Where To Meet NEW Amazing Men (part 3 of 3)

Most women notice the huge gap between where they are (single) and where they want to be (in an amazing relationship with their equal).

And they think about how much TIME it’s going to take to meet him.

Plus the fact that they haven’t (yet) met him in the last 35, 40 or 45 years… so IF they even meet him is it going to take decades?

And so what do they do?

They give up.

They let PERCEIVED TIME get in the way.

​They think the gap is too large so they don’t take action at all.

But this is where the compound effect comes into play. 

If you ate a candy bar ever afternoon with your lunch, it might not seem like a lot. But let’s say that candy bar has 200 calories. Within 18 days, you’ve eaten enough extra calories to add a pound of weight. Within a year, you’ve gained 20 pounds!

Let’s say you decide to do the opposite.

To remove ONLY 200 calories from your diet every day and change nothing else.

For awhile it seems like NOTHING is happening… but after a year you’ve potentially LOST 20 pounds!

Small daily actions might not seem like much because it takes TIME to see the results of those actions.

In the case of love, what are small daily actions that you could take that would add up over time? 

For example: Every weekend I commit to going to a new location (BY MYSELF) and talking to at least one new person and smiling to at least 3 new people (because maybe one I will eventually talk to or he/she will come up to me)

… that’s at least 52 new men you are meeting a year!

For example: Rather than order my groceries online, I’m going to GO to the grocery store. And, once a week when I’m grocery shopping I’m going to complement one person (ideally a cute guy)

… imagine if you did this once a week every week – that’s another 52 new men you’re exposed to over the course of a year!

Can you think of any other small daily actions that will add up over time? Not only for your love life but for all areas of your life?


Now that you’re changing your habits to meet new men… how do you ensure that they are attracted to you?

Great question!!!!

Within The Irresistible Woman, you’ll learn:

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– The Invisible Elements That Magnetically Attract Men To You Consistently

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– How to Become the Woman That Men Want to Commit To

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Where to Meet NEW High Caliber Men (part 2)

It’s time for YOU to become the center of the social hub! Rather than hoping and praying you’ll naturally run into your person or you’ll be set up by friends, take charge of your social circle by becoming the center of the social hub. 

What you are going to do is this: 

2x /month you will create a Happy Hour event

This will happen consistently at the same time every other week.

It’s simple. It’s a 2 Hour Meet-up where you invite your friends.

Then tell your friends to bring a friend/colleague.

(Now you just doubled numbers + potentials.)

Then you ask yourself who you want to get to know better? Invite them.

Then you think about who might be a romantic interest. Invite them.

New fun person you just met? Invite them.

“Next Tuesday a group of us are getting together for Happy Hour… come! And bring a friend or two!”

Let everyone know they can always bring a friend. In fact, PLEASE bring a friend!

This is low pressure. Everyone mingles with others. There isn’t the pressure of a date.

It happens twice a month… you’re constantly meeting new people that you’ll most likely get along with because they are friends of friends.

It quickly gathers momentum and gets a life of its own.

This is a wonderful way to meet new amazing people and get to know them without the formalities of a date with someone that you don’t even know!

This is how you are more efficient with your time and meeting new potential partners!

Plus it helps you stay in touch with those you love hanging out with!

Your homework: get started at being Miss Social and the life of the party… and before you know it, you’re meeting so many new amazing humans… one of which might become your person… or your person might be a connection of them and eventually show up at one of your gatherings!

Now that you are making a plan to get out there and meet new men… how do you become Irresistible to them?

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Where to Meet NEW Amazing High Caliber Men (part 1 of 3)

Where to Meet NEW Amazing High Caliber Men (part 1 of 3)

I know that you’re busy. I also know you’d like to meet an amazing partner. I also know you’re most likely not into online dating. And you don’t have the time to go out every single night to a new location in order to meet men.

So what do you do? Where do you go? And how do you maximize your time so that you ARE meeting available, high-quality men IN REAL LIFE!!!?? (And once you do meet them, how do you get them to pursue you?)

In real life, you know immediately if you have chemistry.

(Whereas in online dating you have to go out and meet first to find out if you have chemistry and you like him.)

So where do you go when you decide you want to meet someone new?

If you’re like most women, you go to:

  • bars
  • wine bars
  • restaurants
  • coffee shops
  • your typical lunch spot
  • the gym
  • parties

Where you NEED to go to meet men:

>>> You need to get more creative and expand your horizons.

I want you to make a list of 100 places you could go to POTENTIALLY meet men.


Yes! I’m not saying you HAVE to go to all of these place over the next month, but it expands your mindset that you COULD potentially meet your future partner at:

  • a museum
  • a library
  • an art opening
  • the amusement park
  • a dog park
  • the farmers market
  • inside an elevator
  • at a jazz club
  • a scotch tasting { trust me, more men will be here than at a wine tasting 😉 }
  • volunteering for a cause you believe in
  • lunch break at a new restaurant

It’s actually much more relaxed and easier to meet men when you’re not at the typical places … such as the bar.

At the farmers market or a baseball game (standing in line for a hot dog or beer) for example…. you already know you have something in common and you can connect at that level. Whereas if you meet a guy at a bar, you only know he values alcohol or socializing.

I actually once met an ex-partner while standing in line to enter an Abraham Hicks conference. (How amazing to have that level of spiritual connection in common?)

Now, a new locations is not enough… you have to MAKE THE MOST of these new locations.

Are you present and OFF your phone? Are you actually TALKING to NEW people?

  • Ask a guy for support on a machine when you’re at the gym.
  • Ask a cutie for his opinion on a piece of art at the opening.
  • Ask the guy behind you for his recommendation of what to eat at the bistro you visited for lunch.

I want you to look at the next month in your schedule and ask yourself two things:

1 – Is there a way to maximize what I’m already doing?

Could I talk to or meet new people at the same locations I’m always going to? (Such as going to a new class at the gym that is male dominated or NOT wearing your ear buds while working out and saying ‘hi’ to someone new.)


2 – Can I go to new locations as a way to get out of my routine and meet new people as a result?

Doing something you wouldn’t normally do brings you into a new circle of people! And they can turn into new friends. And one of those friends could become your person or be friends with your person! Truly, when you expand your social circle, then you are connected to THEIR social circle. So the more people you know, the more potential you have to meeting your exceptional partner!

(I’ll get more into this with part 2!)

Now that you are making a plan to get out there and meet new men… how do you become Irresistible to them?

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Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

Can you be friends with your ex?

It depends on a variety of factors.

But we can sum it up into something simple:

♥️ If you feel better when you’re around them, If they lift your energy, If they believe in empowering you to be your best self … then most likely YES! You can easily be friends with your ex.

💔 If however, the relationship was based on co-dependency + searching eternally for validation … then it’s going to be challenging to have a healthy relationship with your ex.

Find out more in the video!

From Dating Men Below Her… to Manifesting Her High Caliber Match! (client case study)

I want to share with you a story about a woman named Jennifer. 

Jennifer is a successful career woman at the top of her game! She’s in her 40s and from the outside ‘has it all’ – the title, the money, the house, the friends, the social life, the travel… 

But she’s also:

  • dating men below her level on EVERY level -She didn’t think a man at her level existed 
  • Dating men who were ‘safe’ that she knew would never leave her 
  • Not believing what she wanted existed and so she didn’t ask for it/him 
  • very much in her ‘work mode’ energy – trying to control it all – do it all 
  • Not trusting men to show up in her life – based on her last marriage -she had to do it all on her own 

Today she is: 

  • dating a successful man ABOVE her level of career success (which honestly, she didn’t really believe existed – she knew at a logical level – but didn’t actually think she’d meet him where she lived) 
    • he’s emotionally available 
    • they have great conversations – especially in regards to triggers and needs 
    • he plans all their trips & travel – and does a great job at it!
    • their super busy lives mesh well together 

They just recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary and are making plans for their next year together. 

Can you recognize yourself in Jennifer’s story? Have you been in a similar boat that Jennifer was? Fumbling to find the high-quality men who are successful + Intelligent + interesting to talk to.. Who are at your level of drive? But who also desires to be in partnership with a successful woman? 

What if I told you there was one thing, one thing that would make a huge shift so that you could call in your high-caliber match? And that TODAY is actually the best time for you to find your match then ever before?!

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How To: Success In Love & Career

👵🏼 Spending the rest of your life alone… or worse, wasting your potential with a man that can’t meet you at your level, just isn’t what you deserve.

Neither is being unhappy in a relationship, secretly desiring to have a more fulfilling partnership 💔

🧲✨Thankfully, dating a high-quality man can be easy… if you understand how to call him in… And it’s what my clients are doing…

Every.👏 Single.👏 Day.

⛔ But let me be clear, this is NOT for women who are looking for a quick fix or superficial “magazine dating tips”.

This is ONLY for the woman who wants lasting change and is willing to put in the work it takes to have a thriving career and a fulfilling romantic partnership with her equal.

✅ This method works, it has been verified by over 10,000 of my clients. 

It’s what my private client Lisa N., a successful author and entrepreneur, used to meet her high-caliber fiancé in under 4 months, after years of searching.

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The “ONE THING” to apply if you’re looking for Love

A couple of years ago at about this time, I met Mary. Mary is single, successful, running her own business, an art enthusiast, a sailor, a tennis player, drop dead gorgeous, with a rich social life. 

Truly you would look at her from the outside and think she had it all! 

However, after chatting with her for 45 minutes it was obvious she did not. 

She was drowning in self-worth issues and all her external successes were simply a way of her trying to prove herself to the world. 

And this same energy spilled over into her relationships. 

  • She was trying to prove herself to the men she was dating
  • She wasn’t being honest with how successful she was (she thought it would intimidate men)
  • She would change little things about herself in order to please the guy
  • She was still ‘stalking’ her ex on facebook and staying up way too late drinking way too much wine wondering why he had moved on and she was still single

To the outside world she appeared successful & confident. 

But inside, she was crumbling, felt alone and spent many weekends depressed.

And if this is you, I want you to know that you’re not alone and it’s completely normal to feel how you feel. 

And I also need you to know that this can shift quickly in a matter of weeks! 

Mary and I worked together for four months. It actually took her LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS to meet Edward. And in that time period, she started being CHASED by super high quality suitors. She had her pick of a handful of men to choose from. 

She shifted from the woman who didn’t know her worth and suffered from low self confidence to the woman who told me in an email: 

“I am dating four super high-quality men right now! And I KNOW that if it’s not one of these men, another one will be on his way that is even better!” 

Talk about confidence! ✊

And do you want to know what shifted? 

Do you want to know that ONE THING we worked on? 

It might sound simplistic, but it works. In fact, for anything to shift in your life, it has to be easy to apply …. or else you won’t do it. 

She had to stop looking externally for her validation and worth. She had to stop placing her value in her material successes and achievements. She had to stop thinking that her life would finally have value once she had the attractive, successful man by her side. 

^ This ONE THING I teach all of my clients. 

It sounds counter-intuitive but this ONE THING is what gets all of my clients being pursued by high-quality men. 

And this shift is what is necessary to happen if you want to call in your Prince. 

It’s many years later and Mary & Edward are still happily coupled up.
 They travel the world together. They buy art together. They discuss music, politics and world events. They play tennis & sail around Europe together. 

Truly, he is her match made in heaven. 

And I want you to know that this is possible for you as well. 

You get to have it all in life! Your successful career AND your high-caliber match to enjoy your life with. 

The only thing missing is you applying the ONE THING that I teach all my clients during our private coaching experience. 

And so today I’m offering you a free 30 minute consult call where we will discuss what has not worked in the past and my proven roadmap to call in your match. 

It worked for Mary. It’s worked for thousands of others. And I promise, it will work for you as well. 

The only thing missing is YOU DECIDING that it’s your time to have BOTH the successful career & rich social life… PLUS the love of your life to enjoy it all with. 

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Looking For Love Over the Holidays?

These past two nights I watched my two favorite holiday movies: The Holiday & Love Actually. 

They filled me with the warm fuzzies… but I know that for a lot of women, they feel lonely this time of the year… because all they really want is a man to snuggle up with on these cold winter nights. 

Do you feel the same? 

And not just any man … but your man. A powerful man. A successful man. A brilliant man. A well-traveled man. An emotionally available man. A man you can respect. A man you can trust. 

^This is exactly what my client Jennifer wanted in a partner… 

However: she was dating men beneath her because she didn’t actually believe that a man of her caliber existed. 

And so she was “safe” because she continued to hold the power in her relationships. She knew the guy would never leave her.  

Have you been there? 

Because quite honestly: she was THE CATCH (and men weren’t meeting her at her level.) 

But she also never really felt fulfilled in those relationships either because SO MUCH was missing. 

>>> The connection. The spark. The intimacy. The late night conversations cozied up with a glass of wine in front of the fire. A man she wanted to actually spend the night with after sex.  A partner she trusted to book the travel plans. Hell, a man she wanted to travel with! 

Can you relate? 

  • Are you fumbling to find the men who are at your level? 
  • Are you slightly concerned that men at your level don’t actually exist? 
  • Do you find yourself lowering your standards just so that you don’t have to be alone? 
  • Or worse, deciding that you’ll be alone forever so you’re just focusing on your career instead? 

But what if I told you that you COULD call in your high-caliber match in a very short amount of time? 

For Jennifer, it only took her a couple of months to shift from dating men that were NOT at her level to meeting John… an incredible man who treats her like she deserves to be treated. He’s successful. He’s smart. He’s well-traveled. And he creates time + space in his busy schedule to love and support her. He’s open, he’s communicative and he adores her. 🥰

>>> She sends me texts all the time with photos from their travels, pics of flowers he sends her, bragging on how supportive he is and gushing on how she’s never been treated this well before! 

They’ve been together over a year now. 

And as two successful, busy career people (with children of their own), their lives seem to mesh together perfectly. 

(And I know many women fear a man will interfere with their busy lives… but I promise you, he will fit in perfectly like a missing puzzle piece.) 

This holiday season, I want you to know that you CAN have it all

>>> You CAN be on top of your game in your career AND have an amazing high-caliber partner to share your life with. 

The only question is this: Are you ready to put aside all of your excuses and put to practice the steps Jennifer did to call in John? 

I know you are! That’s why you are here & reading this! 

For the woman who is READY for her high-caliber match, I have an offer for you that you don’t want to pass over! It’s called #SingletoSoulmate & it’s my proven roadmap to calling in your high-quality match!

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Warning: My processes are GUARANTEED to work… if you follow the exact steps that I outline. 

As Jennifer loves to say: #thisshitworks 

It worked for her. It has worked for thousands of other women in your shoes (or dare I say heels? 👠). 

All you have to do is put aside your excuses like: 

  • I don’t have time. 
  • I’m too busy focusing on my career. 
  • I’ve tried other stuff in the past and it didn’t work for me. 
  • I can do it on my own. 

And instead, trust that you’re no different than Jennifer. Her story is an example of your story. You could be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a bottle of champagne, 2 dozen roses, a box of your favorite chocolates and the love of your life by your side! 

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A Credo For My Relationship with Others

A Credo For My Relationship With Others by Thomas Gordon

I get a lot of requests for this. And to me, this speaks like wedding vows. It’s honest. It’s true. It shows both partners in a healthy light as advocates for their own needs but without becoming ‘needy’ or dependent on the other person.

Instead, it promotes interdependence.

What did you think of this Credo? Does it resonate with your vision of a spiritual, intentional relationship?

5 Women Who Manifested Love using My 5 Step Manifestation Process

Watch the video below to learn how these women manifested love and how you can, too!

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