(Explicit) #truthtuesdays ep 35 interview with Gillian Sky Walker – Love & Relationship Coach

You know the one thing I LOVE most about having my own business? 

It’s that I get to run the show and do whatever the hell (or heavens, for that matter) I want to do! Meaning, I get to swear when I want to. And in this week’s edition of #TruthTuesdays, Gillian Sky Walker and I swear. A lot. 

  • So, if you’re offended by words that start with F and end with K…
  • If you really don’t care to hear synonyms for crap, poo or poopy…
  • And if you think multiple marriages is something that cannot be forgiven…

Then do NOT watch this week’s episode of #TruthTuesdays. 

Because Gillian and I are real and raw and we drop the F-Bomb. Multiple times. Gillian also confesses intimate details about the failure of her first…and second…marriages. 


We have a lot of TRUTH to share with you this week if you’re looking to score life-long love and intimacy and it can be nicely emphasized by cursing a bunch and shaking you out of your stupor! 

You hear me? 


May I present to you Gillian Sky Walker

– Life Coach. Yoga Teacher. Stripper. Shaman. Love is the answer. And I can help you find it.  –

Taken directly from her Facebook profile page. (Which if you haven’t Facebook stalked her yet, do it now.)

You can also get some help (if you’re single) with your online dating profile by cruising over to her website – Profile Pimpers. Yup. How cool is she? 

Gillian is a Love and Relationship Coach and I LOVE having her as a friend and presenting her decades of knowledge onto you now, dear reader and watcher. 


Just so you know what you're getting yourself into when you click play above, let me give you a little bit of what you're going to catch on the video. 

  • www.ProfilePimpers.com - optimize your online profile to land dates with high quality individuals (minute 1) 
  • Gillian first marriage and her run-in (and out) with a certain religious organization (minute 3)
  • Gillian second marriage, red flags, horrific dating experiences and Peter Pans, "washed up goods" at 31 years old and why you should 'trust your fucking intuition' (minute 4) 
  • Soul searching, 'WTF am I doing?' moments, plus the other F word (FEAR) keeping her (and you!) in relationships that aren't meant to be (minute 5) 
  • The Peru Decision aka Ayahuasca aka 'the Mind Fuck' and leading to a lot of throwing up, leaving her second marriage and finding her true 'soulmate' (minute 6) 
  • Over-giving, the 'shell of a person' = needs not getting met (minute 8) 
  • How to find your power again (minute 11) 
  • Make decisions from a place of __________ (*hint - has to do with self-love) (minute 13) 
  • The "F-You Power" and "F-Yeah Vibration" (minute 14)
  • How to find your way back to yourself (minute 16)
  • THIS is the best way to start your day to set yourself up for success (minute 17)
  • Challenges and perks of a long distance relationship (minute 19)
  • How incredibly important __________ is to the success of a soulmate relationship (minute 20) 
  • What to look for in a life partner (minute 22) 
  • Advice for all couples to keep the magic alive (minute 26) 
  • Advice for all single women looking to land Prince Charming (minute 27) 


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