12 Universal Laws

You did it! You made it to this page which means you are interested in learning how to use all 12 Universal Laws in order to Manifest everything your heart desires and more!

I know… it’s discouraging when your manifestations don’t appear in the time frame you desire. 

And I know it’s easy to think that the Law of Attraction must NOT be working for you!

But by learning (and applying) the 11 other Universal Divine Laws besides the Law of Attraction that are always at play you will become a Manifesting Maven! 

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Watch below and learn about all 12 Universal Laws and make sure to share it with those who will benefit from learning them as well! 

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My Daily Mindset Practice

So many women have begged me for my daily mindset practice and I’m super excited to share it with you today!

My daily mindset practice has helped me to manifest: 

–> my partner (and the one before him) 
–> our house (plus living for FREE in Ecuador for five years before that) 
–> the six figure business that made $4k MORE than what I was working on manifesting 

And so much more! 

If you don’t have a daily mindset practice, perhaps try mine on for size!

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