The Challenges Of Manifesting

Do your manifestations work some of the time but you’d like them to work all of the time?!

Do the paradoxes of manifestation confuse the heck out of you and you’re looking for the clarity around ways to ‘let go and trust’ that your manifestation is happening even though you’re super attached to it happening because you really want it? 

I feel you!
Watch the three videos below and work through the three most common issues when it comes to conscious manifestation! 

Part 1:

  • Hold the vision of what you want, but forget about it at the same time 

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    Part 2: 

  • Take action but surrender the HOW

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    Part 3: 

  • Be okay with it not happening for it to happen (the HARDEST one to master in my personal experience)

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    Manifestation Paradox – HOW to let go of the HOW

    How do you manifest what you want when you really really really want it?

    The underlying feeling is LACK because you don’t have the thing.

    And how do you let go of the ATTACHMENT to what you want?

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    12 Universal Laws

    You did it! You made it to this page which means you are interested in learning how to use all 12 Universal Laws in order to Manifest everything your heart desires and more!

    I know… it’s discouraging when your manifestations don’t appear in the time frame you desire. 

    And I know it’s easy to think that the Law of Attraction must NOT be working for you!

    But by learning (and applying) the 11 other Universal Divine Laws besides the Law of Attraction that are always at play you will become a Manifesting Maven! 

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    Watch below and learn about all 12 Universal Laws and make sure to share it with those who will benefit from learning them as well! 

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    My Daily Mindset Practice

    So many women have begged me for my daily mindset practice and I’m super excited to share it with you today!

    My daily mindset practice has helped me to manifest: 

    –> my partner (and the one before him) –> our house (plus living for FREE in Ecuador for five years before that) –> the six figure business that made $4k MORE than what I was working on manifesting 

    And so much more! 

    If you don’t have a daily mindset practice, perhaps try mine on for size!

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    5 Ways to Boost Your Self Love

    If you’ve found your way to this blog post, I’m going to guess that you struggle with feelings of not being good enough.

    And girl, you are not alone!

    There are two common records playing in your thoughts on repeat for most (okay – all) human beings when you strip away all the nonsense and fluff and they are the following:

    I’m not lovable
    I’m not good enough

    Which means if you fall into the category of being a human being… then you suffer from feelings of not being good enough and not feeling lovable at times.

    Some people experience these feelings most of the time…

    As a self-proclaimed self-love expert (and honestly, who is going to hand me that title?), it’s my mission, my purpose and my pleasure to help women (and some men) just realize how perfect they already are. 

    You are already worthy. 

    You are already good enough.

    So let’s work on some steps to that you can take today to remember your value, shall we?

    (Which, by the way, I’m hosting my annual FREE Self Love Challenge! Every day you’ll get a Self Love Challenge to perform and you can share your experience in my private Facebook group with amazing women who are ready to love and empower you and hold you accountable to being the best possible version of yourself who loves the crap out of herself! How does that sound? Click here to get your beautiful self signed up. If you’re on this page, trust me, you could benefit from the Self Love Challenge.

    Here’s Why We All Need More Self Love

    First of all, how you value yourself will always be reflected in your environment including your finances, your significant relationship and the lifestyle you live.

    Self Love = Self WorthSelf Worth = An Incredible Life

    I promise you this: when I didn’t value myself, it was reflected back to me in the types of jobs I accepted, the types of men I dated (or put up with), how my friends treated me and my general low-class lifestyle.

    But when I increased my self value… then the love of my life arrived… then the six figure

    business was built… and finally, a lifestyle I loved!

    It might seem simplistic. But these types of things don’t have to be hard.

    Increase your opinion of yourself and the world will respond in the same!

    (Oh yeah, and if you haven’t signed up for the self love challenge yet, what are you waiting for?

    Click here to sign up and then come back to this page to continue reading!)

    1. Start Pointing Out Things You Love About Yourself

    Why do we always point out our flaws? Why do you reject compliments? Why do you pass by a mirror and find the one small tiny pimple and focus upon it over and over and over again?

    We are our own worst critics and the more you talk yourself down the lower you are going to feel.

    There is no rule against complimenting yourself.

    There are no laws against accepting a compliment either for that matter.

    So the next time someone compliments your shirt / your work / your dog / your car / your face / your whatever smile and say, “Thank you.” That’s it.

    And today whenever you walk by the mirror, you are going to find one thing about yourself to compliment.

    You are going to become your biggest cheerleader instead of your own worst enemy.

    Be careful what you think and say about yourself because eventually they become your belief systems. And when you believe something to be TRUTH, you start to see affirmation of it in your reality.

    (I’m going to sound like a broken record here because I believe in the power of valuing yourself… check out the self love challenge! It starts on February 11th!)

    2. Stop Saying Yes to Things You Hate

    This one might seem obvious… but how many of you actually say NO when you mean to say no?

    Women are too nice.

    As a woman, I’ve been guilted into saying ‘yes’ when I really wanted to say no because I didn’t want to be a bitch.

    Luckily I got over that bad habit.

    Today, I can proudly tell you that if I don’t really want to do it because I’m busy, or it just doesn’t interest me, or I don’t have the time, or just don’t give a flying F… I simply say, ‘no, thanks.’

    When you say YES to things you hate, you are telling the Universe that your desires are not worthy. You are putting others’ desires and needs above your own. (that’s crazy!)

    Quite simply: you are NOT in alignment with the desires of your heart.

    That’s the complete opposite of self love.

    So right now, you are going to place one hand on your heart and reach one hand into the air and repeat after me:

    “Today I commit to saying NO to things I don’t want to do. Today I commit to saying YES only to things that bring me joy. Today I commit to being selfish because it IS all about me. This is my life and I deserve to be happy.”

    And then go out there and do what you just said sweetheart.

    (Want to jam more on this topic? I’’ll be discussing it in greater detail during the self-love challenge because I honestly believe that we all need to become MORE selfish. It would make the world a better place. Click here to join us!

    3. Adopt the Attitude of Gratitude

    It’s practically impossible to be grateful and …. anything else at the same time! You cannot be grateful and filled with hate or envy or self-loathing.

    And so, I suggest you adopt the additive of gratitude for your body and start to send her some love for all the amazing things she does for you on a daily basis.

    It’s the quickest way I know of to shift your vibration and raise your energy!

    I’m so grateful for my lungs. (Hey, thanks guys for helping me to bring oxygen in and out of my body so that I can, you know, live.)

    I’m so grateful for my legs! (You guys are power houses! Without you, I wouldn’t be able to dance through life!) I’m so grateful for my skin! (You know, skin, we’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationshipthroughout my life. But now, I’m so grateful for you. You keep all the stuff on the inside that needs to stay there… and all the stuff on the outside that needs to stay there, too. You rock!)

    (Join the international Self Love Challenge here! Told ya, broken record.)

    4. Say I Love You (at least once a day)

    One of the most challenging things I did once upon a time when I was filled with feelings of:

    Why can’t I look pretty like her?Why doesn’t he like me?Why isn’t my stomach flatter?Why isn’t my skin clearer?

    Is that I looked myself in the eyeballs, in the mirror and said “I Love You.”

    And then as I started to cry, I said it again. And again and again.

    I realized I had been holding out for so long.

    I was looking for love in so many other places that where you really can only find love… within.

    I was searching outside of myself for validation of my worthiness.

    And when I said those three little words to myself in the mirror, I realized it was the love I was looking for for all those years. #sigh

    Why did I wait so long?

    Regardless, you can choose to love yourself today. You can choose to express the love to yourself that you’ve been craving to others. You can use decide to love and accept yourself unconditionally regardless of every stupid thing you’ve done in the past that for some reason you think has made you less worthy and valuable.

    Nothing will ever take away your value.

    You are created from love. You are love. Nothing will ever change that.

    (Which by the way, if you love my style, join us for the self love challenge. Whoop whoop!)

    5. Sign up for the Self Love Challenge!

    Seriously. We all learn from each other and it’s having friends, mentors and others around you that inspire you to lift you up and keep you accountable!

    Join the world-wide Self Love Challenge!

    You’ll take everything you’ve just read (and so much more) and actually PUT IT TO PRACTICE.

    And that is where the magic happens.

    Sign me up for the Self Love Challenge!


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    Activate Your Intuition

    Activate Your Intuition

    For the woman who is looking to deepen her connection with her intuition…

    If you want to learn how to actually know  if your intuition is speaking to you (instead of your ego or monkey mind)…

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    Then this is the workshop for you! 

    Never doubt yourself again! 

    Know if someone is lying to you. 

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    Check out this entire day of exercises designed to help you

    • drop into your heart space 
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    • connect with your higher self for guidance 
    • and so much more!

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    How I Manifested $11,911 in 10 hours using the Law of Attraction

    I kid you not. 

    I sat down and journaled about the actual amount of money I needed to manifest that month to pay off a credit card, pay for my Costa Rica trip, put money into savings and my 401k and decided I needed $12,000 more as I had $4,000 in my PayPal account at the time. 

    I opened the mail that night… 

    And I had a check for $11,911.60!!!

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    3 Things to Do Today to Manifest More Money

    I used to be broke. 

    Like super poor… living paycheck to paycheck without enough left over to pay down the massive amount of debt I had accumulated. 

    And to be honest, it sucked. 

    The fear. The doubt. The worry. The anxiety. 

    To me money = unreliable. 

    Money = pain. 

    Money = a source of frustration that I couldn’t seem to figure out. 

    (until I did) 

    Can you relate?

    If you are also on the struggle-bus when it comes to your finances, allow me to share with you three things I did that massively up-leveled my finances to creating a six-figure year in 2018! Whoop Whoop!

    (Which by the way in 2017, I reported $7,000 on my tax return. That’s a pretty big shift, wouldn’t you say?)


    1. If you’re digging yourself into a hole… STOP digging! 

    The first thing I decided to do was to STOP using my credit cards to fund my life and my business. 

    I had this notion that to act ‘as if’ meant to spend spend spend and trust that the Universe would pay the bills off in the future. 

    Um… that didn’t work out so well for me. 

    Instead, I stopped using my cards cold turkey and had my best month to date the month after!!


    Because instead of praying for some future benevolent being to save my arse,  I made the declaration (okay – DEMAND) that the Universe help me out here because I needed x amount of dollars to pay rent, buy food, and… stuff. 

    And the Universe responded!

    So if you find yourself in a hole of debt, stop digging. 

    2. Find (and stop) your Money Leaks

    Track what you spend over the next month. 

    That’s right -for an entire month! 

    Print out your bank statements and credit card statements and take a look where the money is going each month. Write down every penny you spend. 

    This is the first step in becoming intimate with your money and finding any areas where your spending does not feel good. 

    Then your goal is to simply clean up those money leaks so that when you spend it’s only from a place of JOY and GRATITUDE.

    3. Track Your Income (and gifts)

    This is so important because…. 

    what you focus on expands!

    Which means you want to put your focus on the money that is coming into your life! Track the gifts and free meals and discounts and pretty much everything that is coming your way! 

    Which by the way, I want to make this easy on you. I created a FREE abundance tracker so that you can get started today. Trust me, you’ll love this! Without my abundance tracker last year, I never would have known how much money I actually made (which was over six-figures, by the way).

    And so many of my clients are actually MORE abundant than they realize. But until they started tracking their income, they didn’t realize how much they were actually making. 

    Make sense? 

    —> Click here to download your FREE abundance Tracker.

    You can make as much money as you desire.

    And these steps are what got me started on the right foot. 



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    Remove Limiting Beliefs (in your way to manifesting love)

    LET’S FLIP YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS ON LOVE…You know….“I’m not worthy of what I want in a man.” “Men only want sex.”“All the good ones are taken.”“There’s no good men in my town.”

    It’s a simple process to rewire your brain…But the only reason you aren’t getting what you want is because of what you’re telling yourself! So let’s change that so that you can attract in the love you really want – a man who can meet you at every level! 


    ONE: Write down your limiting belief(s) 

    TWO: Is this ultimately true? Look for three examples where it is not. 

    THREE: What more positive story can you tell? Tell it often! 

    FOUR: Create affirmations based on what you want your new story to be. 

    FIVE: What would it FEEL like to have what you desire? Feel it for 30 seconds at a time as much as you can throughout your day. 

    E N E R G Y =  V I B R A T I O N 

    V I B R A T I O N =  A T T R A C T I O N

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