The “ONE THING” to apply if you’re looking for Love

A couple of years ago at about this time, I met Mary. Mary is single, successful, running her own business, an art enthusiast, a sailor, a tennis player, drop dead gorgeous, with a rich social life. 

Truly you would look at her from the outside and think she had it all! 

However, after chatting with her for 45 minutes it was obvious she did not. 

She was drowning in self-worth issues and all her external successes were simply a way of her trying to prove herself to the world. 

And this same energy spilled over into her relationships. 

  • She was trying to prove herself to the men she was dating
  • She wasn’t being honest with how successful she was (she thought it would intimidate men)
  • She would change little things about herself in order to please the guy
  • She was still ‘stalking’ her ex on facebook and staying up way too late drinking way too much wine wondering why he had moved on and she was still single

To the outside world she appeared successful & confident. 

But inside, she was crumbling, felt alone and spent many weekends depressed.

And if this is you, I want you to know that you’re not alone and it’s completely normal to feel how you feel. 

And I also need you to know that this can shift quickly in a matter of weeks! 

Mary and I worked together for four months. It actually took her LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS to meet Edward. And in that time period, she started being CHASED by super high quality suitors. She had her pick of a handful of men to choose from. 

She shifted from the woman who didn’t know her worth and suffered from low self confidence to the woman who told me in an email: 

“I am dating four super high-quality men right now! And I KNOW that if it’s not one of these men, another one will be on his way that is even better!” 

Talk about confidence! ✊

And do you want to know what shifted? 

Do you want to know that ONE THING we worked on? 

It might sound simplistic, but it works. In fact, for anything to shift in your life, it has to be easy to apply …. or else you won’t do it. 

She had to stop looking externally for her validation and worth. She had to stop placing her value in her material successes and achievements. She had to stop thinking that her life would finally have value once she had the attractive, successful man by her side. 

^ This ONE THING I teach all of my clients. 

It sounds counter-intuitive but this ONE THING is what gets all of my clients being pursued by high-quality men. 

And this shift is what is necessary to happen if you want to call in your Prince. 

It’s many years later and Mary & Edward are still happily coupled up.
 They travel the world together. They buy art together. They discuss music, politics and world events. They play tennis & sail around Europe together. 

Truly, he is her match made in heaven. 

And I want you to know that this is possible for you as well. 

You get to have it all in life! Your successful career AND your high-caliber match to enjoy your life with. 

The only thing missing is you applying the ONE THING that I teach all my clients during our private coaching experience. 

And so today I’m offering you a free 30 minute consult call where we will discuss what has not worked in the past and my proven roadmap to call in your match. 

It worked for Mary. It’s worked for thousands of others. And I promise, it will work for you as well. 

The only thing missing is YOU DECIDING that it’s your time to have BOTH the successful career & rich social life… PLUS the love of your life to enjoy it all with. 

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