The Pros and Cons of Sleeping with Your Ex…

Having sex with your ex is like watching “The Notebook” for the first time.

It feels good while you’re doing it….

You’re completely captivated and and slightly sweaty and at the edge of your seat…

But for some reason at the end, you’re left crying and in tears and kinda feeling empty inside.


So, why not consider the real pros and cons of sleeping with your ex?


PRO – You know what you’re going to get. No creeps. No ‘you wanna put what, where?!’

CON – You know what you’re in for. Afterwards you remember, oh yea, I got so tired of him doing that trick. Booooring.


PRO – They’ve seen you at your worse and they still think you’re good enough to hook up with.

CON – They’ve seen you at your worst! Remember all the fights and yelling and horrible things you’ve said to one another!? Do you really want to be intimate with this person? Remember when they said horrible things to you!?


PRO – They know what you like.

CON – You have the possibility of getting addicted to them again. Because the sex was/is so good. But ultimately that’s all it is. Good sex.


PRO – Cuddling. Ahh, feel so good.

CON – Cuddling leads to warm and fuzzy feelings for someone you broke up with for a reason. Or that broke up with you for a reason.


PRO – You don’t have to sneak up real early to do your make-up and brush your teeth before he wakes up. Because, ‘yes, I totally look like this when I wake up.’

CON – Most likely he’s going to leave right after (or even before) you fall asleep. Kinda making you feel like a whore.


PRO – You have a fuck buddy.

CON – You get comfortable and don’t go out on dates and meet new people. And um, hello, how are you going to meet the love of your life is you’re still screwing your ex?


PRO – They’ve totally changed! He’s matured! He’s grown up! Holy crap, THIS is the relationship you’ve been waiting for since you broke up!

CON – Oh, wait. Nope. Now I see why we broke up in the first place.


PRO – You won’t get murdered by some stranger that you met on tinder or

CON – You could get murdered because your ex is secretly harboring deep seeded feelings of hate towards you. (OMG, I’m just kidding! You’re not going to get murdered.)


PRO – They want to get back together! Yea!!

CON – They want to get back together. Oh crap….

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