The Secrets to Manifesting the Love of Your Life

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by Emyrald Sinclaire, Love & Relationship Coach

In order to manifest a man who is completely and entirely devoted to you, you need to change your vibration and stop using all the wrong ways (that most women use) to get love. What you’re doing is actually attracting the WRONG men to you: men who are scared of commitment, men who are emotionally unavailable, or men who simply bore you to tears.

If you’ve ever been with the man who ‘wants one thing,’ or the man who won’t introduce you to his friends/mom, or the man just using you for a while for attention, then you need to learn the secrets to manifest the love of your life that I share with my private clients in my upcoming Masterclass! (If you can’t make it live, I will send out a replay, so please sign up as this information is invaluable if you’re looking for a real, devoted soulmate relationship!)

I want to give you a taste of what I’ll share in my HOUR LONG masterclass so that you can start putting to practice the tools IMMEDIATELY. However, please join us LIVE because you’ll get so much more information plus the chance to ask a Love Coach (that’s me) all your burning questions surrounding your love life! 

1. ClarityThis is the first thing I teach anyone. You absolutely need to understand exactly what you want in a partner… and not only that… exactly what you want in life in order to get it!

If not – you’re doing what I lovingly refer to as “Sloppy Manifesting.” The problem with most women is that they are dating and looking for the WRONG qualities in men. They think that they need to find a man who is rich or handsome or owns his own business. But these things are ALL WRONG!

I have a list called the Prince Charming list and those items above are just the Icing on the Cake. They are not the ‘Non-Negotiables’ or the ‘Hearts Desire.’  When you’re looking for the wrong qualities in a man when you’re dating, you’ll end up with the emotionally unavailable men, instead of the men who actually want to commit to you!  (We’ll go much deeper into this step in the workshop as it’s the BIGGEST PROBLEM I see with so many single women today!) 

And so step one to getting anything in life is getting crystal clear in what you want!

You CAN have it all but the first step is knowing what it is!

2. Confidence

Is this hard for you to imagine raising your confidence levels? 

Believing that you can HAVE anything you want is a tricky concept because we are constantly being bombarded with PROOF of why we can’t have that thing (or person). You live in the fear that you’ll never really have what you want and so you don’t allow yourself to believe you can have it because you don’t want to be let down when it doesn’t happen.

But that type of thinking is what sets you you up for failure.

The process of building up your self-love and self-confidence can be a slow process but I promise you it’s worth it! When you BELIEVE it, you shall HAVE it. And so building up your confidence is the next step to manifesting the life you desire!

The woman who is in alignment with her dreams and desires WILL attract them in!

How do you do that? We’ll cover just that in the Masterclass… but for now I want you to write down 10 things you love about yourself. Pretend you were talking about your best friend or sister. Write them down on a sheet of paper right now.

And then, turn on some music you love…. get dancing.. and read it back to yourself.


You need to remember that in order to manifest an amazing love!

3. Communication

Unfortunately, 100% of my clients have an issue speaking their minds. Why? Because they are scared of getting rejected for who they really are and what they really want

But that’s why this step is so important…. if you don’t speak up with what you want, you’ll never get it.

Being able to clearly articulate your feelings, needs, and desires without freaking out, being ‘too much’ or simply getting scared and pulling away is 100% necessary in order to be in a high-quality relationship.

Are you ready to blossom into a powerful woman who speaks her mind in the most loving and powerful way without seeming to be needy or demanding?


Sign up for the Masterclass and we’ll cover just that!

But for now, I want you to do just one little thing for me… today you MUST speak up about something that you normally would not. Say NO when you normally say YES because you don’t want to be the odd-person out or seem demanding. Let someone know when they’ve hurt your feelings. Call up and ex or friend who has hurt you in the past and let them know how you feel.

It’s never easy to speak up for ourselves but you must make YOUR comfort a priority if you expect to be in a deep and powerful relationship with a man who loves and cherishes the real you.

4. Courage 

The second to last part of the process is developing the courage to take daily action steps towards becoming the new version of yourself, regardless of how many bad dates you’ve had or if you’re still in love with your ex.

A woman who finds (no, MANIFESTS) her soulmate and creates the life of her dreams is not a special woman. (Say what!?)

Instead, she is simply the woman with clarity in what she wants, the confidence to believe she deserves it, the communication skills to speak it and finally, she possesses the courage to go after it… no matter what… and never stop… until she achieves it!

THAT is the woman who manifest the love of her life and the life of her dreams!

I want you to write a promise to yourself and have it go something like this:

“Dear Emyrald,

I promise to be brave. Every day starting today, I will take a small steps towards achieving all the dreams in my heart because I know that I am worthy. I promise to put myself first, even though I might be afraid. I promise to focus only on what I want instead of getting caught up in the past. I promise to never let you down because I believe in you.



Okay ??? Go in your journal and write down a promise to yourself today! And also make sure to sign up for the Masterclass as I’ll give you more ways to be courageous and believe you deserve what you desire, my love!

5. Commitment

And now the final step to pull it all together… having the commitment to follow through each and every day until your goal is fulfilled!

Says A Course in Miracles: “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.”

Are you committed to yourself until the end?

Are you committed in all areas of your life?

Are you committed to manifesting the love of your life so matter what hardships might bring you down?

THIS is the level of commitment you need if you really want to manifest your soulmate.

And HOW do you do this?

Well – how you do ONE thing is how you do everything.

Take stock of things that you’ve left undone in your life…

….promises you made that you never kept.

… projects you started that you never finished.

…. courses you signed up for that you never did.

The list goes on and on.

Are you committed in your life in every way….. or are there areas you could clean it up?

BE COMMITTED to yourself. That is the final step in the process to manifesting your love.

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Emyrald Sinclaire is The World’s Leading Love & Relationship Coach, Master Manifester & Love Guru. 

After personally struggling with relationships for years, being left on her birthday by the man she thought she was going to marry, she decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH and developed a quick and easy way to manifest a high-quality partner! 

Emyrald now has students around the world who have successfully manifest partners who meet EVERYTHING on their Prince Charming list; she’s taught them how to craft their dream guy out of thin air! 

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Magnetize Your Dream Man Workshop!

Looking for a super high quality man? You gotta be THIS first….

Have you noticed lately that you’re dating duds?

That men only want ‘one thing’?

And that no matter where you look, there are just ‘no good men out there!’?

If you answered ‘YES!” to all three questions, you are NOT alone, sister.

While it might seem like there’s an epidemic and shortage of high quality men ‘out there’, I’m going to be the one to look you in the eye and say ‘you gotta look in the mirror first, sweetie.’

If you are NOT with a high quality man who simply adores and cherishes you and treats you like a Princess…


It’s absolutely because YOU are NOT being a high quality woman. 


Like energy attracts like energy.

We do NOT attract to us what we WANT.


We attract to us what we ARE. 


So if you want a high quality man who is better than any man you’ve ever dated in the past, what have you got to do!?


BE the high quality woman unlike anything you’ve ever been in the past!


How do you step up into the best version of yourself possible so that you are truly ready for your Prince Charming?

21 ways of a high quality woman by love coach emyrald sinclaire

  1. Listen

Have you ever been guilty of interrupting?

Or waiting for someone to finish their sentence so that you can jump in and offer your amazing and superior opinion!?

Of course you have!

There are two issues that survey said are the hugest frustrations that men have with women. (Number 1 reason I go over later on in #19…)

The second biggest issue men have with women is their inability to listen to them. They ask a question. Get impatient while waiting for the answer, and interrupt their man. Or answer the question for them. Or start to listen to the answer and assume they can answer it better and interject.

Ringing any bells here?

Men do take longer to answer questions than a woman, on average.

In fact, one of the biggest frustrations women have with men is the amount of time it takes them to actually answer a question!

Give your man space to process. To think. And then when he actually replies, bite your tongue. Give him time to get it all out.

Or else, he’s simply going to clam up in the future and not answer your questions at all.


2. Don’t make assumptions 

There’s a saying that goes:


To assume is to make an ASS out of U and Me.


Don’t assume 1 single thing in your relationship. Ever. Or in life for that matter.

Making assumptions is the fastest way to try to prove that “I’m right and you’re wrong.”

Instead, open yourself up. Ask questions. Why does this person act a certain way? Why did he not call you when he said he would?

Being able to be open without making assumptions is incredibly sexy.

Also, you’ll get out of the horrible pattern of self-sabotage via mind fucks, as I like to call it.

You know, the good ole: He didn’t call me. That means he’s with another woman. He totally didn’t think I was funny enough, sexy enough, good enough. I suck. I’ll always be alone. I’ll never attract in a good man. 

You see where simply assumptions can take you?


3. See things from HIS point of view

Instead of trying to be right….instead of trying to persuade another human being to believe your point of view…

Why not just try to see things from someone else’s point of view?

How many times have you put your foot in your mouth?

Remember that everything we think…. are simply based on personal belief systems.

What are ‘absolute truths’ anyway?

I’m sure we could collectively think of a few that we all agree on:


Ok – that’s all I got.

But ultimately, the way someone was raised affects how they believe and think and thereby the way to perceive their reality.

Who are you to say that it’s wrong?

So much can come from an open mind of being willing to understand and see another’s point of view.

When you make it a point to understand the other person instead of judge or change the other person, the energetics of the relationship shift in a huge way!


4.Accept what is 

I have Byron Katie to thank for this!

The quickest way to live a life of pain and struggle and misery is to live in a reality that you wish was different from the present one.

You live in a world of ‘should’ and ‘should nots’ instead of the world of ‘what is.’

When we can shift our awareness to a simply acceptance that: this is my life. And I love it. And I accept it.

This is when we step it up on the scale of quality as a human being.

When we accept what is, we no longer gripe. We no longer complain. We no longer struggle and push to make things fit into a mold of what we believe in our minds is socially acceptable.

Instead, when we are open to accepting what is, we are essentially open to the miracles that can unfold simply because we are in alignment with life.

Now if that isn’t high quality, I’m not sure what is.


5. Be present

This is the quickest way to being a high quality human being.

Living in the moment.

Without being stuck in the past or anxious about the future.

When you’re simply present with what is in front of you – your man, your job, your boss, etc – you are fully available to the wonders of life!

Too often we are caught up in our minds. Which equates to living in the past and living in the future about 99% of the time.

A high quality human being lives in the present moment as much as is possible.

Because life happens in the present moment.

“Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.” – Alice Morse Earle

6. Put his needs first

This one could be confusing because number 9 I tell you to ‘remember your needs’. But what I mean is this: any long term healthy relationship is more about giving than receiving.


And the more you give, the more you get.


Can you imagine if the main focus of your relationship was ‘how can I help my partner to feel love and to feel good?’

If BOTH partners are focusing on how to be the best partner for the other person….

Then you have two very happy and loving people simply in LOVE in their relationship…

Deepening their ability to love and be loved.


7. Touch him, be sensual 

I’m sure this one is a bit obvious.

But don’t be shy to touch. Human beings crave touch.

Don’t forget to touch a man in a sensual way.

Just because he’s a man doesn’t mean he doesn’t crave intimacy and sensuality.

Heck – don’t forget to touch YOURSELF  in a sensual way.


8. Open up emotionally 

Being closed up because you’ve been hurt in the past….

Not sexy.

Not high quality.

It shows that you haven’t healed your past. And if your past is not healed, how can you be fully present in the your next relationship?

You cannot.

Even opening up to share past pains and hurts is a sign of emotional stability. Don’t be afraid of your emotions. Instead, embrace them. You are a woman who runs around with a body filled with intense emotions at any given moment!

Don’t you dare close up that side of you. That’s your most feminine side. And the sexiest side, too.


9. Care about yourself; remember YOUR needs 

You can only offer that which you have yourself first.


You cannot give from an empty cup.


Fill your cup up first, and you’ll have so much more too give!

Do not be selfless.

I repeat: selfless is not sexy.

Care for yourself. This shows that you are number 1 priority. And a high quality man will see how much you love and respect and adore yourself and want to offer that exact type of treatment to you!


10. Play and have fun

Have fun!! Life is meant to be enjoyed. It’s absolutely unattractive to be serious and uptight all of the time. Couples that laugh together, stay together!

So in what ways can you add more joy to your life today? What activities can you do that you simply ADORE doing?

Men love women and they love our pleasure!

So be open about what pleases you. Laugh often and fill your life with what fills you up!


11. Blow Jobs 

Tee hee. See this article. Enough said.


12. Trust and respect him

There are so many ways that women ruin relationships (men, too!) and that relationships end.

But the most common reason I’ve seen as to why the woman leaves: she stops trusting her man.

And then it spirals downward from there.

As she loses trust for him, she stops respecting him. This leads to a clash of opinions and a battle for control.

And 9 times out of 10, it ends in a horrible breakup.

A way to prevent this?


Trust and respect YOURSELF first.


Truly. Madly. Deeply.

Be the best version of you that you can be. Trust your opinions and don’t second guess them. Know that you’ve doing the best you can with the tools that you have at the moment.

And then give your partner the benefit of the doubt.


13. Understand the dynamics of the masculine and feminine

Opposites attract. One masculine energy and one feminine energy. Understanding these differences and learning how to soften into your feminine essence so that you can attract in a masculine man is extremely important to a healthy and high quality relationship.

Furthermore, the more you ‘know and understand’ yourself and the energies of YOU, the more the man you attract in will understand himself.

This makes for a very mature, high quality relationship.


14. Learn to be your most feminine self (if you are indeed the feminine energy)

Looking for help? My Irresistibility 101 masterclass is the route for you!!

This means not having to be in control! This means being able to go with the flow. This means allowing the guy to take the lead and make decisions.

This also means respecting his lead. This also means respecting his choices.

So many women try to control their relationships and control their men like they try to control their lives.

But guess what?!

You have control only over (maybe) 5% of your life.

The rest of it…..?

Feminine flow, baby.

Jump in the river and trust.

Allow the current to bring you downstream to the most amazing adventures….

Instead of staying your masculine energy and trying to control EVERYTHING.


15. Wait to have sex

It’s extremely challenging to go from ‘friends with benefits’ to ‘dating.’ Waiting to have sex shows that you respect your body and who you allow into that private and sacred space. If a man ‘gets sex’ from you right away, it shows him that you are easy. That you don’t respect your body. That you are certainly not a temple and deserve to be treated as a prize that has to be worked for and earned.

And guaranteed, he’s going to be thinking: ‘well if she gave it up that easy to me, how many other men has she slept with?’

Men are competitive. They want to know that you’re their one and only.

If you ‘give it away’ without establishing a connection and an agreement of monogamy and continuity, you’ve pretty much assured that the relationship will not progress into an intimate relatinoship.

Want to learn more on this? Check out my recent #truthtuesdays episode! 


16. Be loyal 

I’m sure this one is pretty obvious. But let me explain a bit further than simply ‘not cheating’ on your man.

Being loyal to your man also means that you trust him.

You respect his beliefs and his opinions. You don’t counter what he said about a subject with something along the lines of: “Well, John/my dad/my brother/my boss/ the homeless man on the corner said that…”

That is a huge act of disloyalty. Essentially you are showing him that some other ‘man’ trumps him. And that is not loyalty.

You want to prove from the very beginning that you are a woman who stands behind her man. You respect his opinions.

Loyalty also means supporting your man and sticking up for him. Being his vice president. Someone he knows that always has his back regardless of what the world throws at him.

Men have feelings, too. And it can be hard for them to open up. By being loyal to a man from the very beginning, he feels safe to open up to you!


17. Be vulnerable 

Many women have the notion that being vulnerable equates with being weak.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.


A woman in touch with her feelings and emotions is absolutely vulnerable with strength.


In fact, some of my greatest moments of closeness with my man have been when I’ve been most open and most vulnerable with my feelings and my pain.

Being a strong powerful woman equates with knowing and understanding her emotions.

Notice I didn’t say she controls her emotions. On the contrary, she understands her emotions. She let’s them powerfully move through her and understands that they are there to offer wisdom and guidance. She does not allow her emotions to control her.

Your emotions are there for a reason. They are your guide. Trust them.

Be vulnerable with your man and it shows strength and quality as a woman.


18. Be honest

Don’t you want a man to be honest with you no matter what!? Don’t you really want to know what’s on his mind and what he really thinks of you?

Of course you do!

That’s why you have to be courageous and be honest with everyone in your life no matter what.

I’m NOT saying to speak without a filter.

Kindness goes a long way.

But what I’m saying is to always be honest with your feelings and your opinions and to certainly act with integrity based on your belief systems.

Otherwise you know what happens?

Deceit. Jealousy. Mistrust.

It only takes ONCE to be caught in a lie and to lose someone’s trust forever.


19. Don’t be petty or gossip 

This is the lowest quality action you can take. And it’s also the number 1 thing men can’t stand about women! (I know. I surveyed over 100 men ages 20 to 80 and it ranked on top of the biggest frustration men have with women)

It’s not attractive. It lowers your own personal vibration. And it certainly changes the opinions of what others think of you.

Want more proof? Check out ‘Winning Friends and Influencing People’ by Dale Carnegie. Still a best seller almost 100 years later!


20. Do your own personal growth work, first 

We all carry baggage with us from past relationships: relationships with our parents, lovers, colleagues, etc.

If you’re naive enough to think that they aren’t carried forward into present relationships, well then I have news for you!


You will always repeat the patterns of your past until you break that pattern - quote by love coach emyrald sinclaire


yes, tweet that wisdom!

Unravel yourself first before you jump into a relationship. Relationships are vehicles for spiritual growth. A partner does not fix/complete/save/etc you.


The more of a complete individual you can be on your own…..the more complete of an individual you will attract in.


But on the other end of the specturm, if you are needy or possessive and 50% of a whole looking for her other half, well guess what?

You’ll attract in a  relationship based on possessiveness and neediness of an incomplete and unhealthy human being.


21. BE the energy you want to attract 

This one is my favorite! At any given moment in our lives, we are vibrating at a certain frequencycy. And that is the energy we are broadcasting out into the universe. So the next time you find yourself in a  certain situation and thinking to yourself: “Ugh, why the hell do I always end up with unavailable men?” its time to look in the mirror, sister.

In what ways are you unavailable?

If men are consistently blowing you off, or showing up late to dates or not responding to your texts, ask yourself in what ways in your life are you blowing off others? Are you also not respecting the time of others?


We get what we ARE, not what we WANT.


Tattoo that to your forehead so you see it every time you look in the mirror.

This is the law of the Universe. You get what you give.

Every single time.