6 Q’s to Ask on a 1st Date to Find a High-Quality Partner

Finding a high-quality partner can be hard.

Where do they all hide? 


If you’ve been focusing on the superficial things such as the money in his bank account, his height or his looks, girl, you are focusing upon the wrong thing! 


There are SIX essential questions one must ask on a first date if you want to find out if the person sitting across from you is HIGH-QUALITY SOULMATE material! 


Watch below and take notes. 


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six questions to ask on a first date

The “One Date” Rule

My client Jenny told me about the “One Date” Rule that she has. 

Essentially if she’s not feeling it, he doesn’t get a second date.


But I’m a big fan of the “Two Date” Rule! 

Give anyone the benefit of the doubt: maybe he was nervous, maybe he was preoccupied with work, maybe he knew he had garlic breath and was desperately trying to stay away from your nose!


In fact my own personal motto is:

“I’ll try anything once and twice just to make sure!” 


This is the exact reason that I have my clients break their Personal Prince Charming list into 3 separate lists! (If you haven’t filled it out yet, check out my 3 Tips to Land Prince Charming!)

1. Non Negotiables – These are things that are make or break. And also, you should know after a first date if he/she passes the test of your non-negotiables list.

2. What We Have In Common – These are shared interests like working out, biking, dancing, traveling, etc

3. Icing on the Cake – These are the superficial items like “tall, dark and handsome.”


So many women are looking over amazing men because they don’t fit EVERYTHING on their Prince Charming list.

Says Trish: “But he’s not a Jewish banker who lives in Manhattan!! How could he possibly be The One?”

You gotta open your mind to what “the one” could be, girl!


When let’s be real, if he met all the non-negotiables and had 90% shared interests but wasn’t 6’2″ and was balding, would you really care?

But when you look at the ‘icing on the cake’ first….. you are missing out.


So – don’t be like Jenny and subscribe to the one-date rule. Because you will be missing out on a world of potential! 

Open your mind to the potential of meeting new people and having fun with them!


Instead, why not adopt the motto that another client, S. told me is now her personal motto:


“I look at first dates as practice! I love meeting new people so I just approach the first date as fun.”

And all that being said, I also have created a different “One Date” rule which is this: 

Any person who gets the courage to ask you out deserves a date! You can spare 30 minutes over a cup of coffee, can’t you?

When I first met my guy, I was totally NOT interested at all. And If I had said “NO” to him asking for my phone number because he didn’t appear like ‘my type’ at first glance….


Well, I wouldn’t be here today over 2 years later, would I!?

So – let’s recap shall we?


1. Give EVERY person who gets up the courage to ask you out the opportunity to get to know you better. (If I hadn’t of done that…well I would NOT be with my man today!)

2. Unless he’s absolutely a horrible serial killer, give every date a second date chance. Some people are just scared or awkward on the first date.


3 Ways to Win a Guy Over on the First date – #truthtuesdays ep 17

Have your dates been flat-lining lately? 

Are you scared that maybe it’s ‘you’ and that you’re doing or saying the wrong thing? 

Are you scared that perhaps there are simply no good guys left out there and that all the good ones are taken? 


You are not the problem. Maybe you just have some ‘tweaking’ to do in the dating department.

Learn the 3 Ways to Win a Guy over on the First Date

Let’s recap shall we?

 1. Smile

When you smile you are naturally more beautiful! You are sending out the message that you are available. That he even has  chance. So smile big and smile often. It works!


     2.  Eye contact and/or playing up your best attribute 

Don’t be scared to look your date in the eye. I don’t care how shy you just may be. Eye contact is always an energy exchange. You can GIVE your date energy by looking him in the eye. (And think about when you’re pissed at someone! You DON’T look them in the eye!) So send the right message if you’re interested and make eye contact.

Also – what do you LOVE about yourself? Your long, beautiful hair? Your toned arms? Your slender waist? Whatever it is, also play up what you love about yourself so that you’ll FEEL confident when you look your date in the eye and SMILE.


     3.  Graciousness (aka being Grateful) 

There’s nothing sexier than saying Thank You. You may disagree, however, being grateful is extremely attractive. It means you’re not taking him for granted. It means you never expect anything. Instead you are open to the gifts that he/she has to share with you openly. And don’t ever be rude and assume that someone HAS to be open and sharing with you.

Instead, say Thank You for all that he/she does for you – opens the door, hails you a cab, pays for your meal, you get the idea!


Put all these three tips into play and you’ll easily have a first date turn into a next date which turns into the next and the next and the next…


Ready to take it a step further?

I’ve just create a FREE 26 page guide called “3 Tips to Land Prince Charming in 10 Minutes.” Take what you’ve learned here and go so much deeper! Put pen to paper and actually learn the tools to manifest your partner. You’ll boost your self-confidence in the process and learn which limiting beliefs are actually getting in your way of a happy and fulfilling relationship. And finally, by the time you’re done with the guide, you LOVE YOURSELF so much more than you did at the beginning!

Which, *SPOILER ALERT!*, it actually HOW you are going to attract in an amazing high-quality partner!

3 Tips to Land Prince Charming in only 10 Minutes

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