Charming - no more self-doubts, no more body shame, just pure LOVE for yourself 
  • Heal past traumas from prior relationships with all men including your father and past lovers so that your heart is open and available for love 
  • The 'F' word - learn the power of forgiveness in attracting a love story unlike anything you've ever experienced before!
  • feel and look sexier in your body without going to the gym!  🙂
  • get healthier - Really - The more you love yourself and your body and your uniqueness, the body responds instantly...the weight drops off, the food additions go away and you naturally gravitate towards healthier food.
  • have more fun in your life by honoring what you love to do! And who doesn’t like more fun? And when you learn to love your life exactly how it is, you'll attract more amazing experiences (and people) into your life that resonate with your joy!

This is it! Thee climax of your own personal love story. You've worked hard over the past weeks to become the Princess that you know you are. Learn the final transformation....get into the carriage...and get on your way to the ball! After all, your Prince and your Happily Ever After are waiting!

This is how we do it: 

  • Uncover the magic of the universe and learn how to REALLY manifest the desires of your heart (love potions and magic spells, baby!) 
  • find inner peace through trusting your body’s wisdom instead of the worrying thoughts in the mind which results in learning to listen to and trust your intuition
  • Understand the Law of Attraction (what you give you get) and how to harness it's power to attract to you a powerful, strong and perfect man for you
  • Get excited about (and create!) a wonderful new life that you don't even recognize filled with love, support and joy!
  • never feel the pain of heartbreak again (and that's the BIG one, right?) and instead consciously manifest a life you desire, a deep love for yourself, and the knowing that a high quality man is on his way to you now!

♡ 16 60 minute sessions over the course of 60 weeks done via Zoom.

♡ HEART’s DESIRE packet to fill out before we begin so I can receive your desires, witness your pain and tune into what is truly your heart’s desire in calling in your soulmate. My questions will guide you, all you have to do is show up.

♡ Heart Opening Homework Assignments crafted to your needs to reclaim your confidence, love and passion.

♡ Weekly email support to support you on emotional processing, breakthroughs, questions and concerns.

♡ Opportunity to record all/any coaching sessions and revisit any coaching at your own convenience to skyrocket your success.

♡ Pre and Post session updates to keep you 100% on track and getting the results you desire

♡ 1 delivered gift from Emyrald at some point throughout our time together to inspire your feminine freedom and connection to the divine feminine.

♡ Access to any live programs I'm launching during your coaching program

♡ Immediate and life-time access (see more details below) to ALL of my online programs to jump-start your success

In 16 weeks I'll show you how to be love and manifest him!

Investment: 4 monthly payments of $2500

Or pay in full: $8,000

Ready to finally manifest the love of your life?

<< Apply Now >>I'm ready for my soulmate!

Ladies In Love...

WOW! Working with you over the past few months has really pushed me to investigate my thoughts on a regular basis. I don’t think that I have ever been this mindful of my belief system and how it operates. I finally TRULY understand how powerful our thoughts can be, but also how simple it can be to take charge and change your life. (If you’re ready)

Working with Emyrald is good for any woman who wants to be empowered and take control of her life! It is for folks who are stuck in unhealthy thought patterns and people who keep hitting walls in their lives, whether it be their romantic lives, their professional lives or their personal lives. I think it’s also good for anyone who is on a spiritual journey and wants to understand the link between spirituality and love.

This is for anyone who is willing to take a critical and deep look at their behavior and is ready for a new way to be in the world; A way that will bring them peace, harmony and empowerment.

Jodie, Nevada

Here's what's also included when you sign up:

In my 7 day mini course you'll learn: 

  1. The actual process you MUST be doing on a daily basis to attract the one to you regardless of what you’ve tried before
  2. The magic ingredient to manifesting that you’re probably missing from your daily life
  3. The powerful ACTION STEP you can take RIGHT NOW to make space in your life for love (that probably isn’t there right now)
  4. How to use the power of your conscious and subconscious mind to get what you want (which is love, right?)
  5. How to retell your ‘love story’ to work FOR you instead of AGAINST you on your quest for love

In my 3 part masterclass you'll learn: 

♡ ONE: The most important change to make in your life to become irresistible to men!

♡ TWO: 5 Truths to change your dating life forever!

♡ THREE: The 7 Things you do to stay single....and how to reverse them!


In my 8 week self-study program you'll receive:

🌟 8 Video Coaching Lessons instructing you how to unravel your limiting beliefs, step into an empowered version of yourself and ultimately learn how to attract your love to you.

🌟 8 Intensive Written Instructions and Exercises designed perfectly to go along with the video lessons. You MUST take inspired action for the teachings to work for you. 

🌟 Private Facebook Group with live access to me and others in the program for continual support for your lifetime 

🌟 Plus Lifetime access to the 8 week program so you can go through the lessons over and over again plus receive access to any future updates to the course

    I'm Ready to Manifest Him!APPLY NOW

    Limited spots open for my #MANIFESTHIM coaching program!

    I only work with 10 women at a time in order to give my all!

    I asked you to give your all, remember?

    I promise to do the same.

    There are only 10 spots available for each 12 week program…

    This is the ultimate roadmap to love and there are limited spots available.

    Will one of them be reserved for you?

    Yes! I'm ready!

    You have to have the help of someone who has gone before you.

    Someone who can show you the ropes and give you the tools you need to succeed in manifesting the love life you adore and that fills you up with passion and excitement!

    I'm here to do that for you.

    I'm here to bring you into a loving relationship so strong and so powerful that you'll never doubt love again.

    Here's what I believe...

    This Program is perfect for you if:

    ♡ deep down in your core you feel like you're not good enough

    ♡ you’ve been settling in your love life your entire life

    ♡ you are ready to manifest your soul mate in the short term future

    ♡ you believe in true love

    ♡ you believe in working towards your goals and dreams

    ♡ you're looking for a roadmap to love because that's exactly what this program is

    DISCLAIMER: This course is probably NOT for you if:

    💔  you want someone to do the work for you

    💔 having an amazing relationship is not HIGH PRIORITY to you

    💔 you’re completely content with being alone and sad and frustrated and have no desire to move towards a relationship filled with love and passion and excitement

    💔 you're jaded and think there's no one out there for you. Like really. Deep down inside your heart is shriveled up and crying and barely beating. (was that too dramatic?)


    If you decide to hire me as your coach, I have one rule that can never be broken:

    YOU must do the work.

    I will give you all the tools to learn how to fish, but I will not bring the fish to you. I don’t offer refunds for my 1:1 coaching intensives. I show up 120% for every appointment and you must commit to do the same. 

    ♡ I won’t tell you what is right and wrong.

    ♡ I won’t tell you what you SHOULD do (although I’ll offer my opinion and advice and stories that I went through in a similar situation).

    ♡ I won’t tell you who is your ideal match.

    ♡ I will support you. I will give you all the tools necessary to get you from where you are today to where you want to be.

    I used to look for a man to complete/fix/save me.  

    And that was my biggest problem. I was looking outside of myself for love. And that is why all my relationships were a mess and ended in tears.

    A powerful woman in love with herself is complete on her own.

    After years of forgetting myself and self sabotaging my relationships, I have finally stepped into my power.

    I am in an amazing relationship and yet, I don't need it. 

    I am everything that I need. I am whole and complete on my own.

    I love myself and cherish myself and give myself the love I deserve.

    Every action you take either gives you energy or takes away from your valuable life force. Your daily choices affect who you are and the circumstances you are surrounded with.


    You must be the energy you want to attract.


    Your connection to love is mirrored back to you in your intimate relationship.


    We attract to us who we are, not what we want.


    And once I allowed myself to BECOME LOVE, you know what happened??

    I #MANIFESTEDHIM with ease.


    I manifested a man who loves, adores and cherishes me for who I am.


    Make the choice for love and you'll attract in the most amazing partner you could ever dream of!

    Here's the bottom line...

    If you enroll in this program and follow my suggestions and do the homework assignments, then I personally guarantee that your love life will change.

    You will experience a radical change in your life. Guaranteed.

    You will be given a roadmap filled with tools to implement and steps to take that bring you five million steps closer to attracting in your ideal partner.

    You will shine in your true authentic feminine power and men will be naturally attracted to you.

    You will experience freedom and joy like you've never experienced before.


    You will manifest your soulmate!

    Investment: 4 Payments of $2500

    Pay in Full: $8000

    Ready to finally #ManifestHim in as little as 16 weeks?!

    << I'm ready for my Prince! >>
    Zoe Davenport

    About only 4 weeks I met someone! He was about 80% of what I had written down on the manifestation worksheets that Emyrald had provided. It’s the first time I’ve ever had an emotionally available and heart-felt relationshipwith somebody with no expectations of the future!

    • Sign up IMMEDIATELY to work with Emyrald and stop reading this!

    Zoe Davenport

    About the middle of Aug out of nowhere I met a beautiful man. He is from England, divorced and recently moved to this area. We have been inseparable ever since. He's my person. 

    THANK YOU, there are no accidents and I know that you and your coaching came in to my life when it was needed most AND your methodology works! I know just by just tuning into new ideas about love and attraction and getting super clear on what I want, I manifested my dreamy man.

    N., Colorado

    You've already been doing things 'your way' your entire life and look where it has gotten you.

    It's obviously NOT WORKING for ya.

    You've found this program and if it speaks to you, trust your gut.

    Follow your intuition.

    Follow your dreams.

    Follow your heart.

    Get started down the path to Happily Ever After today!

    Don't live a loveless life filled with regret.

    Get off the sidelines and get in the game!

    If you get started today - in as little as 16 weeks, you could be enjoying a love-filled life with your soulmate by your side!

    Won't that feel amazing?

    Click the  button and I'll see you in the #manifesthim coaching intensive - True Love awaits you! 

    I'm Ready to Manifest Him!APPLY NOW


    I’m busy, I’m not sure I’ll have time for this. +

    I hear you, love. This program might NOT be for everyone. But if you are truly committed to doing the work and calling in your partner, I fully believe you can make time for this course. It’s 15 minutes a day, every day. If its’ important to you, you can make time for this.

    How much time do I need to dedicate every week to this? +

    To complete the various tasks and homework assignments, you’ll need to dedicate between 15 and 30 minutes a day in addition to our coaching calls once a week.

    What will we cover in our hour long coaching calls? +

    While I have a set (but loose) outline of our eight weeks together, each call is strongly influenced by you! At the beginning of every call, I’ll pull a Goddess card to set the intention for the call. After I go over the suggested topic for the week, it’s your job to bring specific questions to me so I can coach you in the area you need to be coached or through any problems you are having that week. It’s your responsibility to ask the questions around the subjects that you still need clarity on from the prior week’s call or  homework assignments. We’ll touch on homework for the following week in addition to any resources that I suggest for you.

    That all being said, trust me and trust in the process. After all the women I've coached, I have a very good idea of what works.

    Will there by any outside reading required for this journey? +

    I will share many different books and audios that I HIGHLY suggest you read throughout our time together. They focus on various topics around love, self-love, masculine and feminine, consciousness, emotional processing, women’s empowerment and more. You are not required to read them. However, they have been part of my journey and have provided me with so much help and guidance and wisdom, that I feel like they would do the same for you!

    What makes you different from other coaches/therapists out there? +

    Six words: Manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

    I was raised by a hypnotherapist and learned first hand how to actually create our realities by using the power of our minds.

    Our beliefs are what shape our realities and if you don' t believe you are worthy of love or that there are 'no good men in my town' then THAT is the exactly reality you will create.

    I believe that all parts of you are good and perfect and have brought you exactly where you need to be today. I will help you learn to love yourself and trust yourself and treasure yourself. Within our first 60 minutes together, I will know exactly what your limiting beliefs are that are getting in your way from your Happily Ever After and create your personalized plan to get you where you want to be.

    This is a feminine process of letting go of what no longer serves you so that you can make room for that which you truly desire!

    And finally - I've been where you are at, sister! I can get you to where you want to be. It makes a world of a difference when your coach as been there and can tell you that things will get better. It IS possible to manifest your soulmate.

    I Promise. I did it. So can you!

    What are you trained in? +

    I have been leading workshops and retreats for the past ten years with training in breath work, yoga, emotional release work, emotional freedom technique, intimacy training, sensuality training, divine masculine and feminine, and more. What I believe in most is the wisdom of the body; the intuition of the body; the divine guidance that the body provides when one listens. I have a business degree from the University of Vermont, advanced certification plus my 200 hour yoga teacher certification, certified raw food chef by the Sunfood Kitchen and am a certified nutritionist.

    For me, the lifelong pursuit of knowledge never ends. My work has been influenced by David Deida, Dr. Pat Allen, Dr. Gary Chapman, Kris Ward of the Abundant Yogi, Shelly Bullard, Don Miguel Ruiz, Jen Sincero, and Byron Katie.

    Plus, let me reiterate the point I stated to the prior question, I've been where you're at, sister! Allow me to be your guide and walk you over the bridge to love, baby!


    Still have questions?


    << Let's Chat >>I'm ready to manifest my love


    More Testimonials

    Thank you for your coaching advice! You'd be so proud of me. I just had a real good boundary talk with bartender boy who has been trying to hookup with me. I told him I'm over the hookups, want more, want to date, but don't want a relationship yet. I was super honest. Told him he needs to be super aware of where I'm at. I told him I have more to offer than my body. So he asked me out on a date!

    I feel super empowered because of you and your coaching and your guidance!

    Because of you, I found strength within myself! I'm so grateful for you, Emyrald!


    I encourage anyone who is serious about finding that right person to have a coaching call with Emyrald. You’ll leave the call with much greater clarity about your vision for the kind of relationship you really want, versus the one you might be willing to settle for. Also be ready to see some of the patterns that are keeping you stuck in a place where you’re not fulfilled. Thank you for your support and inspiration!


    Emyrald helped me realize the importance of visualization. I realize I have lots of work to do in regards to developing the feelings of what I want in the NOW. While Emyrald helped me get crystal clear in what I want in a partnership, I also realized that I’m not entirely clear on my ‘why’ and what this relationship will ‘do’ for me.

    Because of working with Emyrald, I realize that there is SO MUCH WAITING FOR ME, and I’m not tapping into it in the current moment. My feelings of unworthiness are getting in the way. But now I feel excited and engaged about what is waiting for me!

    Jane, The U.K.