5 Relationship Habits to Break

I teach a completely radical way of doing relationships:

It’s called taking 100% responsibility for yourself, your feelings, your past experiences, your triggers… and ultimately your entire life.

Rather than project onto your partner and make the common mistakes listed below, it’s time to take ownership for who you are and create a heathy foundation for lifelong happiness within partnership.

5 Habits to BREAK within Relationships

#1 – Not speaking up what’s on your mind (especially when you’ve been hurt or triggered) and building up resentment instead.

It’s important that you speak up when you are upset… even about the little things so that they don’t turn into BIG issues later.

#2 – Expecting your partner to be just like you and see the world the same way you do rather than celebrating your differences & learning from one another  (especially as it pertains to masculine & feminine energy)

Diversity is beautiful within partnership. You can learn from one another and grow as a result. And when it comes to masculine and feminine energy, please do NOT expect your partner to think like you or act like you. The differences between men and women is what makes us such great partners!

#3 – Expecting the relationship to be like the fairy tale portrayed in rom-coms and Disney movies.

Relationships are work. You have to work on yourself first… and then work on the relationship every single day for it to work. I’m not saying it has to be hard or uncomfortable but you will have to learn how to compromise, talk about the hard things and get entirely vulnerable with your person.

#4 – Putting all of your energy into the relationship and forgetting yourself, your friends, your hobbies, your interests and your dreams.

This is called codependency and it never ends well. Instead, focus on creating a life you love today and allow a partner to ADD into your beautiful life that you’ve crafted.

#5 – Expecting your partner to be a mind reader and know exactly what you are thinking and how you are feeling.

I once had a client who thought that TRUE LOVE meant he could read her mind. (You can blame Disney movies for that, I’m sure.) Your partner does not know what you are thinking or feeling unless you tell them. So work on being an exceptional communicator if you want to experience lasting happiness in your partnership.

Remember: your partner is NOT responsible for your happiness… your partner ADDS to your happiness.

Your partner is not responsible for saving you or fixing you… but they can love and support you while you do the work to save and fix yourself.

Your partner isn’t a mind reader… you have to speak up and let them know when you’re triggered or upset.

And so if you want to experience lasting happiness in your relationship, here is what I suggest you work on:

(These are all topics I teach my clients within my private coaching program, The Magnetic Femme and within the EMBODIED membership.)

1- Connecting to your feelings + emotions and understanding the underlying messages

Too many people make their partner (or anyone else for that matter) responsible for their happiness. YOU are the only person responsible for how you feel. It’s important that you learn how to feel your emotions and discern the underlying message, (There’s always one there) rather than reacting to your emotions or allowing them to control you.

2- Understanding and healing your past traumas

No one is free from a past. And only YOU can heal the past so as to not lug past luggage with you forward into the next relationship. The more work you can do on freeing yourself from the past today, the less likely it will be to show up in your current relationship.

3- Connecting to your intuition & learning how to trust yourself

Self trust is a huge component of a healthy relationship. This will also help you sift and sort through candidates while you’re dating and put you in the position to confidently move forward with the right person for you.

4- Communicating when you’re upset without making the other person defensive nor responsible for your happiness

Healthy communication is the MOST IMPORTANT skill for you to master if you want to be happy in a relationship. The other person is never responsible for your happiness but it is up to you to communicate how the other person’s actions or words affect you. And when done in a way where they aren’t prone to becoming defensive or reactive.

5- Letting down the wall around your heart and staying open to love (even when you’re hurting… especially when you’re hurting)

Too many women move from relationship to relationship without healing their past pain and as a result, they remain jaded and guarded. You will only attract in love at the level you are willing to give and receive it. If there is a wall around your, you will never be available to fully experience the depths of love available to you!

6- Creating a life you are wild about while single and maintaining a life you love while in partnership

The sexiest and most magnetic woman is the woman who is in love with her life! That radiance oozes out of every pore and men cannot help but be attracted to that!

But then the important thing is to maintain a life you love (with the addition of your partner, of course)!

7- Acceptance, non-judgement + compassion with yourself and others

No one is perfect. Including you. It’s time to start loving and accepting yourself for who you are today… flaws and all. This will make partnership so much more easier when you don’t expect perfection from anyone but can accept and laugh at your mistakes along the way!

And so much more!

These are some of the traits to embody that ENSURE you will be happy and satisfied in your partnership.

And these are the traits I help my clients in mastering so that they are ready for their person.

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