Single for the Holidays

Get ready to LOVE being single this holiday season!

Plus learn some love attraction tips, too! 

7 Holiday Survival Tips to Commit to Memory… if you’re single and want to ENJOY this holiday season! 

Being single CAN be a challenge during the holiday season. These powerful tips are meant to help you prepare (and enjoy) the holidays when your FB status is set to ‘single.’ 

The 10 proven ways to boost holiday cheer…which actually help you to attract high-quality men to you!

Like attracts like. It’s LAW. So if you focus on boosting holiday cheer and BEING a happy and loving woman, you’ll actually make yourself more available to love! 

9 Secrets to Become the Belle of the Ball

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7 Reasons to LOVE being Single during the Holidays (or any time of year for that matter)

Newsflash: being single during the holidays can massively suck.

(And in other news, the sky is blue, the snow is white, and eggnog is disgusting)

But guess what, lady?!

Being SINGLE during the holidays can actually be the ‘most wonderful time of the year.’

So before you drown your sorrows in a cup of whiskey and hot cocoa…

Why not FIRST focus on these 7 AMAZING reasons why being single during the holidays is actually an awesome thing! (plus, I give you one extra bonus reason….so stick around until the end!)

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7 Reasons to LOVE being single for the Holidays!

1. Quality Time with Friends and Family

This is a wonderful time to deepen the connection with those that are already in your life! Instead of focusing on why you’re oh-so-alone, why don’t  you put more energy into relationships with those that you already love!? Or the family members that you only see once a year!?

You’re already surrounded by loved ones. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and have a great time with those amazing people that already love and adore you, baby!


2. Pamper Yo’self

And that’s an order!

Guess what?

You have no significant other to spend money on in the form of gifts, booze, dinners, etc. 

So save that money and spend it on you!

Have you had your eye on something special for you for a while? Well NOW is the perfect time to get yourself those pair of shoes, or new phone or put the money aside for a trip. You get the idea!

On a side note – If you are stressing that you’re alone, NOW is the time to learn these 3 ways to become Irresistible. 


3. Work it out, baby

Instead of moping around feeling sorry for yourself, use your free time to work out! Get in shape. Get in better shape! Head to the gym with your single girlfriends instead of having another martini after work.

This is the perfect time to actually utilize your free time towards something productive….like taking care of that beautiful body of yours!


4. Socialize and Be Merry

When you’re single….you get to meet MORE people! So get out there and socialize because you’re not going to be single forever. Enjoy the fact that you can unabashedly meet and flirt with everyone at the party (until you find out they are taken, of course).

And on another side note, you actually don’t have to worry about fights with your significant other. And for some reason, they seem to come up a lot during the holidays! Fights about money, fights about family, fights about who has to shovel this time, etc…


5. Tell peeps you’re single

For some reason, during the holidays us coupled people like to set up our single friends! So this is great time to announce to the world that you’re single. And that you’re totally open to being set up on blind dates. And that you’d totally love to tag along with couples to their functions. You’d be amazing at how FULL your social calendar can become!

Fun Story…

One Single Year – one of my married friends invited me to their Jewish family holiday Hanukkah party! It was so much fun and totally amazing! I learned so much. I ate new food. I got hit on by 80 year old uncles. AND I didn’t necessarily have to worry about being polite to the snobby aunt that no-one could stand to be around, because they weren’t my family!

Ha! You just never know what will happen when you’re open to tagging along to everyone else’s events!


6. Start your Resolutions Early

Want to read 50 books next year? Start making the list and buying the books.

Resolve to get yourself to the gym 5 days a week? Start going now!

Want to take the trip of a lifetime? Start saving now and looking up flights!

You get the idea. Use this extra time to start working on you and what makes you happy and feel fulfilled in life. Instead of focusing on the lack and what you don’t have.

Which is pretty much the fastest way to feel bad about yourself and get stuck in your misery.


7. Holiday Guilty Pleasures

I once ate an entire pumpkin pie in one sitting in high school.

And I’ve done it again since.


Because I LOVE pumpkin pie.

And I had no one to share it with.

Now I’m not saying you should sit around and stuff your face with bonbons.

But the point I’m trying to make is that if you want to sit around in comfy pajamas all weekend and watch the Hallmark channel holiday movie marathon for 36 hours straight…

Well you can do just that, now can’t you?

And if you’re obsessed with holiday music, well you can sing ‘Single Bells, Single Bells’ at the top of your lungs while drinking a bottle (or two) of wine on Christmas Eve, now can’t you???


8. In Laws.

Seriously. Need I elaborate more on that bonus reason?

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55 Winter Dates Ideas

Winter is in full swing in Colorado!

And while I can think of a million and one different things to do in winter and enjoying the snow, some people get a bit snuck.

They want to hide from the snow and they hate being cold.

And or many, it can be challenging to come up with creative date ideas.

I’ve got your back.

Here are enough date ideas to get you through the cold winter months to help you LOVE this time of the year!

55 winter date ideas by love coach emyrald sinclaire

55 Winter Date Ideas

  1. Go to a bunch of chocolate shops and sample the hot chocolate. Compare it at every location.
  2. Make a snowman in the park. Bring hot chocolate in a thermos to drink.
  3. Go ice skating. Hold hands.
  4. Donate your time together at the food kitchen.
  5. Drink a bottle of wine in front of the fire
  6. Go to the sled hill and have a competition! Who can sled the furthest? Then snuggle up on the same sled and see if you can go further!
  7. Walk around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights.
  8. Sneak a flask into the movie theater and watch a holiday movie.
  9. Go skiing or snowboarding together. If you’d never been, take a lesson together.
  10. Decorate gingerbread houses together.
  11. Dress up. Go out to eat at a fancy restaurant and then go to the symphony or watch the Nutcracker Ballet.
  12. Plan a snowball fight with your neighbors.
  13. Go out to breakfast in your pajamas.
  14. Make homemade soup and bread together.
  15. Go on a horse-drawn carriage ride together.
  16. Get your picture taken together with Santa.
  17. Shovel snow together. Shovel a neighbors driveway.
  18. Rub each other’s feet.
  19. Surprise your significant other at work with a coffee or hot chocolate.
  20. Get up early. Stay in your PJs. Grab a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee and go watch the sunrise.
  21. Go to a library or book store and take turns reading to each other out of the same book.
  22. Go snowshoeing.
  23. Have a bowling competition. Give each other prizes for worst bowler, best form and most creative bowl.
  24. Have a Christmas movie marathon.
  25. Make snow angels. Then drink hot cider.
  26. Be a kid again. Go to the store and buy your favorite board game as a child and spend all night playing.
  27. Rent a cabin for the night and have a little get-away.
  28. Shop for new PJs together.
  29. Make cinnamon rolls.
  30. Have an indoor picnic on the floor. Bonus points – light a candle and turn down the lights.
  31. Take dance lessons together.
  32. Make blessing bags for the homeless and hand them out together.
  33. Make cookies. Decorate them. Eat some. Give the rest away.
  34. Volunteer at an assisted-living center and play card games and talk to those that live there.
  35. Create a vision board together.
  36. Build a snow fort!
  37. Snuggle together in bed or on the couch and read a book together.
  38. Put together a puzzle.
  39. Go to a town you’ve never been to and look at Christmas lights.
  40. Rent snowmobiles and have an adventure together.
  41. Have a popcorn and pajama party. Watch a romantic comedy.
  42. Make ornaments for holiday presents.
  43. Make paper snowflakes together and hang them around the house.
  44. Take a cooking class together.
  45. Learn how to knit, sow, pinpoint, etc and do it together on the couch.
  46. Take a bubble bath together.
  47. Make a winter wreath.
  48. Go to an art museum. Have a glass of wine first at a fancy restaurant you’ve never been to.
  49. Take kissing selfies in the snow.
  50. Go caroling
  51. Listen to Michael Buble and dance in the living room.
  52. Go for a drive through the snow and take pictures
  53. Go winter camping
  54. Make a bonfire and roast marshmallows.
  55. The next time it snows, put on all your gear and go for a walk in the snow holding hands.



I posted this question in my Facebook group and got a bunch of ideas that I hadn’t even thought of! Join us there and get some more love tips of your own!

56. Going to the hot springs.

57. Decorating the house and putting up xmas lights.

58. Picking out a xmas tree together and setting it up.

59. Strolling arm in arm and visiting xmas shops.

60. Hot chocolate, sleigh ride, and a romantic dinner in front of the fire place with martinis

61. Silly hat contest

62. Who can purchase the most useless pair of mittens

63. Surprise snowball attack on someone and drinking Irish Coffees together.

64. Watching/playing basketball and hockey games

65. Ice Fishing. Nothing says romance like sitting over a hole in the ice together waiting of the fish to bite.

66. Pinball. What?! I don’t know. But why not?

67. Walking through the forest and admiring how the snow clings to the trees.

68. Giving each other massages. Sensually.

69. Dog sledding!

Do you have any of your own favorite holiday dates? 


Comment below!